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Wanting to find the best west facing small house plan? Look no further! We have gathered an extensive list of the top west facing small house plans for you so you can spend less time searching and more time enjoying the fruits of your labour. Read on to find out more about the best small house plans for westerly facing homes!

Small House West Facing Design and Elevation | Plans | Home Designs | 5BHK

If you enjoy the style of art deco, you should most definitely consider investing in an art deco house design. Even in today’s demanding housing market you can find some amazing house designs that boast the art deco style. Consider the possibilities of a small house west-facing design and its elevation. Pictures of such a design will show an elaborate entrance complimented by a large windows and balconies boasting the art deco style. You can even go as far as adding dormers and elegant chimneys to your house design. In addition, many developers now offer 5BHK plans and home designs with an art deco style. For those looking for a residential area with a classic design, a small house with an art deco style is perfect.

Small House West Facing Design and Elevation

30x40 House Designs West Facing Samples

For added convenience, many developers now offer 30x40 house designs west-facing samples. The property may feature many amazing elements that capture the art deco aesthetic. An example may include a curved terrace with a glass rail panel. There is no doubt this will offer plenty of character and charm. In addition to a curved terrace you can choose from interior features such as stepped ceilings, stone mantels, and several other unique and memorable elements. Once you choose a 30x40 sample you will further be able to select elements that capture the art deco look from a variety of vendors.


G+1 Independent House Plan Front Elevation, West Facing

For those seeking an art deco look in a G+1 Independent house plan, the front elevation is key. This is where the home's art deco characteristics are the most obvious. You will find that the entrance — with its doors, windows, and prohibited levels — all take on the art deco design. G+1 Independent house plans may feature a west facing element, while designs from the 1920s and 1930s may also feature round, recessed windows and balconies with elaborate ironwork. Furthermore, intricate detailing of the entrance and windows may afford more elements of the art deco look.

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West Facing House Plans With Photos | Ideas | 30x60 Home Design 2021

Those seeking a residential area with a modern look can consider a 30x60 home design, which is also a great way to make use of west-facing house plans with photos. The 30x60 house plans may provide two stories worth of space with the entrance normally situated on the first floor. Such a design may feature a recessed entry with balusters, columns, and other unique articulations. Accented with materials such as terrazzo, it is possible to bring about an art deco look. In addition, one can choose from a modern and minimalist ideas for 2021.


4BHK 30x40 Westfacing House Plan

A 4BHK 30x40 westfacing house plan is an excellent opportunity for those seeking a way to get more room although still retaining the art deco appeal. This kind of house plan will likely feature a yard and a semi-circular driveway with a sun-splashed villa. There may also be an overhang with an elaborate brick pattern, capturing the elegance and grandeur of the art deco style. Furthermore, the plan may also feature a window in the shape of a broken half-circle, accentuated by a carefully chosen material.

30x40 House Designs West Facing Samples

30x50 West Facing Home Design 2021 | Free Plans | Latest Ideas

Many 30x50 west facing home designs for 2021 boast creative elements with an art deco influence. Free plans may feature a two-story house with balconies and wide steps that slope gently towards the entrance. The design could be further enhanced by the inclusion of minimalist furniture pieces, emphasizing the curves and shapes of the latest ideas. Furthermore, the home design may also feature recessed arcades and arched windows leading to a pleasant terrace.

G+1 Independent House Plan Front Elevation, West Facing

Small 3BHK House Plan West Facing and Elevation

A small 3BHK house plan west facing and elevation is the perfect option if you wish to build a beautiful home on a tight budget. A 3BHK property normally features a wide roof and the side wall can hug the articulations of the elevation. This is perfectly adapted for those who only have a few meters of construction area available. Without too many disruptions, it is possible to build a small and cozy home with art deco details. Such details can include a wide and curved entrance, leading the way to a delightful living room.

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Best West Facing Vastu Home Plan 2021 | Home Plans | Design Ideas

For those wishing to follow Vastu principles, best west facing Vastu home plans for 2021 may include a two-story house with square balconies, elegantly designed ironwork, and recessed arches. Furthermore, other materials such as stone, wood, and terrazzo may also be included. This would create a charming and comfortable home. One may also choose from many home plans and design ideas that capture the art deco style most effectively.


West Facing Small House Plan Vastu | Home Elevations | 2BHK Plans

Using west facing small house plans and following Vastu principles is an excellent way to ensure a cozy living area without sacrificing any of the aesthetic potential of the property. The entrance may be designed with the art deco style and further highlighted with a wooden railing or carved stone ornaments. Furthermore, small elevations can add a modern grandeur to the home. One of the most popular 2BHK plans for a small house according to Vastu is one with multiple levels and an ample yard.

30x60 Home Design 2021

3BHK Small House Design West Facing and Elevation Ideas 2021

For smaller properties, it is best to focus on 3BHK small house designs west facing and elevation ideas from 2021. Such designs can provide a modern and spacious appeal for the home. One of the best features is the curved entrance area where you can create a beautiful design using creative materials such asFlor tiles or wrought iron. The second floor can feature staggered rows of windows offering the perfect balance of light and ventilation. An extended terrace overlooking the lot provides a cozy alcove for the house.

4BHK 30x40 Westfacing House Plan

Experience the Benefits of a West Facing Small House Plan

west facing small house plan A west facing small house plan combines the modern homeowner’s needs with efficient use of space. These types of homes tend to be energy efficient, offer more natural light, have better ventilation, and feel more spacious than traditional home models. West facing small house plans are perfect for single families, couples, urban living, and more. Let's explore the benefits of a west facing small house plan.

More Natural Light

west facing small house plan By facing the front of the house to the west, you get a tremendous amount of natural light as the day progresses. The sun shines on the front of the house for several hours, giving it a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With the increased amount of natural light, the need for electricity is decreased, translating to lower utility bills.

Better Ventilation and Airflow

west facing small house plan Much like natural light, ventilation is an important aspect for any home. West facing small house plans are perfect for capturing the prevailing breeze in the late afternoon and early evening. By having openings on the front and back side of the house, you can create a cross breeze to help keep the interior cool and comfortable in the summer months.

Create a Feels of Spaciousness

west facing small house plan West facing small house plans are designed with thoughtful, functional layouts that can give the house a feeling of spaciousness without occupying a lot of land. Floor plans typically feature an open concept, maximizing the living space and giving homeowners more room to enjoy with family and friends. Additionally, many of these plans tend to include outside space such as a patio, balcony, or garden to further enrich the homeowner’s experience.