Best 52+ Enchanting Duplex Model House Design Satisfy Your Imagination

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Are you looking for the best duplex model house design that will match your preferences? Look no further! Here, we've prepared a list of the top-rated duplex models that will surely meet all of your expectations. These models feature elegant and simple designs, all tailored to reflect your modern lifestyle.

We have carefully reviewed and analysed each product to ensure its quality, performance and design excellence. Our list consists of the most practical, aesthetic and beautiful collections of duplex designs to find the perfect model for your needs.

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Today, we are counting down the top 10 Art Deco house designs that are sure to add character and style to any setting. Art Deco house designs have become increasingly popular in modern architecture, blending the old and the new to create timeless and unique designs. From sleek and modern to timelessly classic designs, we have rounded up ten of the best Art Deco house designs for you to explore.

Dual Occupancy House Designs

Dual Occupancy House Designs | Auckland

This dual occupancy design in Auckland utilizes a classic Art Deco style to create a timeless and memorable design. With French doors leading onto a large terrace, the design draws in light and creates a cozy outdoor retreat. The use of decorative siding and light brick accents complete the look, making this a great choice for those looking for a classic Art Deco look.


Modified Duplex Designs | Dual Living Home Designs

For those looking for a unique twist on the traditional Art Deco house design, a modified duplex is the perfect choice. The multi-level design features long diagonal windows, bringing light into the interior and creating an eye-catching look. The use of wood and siding creates a classic feel, while the spacious interior ensures plenty of room for entertaining.

Modified Duplex Designs

Duplex Home Designs For Small Blocks | Duplex Model House Design

Duplex home designs are great for those looking to conserve space and create a beautiful home in a small block of land. This duplex design features a symmetrical façade with timber window frames and brick detailing adding character to the home. The spacious interior has plenty of room to entertain, while the sheltered outdoor area provides a wonderful retreat.

Dual Living Home Designs

Lot-Specific Duplex & Multis + Triplex concept Designs

This lot-specific duplex & multis + triplex concept design is ideal for those wanting to create unique Art Deco style homes in their area. Long, curved walls with decorative detailing along the façade create a stunning aesthetic, while the open interiors and timber floors add character and warmth to the space. The use of French doors also allows plenty of light into the home.

Duplex Home Designs For Small Blocks

Luxury Duplex Designs

This luxurious duplex design is perfect for those wanting to add a touch of opulence to their property. Large windows make the home feel spacious and inviting, while the use of timber and stone cladding adds a classic Art Deco touch. The use of French doors also adds elegance and a great connecting between the interior and the exterior of the home.

Duplex Model House Design

Compact Duplex Designs

For those looking to fit a lot of style into a small area, the compact duplex design is the perfect choice. With a symmetrical façade and decorative accents, the design makes great use of the available space. The open-plan interior creates a spacious feel that is perfect for entertaining, while the use of French doors allows plenty of light and adds character.

Lot-Specific Duplex & Multis + Triplex concept Designs

All-in-One Duplex Home Design

The all-in-one duplex home design is perfect for those looking to create a one-of-a-kind space. This design features a tailor-made façade with curved walls and long balconies to create an eye-catching look. The use of French doors and decking create a seamless flow between the inside and the outside of the home.

Luxury Duplex Designs

Flexible Duplex Home Designs

For those wanting to create a house that is both flexible and stylish, this flexible duplex home design is the perfect choice. The roofline creates a stunning aesthetic, while the use of glass and wood creates warmth and character. The flexible interior allows plenty of options for entertaining, as the rooms can easily be rearranged to meet any needs.

These are just some of the many top 10 Art Deco house designs that can create stunning and timeless homes. With a variety of designs to choose from, there is sure to be something to suit every taste and budget. So take a look at the options and find the perfect design for your next home.

Compact Duplex Designs

The Attractive Design of Duplex Model Houses

duplex model house design As architects and designers continue to push creative boundaries and explore new house designs, duplex houses are growing in popularity. A duplex model house design is a two-unit house that combines two individual homes into a single structure, separated by a firewall. Duplex houses are economical, efficient, and versatile, and they can be configured in a variety of ways. Duplexes are an attractive choice for homebuyers because of the cost savings they offer. Not only do they provide two separate housing units in one structure, making them ideal for dual occupancy, but they also offer cost advantages such as a single roofline, shared walls, and shared plumbing, which all reduce building expenses. Moreover, duplex model houses can be significantly cheaper to buy than two separate homes in the same city. Design options for duplex model house designs are also extensive. While the foundation and walls of each unit are anchored to the same physical footprint, the designs can vary from very traditional to modern and contemporary. In terms of size, there are many choices from small footprint houses to more spacious units. In terms of configuration, builders and buyers can choose between a single-family unit, two-family units with shared and separate entrances, side-by-side units, or stacked units.

Duplex Models Supporting Sustainable Living

duplex model house design The compact nature of a duplex provides opportunities to develop sustainable living environments. Duplex model house designs can reduce material consumption and energy consumption by combining two units into one structure. Additionally, by taking advantage of orientation and inherent storage space, it is possible to incorporate sustainable design techniques such as passive heating and cooling systems, solar panel systems, rainwater harvesting, and green walls into a duplex. In addition to sustainability, duplex dwellings can also embrace the outdoor living trend. Their open settings and their extended verandahs and terraces are ideal places to entertain friends and family in an outdoor setting.

Choosing the Right Duplex Model House for You

duplex model house design For those seeking a cost-effective and flexible housing option, duplex model house designs can provide an ideal solution. With their attractive designs and features, duplexes offer infinite potential for stylish and budget-friendly living. Taking into account current trends, lifestyle demands, and sustainability requirements, house buyers can find everything they need in a duplex model house.