Reveal 76+ Captivating American Foursquare House Design Most Outstanding In 2023

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American Foursquare house designs offer classic style with distinct angles and cubes that truly capture the essence of traditional architecture. In this list, we look at some of the best American Foursquare house designs – from the beautiful curves of classic homes in the East to the bold West Coast styles. Enjoy this collection of uniquely American house styles, and find the perfect Foursquare house for your home!

American Foursquare House Designs

American Foursquare house designs are a nostalgic and classic option for those looking to construct a home. Originating in the late 1890s and early 1900s, this style of home is characterized by its boxy shape and simplicity, and features Craftsman, Tudor, and Colonial influences. Although the popularity of this type of home waned in the mid-20th century, it has recently seen a resurgence.

There are a variety of American Foursquare home plans available to those who wish to construct one. The style is simple and traditional, featuring a cube-like shape, two full floors, and a hip roof. It also typically features two-story porches and overhanging eaves, and usually includes four to six bedrooms and two to three bathrooms.

American Foursquare House Designs

American Foursquare Home Plans

When planning an American Foursquare home design, it’s important to consider the intended use of the home, as there are a wide variety of styles and options to choose from. For example, the classic American Foursquare includes symmetrical design elements such as double-hung windows, bay windows, and a central hipped roof that slopes down on all four sides of the house.

If aesthetics are a priority for the homeowner, they might want to consider one of the American Foursquare house floor plans that incorporate unique, Craftsman-style elements. Homes with these elements can include ornate wooden window trim, exposed rafter tails, and more. Once a plan is chosen, the homeowner can consider the various building materials available.

American Foursquare Home Plans

Small American Foursquare House Plans

For those who don’t need a lot of space, small American Foursquare house plans are an attractive option. These home designs typically feature two bedrooms and one bathroom spread over two stories, as well as large windows for a bright and airy feel. This type of home can be constructed with most building materials, although a traditional look can be achieved by using wood shingles.

For a more unique look, American Foursquare Bungalow house plans may be the ideal pick. This modern take on the classic American Foursquare style features a Bungalow-style roof, which is a type of roof that features a gabled, low-pitched design and steeper sides. It can be coupled with stone, wood, or brick siding for an eye-catching look.

American Foursquare Home Designs

Modern American Foursquare House Plans

For homeowners who are looking for something more modern, there are a variety of modern American Foursquare house plans available. These plans often feature decorative features such as large balconies, decks, or wrap-around porches. The rooms may also be open-plan, rather than the traditional compartmentalized design of a classic American Foursquare.

This type of home is particularly suited for modern modernization, allowing the homeowner to take advantage of the latest technology such as energy-efficient appliances and heating systems. Additionally, this design lends itself well to modern materials such as metal roofing or synthetic siding.

American Foursquare House Floor Plans

Classic American Foursquare House Plans

For a timeless look, classic American Foursquare house plans are the ideal choice. This type of home typically features a two-story design with symmetrical features such as window panes and a central hip roof. Also common is a large porch set against the house, sometimes featuring squared columns, as well as bay windows and stained glass.

The walls of a classic American Foursquare can be constructed with a variety of materials, including wood, stone, brick, and aluminum siding. For a more modern look, the exterior can be coated in a bright, vibrant paint. This type of home can also be constructed with sustainable materials to make it more eco-friendly.

Small American Foursquare House Plans

Tudor American Foursquare House Plans

Those wishing to combine the traditional style of a classic American Foursquare with a more ornate design may want to consider a Tudor American Foursquare house plan. This type of home includes the traditional cube-like shape of a Foursquare, as well as a hipped roof. However, the distinctive Tudor-style arches, steep gables, and decorative trim add a hint of sophistication.

This style can also be constructed with a variety of materials, including wood, stone, and stucco siding. These materials can be painted in a variety of colors to create a more distinct appearance. Additionally, woodwork and bricks can be added to give the house a more unique look.

American Foursquare Bungalow House Plans

Victorian American Foursquare House Plans

If homeowners are looking for a traditional style with an ornate and intricate appearance, a Victorian American Foursquare house plan may be the solution. This type of home features the modernized elements of a classic Foursquare, such as a hipped roof and symmetrical windows, as well as Victorian-style elements such as intricate window frames, warm-colored wallpapers, and a tower-like turret.

Additionally, Victorian-style elements such as stained glass windows and decorative porches can be added to create even more of a statement. The exterior of this home can be constructed with a variety of materials, making it possible to customize the home’s look and feel.

Modern American Foursquare House Plans

Colonial American Foursquare House Plans

Finally, there are Colonial American Foursquare house plans for those looking for a classic look with a hint of modernity. This type of home incorporates traditional Foursquare features such as a hipped roof and symmetrical windows, as well as Colonial-style elements such as roof dormers, wrap-around porches, and a square-edge foundation.

This type of home can be built with a variety of materials, such as stone, brick, or wood siding. Additionally, Colonial-style hardware such as shutters, railings, and door knockers can be added to give the home a more authentic look. With the range of options available, homeowners can create a classic look that is both timeless and modern at the same time.

Classic American Foursquare House Plans

What is an American Foursquare House?

American Foursquare House Design American Foursquare house design, also known as the Prairie Box , is a style of residential architecture found in cities and towns all across the United States. These houses imitated the form of early farmhouses, many of which adopted the box-like American Foursquare style before modern-day architecture arose. The characteristics of an American Foursquare house is a low-pitched hipped roof , two-and-a-half stories, wide full-length porch, and dormer windows.

Historical Context of the American Foursquare House

American Foursquare House Design The American Foursquare House is representative of a cultural movement in the late 1800s and early 1900s which drew from a variety of historical influences, seeking to shed inessential details and focus on form and massing. Additionally, the style generally incorporates the open floorplans and multi-purpose rooms that defined the country’s growing middle-class in the post-Industrial Revolution era. American Foursquare houses are the most common form of architecture in many American towns that were built during the early 1900s and is an important representation of the nation’s evolving style of residential housing design.

Unique Qualities of an American Foursquare House

American Foursquare House Design The American Foursquare House is known for its simplicity and straightforwardness of design. These houses are symmetrical, which means that the basic “box” structure is spread evenly throughout the house. Furthermore, each room is well proportioned inrelation to the overall design and plan of the house, and there is minimal ornamentation in the detailing. Additionally, American Foursquare houses frequently feature leaded glass windows, French doors, and built-in hutches or sideboards, all of which add a charming and unique character to these dwelling designs.