There is a whole lot of craziness in moving from one place to another and one house to another. Then there are the moments when you can start calling that new city, the newly rented space as your home. And in this anxiety of moving away from what you have known to then veins, the place you have called home for so long; you tend to miss out on the tiny details and technicalities. Let’s make this transition a little less anxious for you.

Well, if you want to look for a rental but don’t know where to start or have found that almost perfect rental home but are afraid you might be missing out on something important,  don’t worry we have you covered.

Just follow these simple tips, before committing to anything.


If you are yet to begin your search for a rental then fix the budget and narrow down areas where rental living spaces fit your budget and basic needs. If you already have a budget in place or a house in mind then check out prices of rentals available in the same location with the same amenities. If the prices of the one you have selected seem too high, you can speak with the realtor or landlord and see if bargaining is an option. If not, select from the other available options and save up for the whole year.


Before finalizing any contract you should always check the credentials of:

  1. The developer of the building – who knows how many of the buildings he has built has fallen down!? Just kidding… But there may be review people about leakages in an apartment or faulty electric connections
  2. Real estate agency – check if they are genuine and are concerned about their client's needs or are just the money-making thugs
  3. Owner – that landlady is really sweet! But steals make from my bathroom when I am not around….. Really!! This has happened with people or that owner who would just not allow your opposite-sex friends to come home…. Also happened! With me…. It is always better to know what you are getting into, talk a bit to the people who have lived there before you or the ones who are currently staying, in the case of the shared building.


What utilities and essential things are available in the house? The cable, internet, air conditioning, and heating systems are in place or not? Check if there is enough storage to put all your stuff. Does it have a proper bathroom or just a shower or nowadays the big failure batches (bathroom in the kitchen)? Are there enough power outlets for your perfect home office? If not, would the owner be doing the necessary arrangements or would you be allowed to make a few changes?


What amenities are available in your apartment complex? Parking space is the most basic (if you have a car); what else is available. Securities, Laundromat, swimming pool, gym, computer lounge are all added amenities and usually are charged for. Consider whether you need them or not. If not needed, smaller apartment complexes with lesser amenities might help you cut down on the rent amount. Pay for the amenities only if you know you are going to use them.

Hygiene Check

For a thorough hygiene check, be sure to inspect the backs of drawers, cabinets under the oven, and above the washing machine for any signs of insect feces or eggs. Pay special attention to areas below the mattress and in the bathroom. If you come across any red or brown spots, it could indicate the presence of pests in the house. In this case, it is recommended to request that the owner arranges for pest control services to be completed prior to moving in.

Contract and terminating the policy

Read through your contract thoroughly and make sure there is nothing that you haven’t agreed upon with the realtor or the landlord. Also, if your job requires you to move around frequently is there any early termination fee or is there and the option of subletting available. Are pets allowed, are there any timing restrictions for visitors, etc. At times the owners are very particular about the light fittings and appliances provided by them; make sure you check the condition of such appliances, fittings, and even taps and bathroom fittings.


In the rush of finding the place and moving don’t forget to always check on the neighborhood. If there are any crimes in the area, or if you like solitude but the neighborhood is full of pubs, you will never be able to find peace. If you like gardening, is there space available. Is there proper cell reception inside the house.

All in all, there is no such thing as the perfect place, but if you keep these tips in mind, you might reach very close to perfection to call a place your home!