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If you’re looking for unique, funky, and modern house design, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve scoured the web to bring you the top 10 best funky modern house designs of 2021. From mid-century modern to cozy cottage chic, these incredible modern house designs showcase the latest and greatest trends in home design. Get ready to transform your living area with fun and funky furniture, daring decor, and rave-worthy room layouts. Read on to find some serious home inspiration!

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The modern lifestyle, combined with a hint of tradition and creativity, has led to the emergence of some strikingly funky house designs across India. Be it the contemporary funky house designs, dreamy funky designs or funky prefab designs, the Indian market offers a wide variety of design options to the homeowners.

From cozy homes to luxury properties, these modern architectures come in varied shapes and sizes. With the swipe of a pen, a dash of colors, a burst of textures and curves, all pieces are put together to form a one-of-a-kind house design.

We present to you the top 10 Art Deco house designs. These designs have been creatively crafted by some of the finest architects in the country. From vibrant colors to bold patterns, here is what the future of house designs in India looks like.

Modern Funky House Designs in India

1. Modern Funky House Designs in India

Modern funky house designs focus on keeping the facility revolving around a central core, which is derived from the traditional house designs. Such a design is preferred for houses located in crowded cities. There are multiple levels, where each level has its unique purpose and does not obstruct with the function of another level.

These structures are typically curved, with smooth surfaces and wide windows. Combining metals and organic materials, modern funky house designs in India are generally short in necessitating the need for space. The combination of both form and function enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Contemporary Funky House Design Ideas

2. Contemporary Funky House Design Ideas

Contemporary funky house design ideas bring a modern, chic look with the classic funky design. With aesthetics and practicality in mind, contemporary designs generally employ the use of creative and minimalistic ideas to create a house that stands out.

Focused more on the accessible and aesthetically pleasing features like color, sunlight and texture, the use of lighting, paint and wallpaper aids in rediscovered the whole focus of the house. This clever use of materials can successfully bring about a desirable change in the living atmosphere.

Dream Funky House Designs

3. Dream Funky House Designs

Dream funky house designs are generally characterized by their unique shape of curves and forms, adding an extra dimension to the house. The idea is to build a mystical atmosphere, often making use of luxurious and premium materials like glass, wood and stone.

Incorporating modern technologies into the design enables you to enjoy comforts like automated blinds and dimmers, air conditioning, automated security systems and Wi-Fi connections in the house. Dream funky house designs imbibe a different atmosphere with each angle.

Funky Modernized House Design

4. Funky Modernized House Design

Funky modernized house design is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who are looking for a balance between modern and traditional style.

Unique and eye-catching, these designs draw attention without diverting too much from the traditional design. Ranging from modern furniture to flooring, the idea is to give an appealing and energizing touch to the home with smart and minimalistic ideas.

Funky Prefab House Designs

5. Funky Prefab House Designs

Prefab house designs are getting more and more attention these days, allowing customers to build their dream house without much fuss. As a part of the modern trend, funky prefab house designs make use of prefabricated components, which are then assembled to form a complete structure.

Using lightweight materials, these designs ensure the house is energy efficient and cost-effective. What sets these designs apart is the incorporation of creative aspect to the traditional design, thus allowing you to be able to build a modernistic home on your own.

Funky House Exterior Design

6. Funky House Exterior Design

The house exterior is the first thing that people see, and it sets the tone of your entire home. Funky house exterior design, be it walls, doors, decks, patios or even roof design, brings in a fresh look with innovative ideas.

The idea is to create a seamless transition between the indoors and the outside. By opting for a funky design, you can create an exterior that stands out from the rest. Often, a combination of materials is used to create an interesting conversation piece.

Creative Funky House Designs

7. Creative Funky House Designs

Whether it is a travel-inspired house, color-infused geometrical designs and modernistic structure. Creative funky house designs utilize the available space to the fullest in order to create a luxurious and unique living atmosphere.

The use of vibrant colors, large windows, exposure to sunlight, as well as a well-thought selection of furniture, wallpaper and curtains, this type of design allows homeowners to maximize their experience.

Funky Architectural House Designs

8. Funky Architectural House Designs

The modern architectural house designs focus on employing the use of functional spaces rather than just the aesthetics, making sure that each space is equipped for a specific purpose. What makes these designs funky is the incorporation of fanciful elements and the use of conventional as well as unconventional materials.

For instance, it is increasingly common to use stone tiles and light wood in combination to create a strong and structural design that looks amazing.

Funky Small House Design

9. Funky Small House Design

Funky small house design offers a unique living experience. Incorporating features like curved walls, windows, and open spaces, the small house design offers a more intimate atmosphere, while still providing all of the convenience and amenities you would expect from a modern home.

By taking advantage of the height of your house and using clever design variations, small house designs still offer an efficient way to live in style.

Funky Sustainable House Design

Funky Modern House Design - Boring Interiors to Quirky, Cool Designs

funky modern house design Do you ever reach your home and feel like you’re missing something from it – wanting to give it a modern touch but not sure how to do it? With funky modern house designs, you can challenge the traditional notion of design and set it apart from others. Creating balance between subtlety and intense colors, your home can look like something out of a dream.

Custom, Chic & Cool Designs

funky modern house design Make no mistake, funky modern house designs are all about the personality of the homeowner. It is about expressing the most authentic side of yourself, without feeling restricted because of safety hazards and other limitations. You can go all out and try to create a luxurious, sophisticated vibe in your living area, dining room or bedroom.

Let Color Take Center Stage

funky modern house design Applying genius leadership skills to the most exotic interiors, Funk Interiors can advise on which combinations of color schemes work best. Monochrome works, use earthy tones for contemporary decorations and combining bolder colors and shades for extra impact.

Choosing Fresh Materials & Finishes

funky modern house design It is crucial to select the right materials and finishes for a funky modern style. You can select from materials such as wooden flooring, glass, concrete, metal, etc. It all depends on the design you have in mind and what kind of look and feel you want to create. To maintain the spirit of the design, it is important to choose appropriate and interesting furniture and decorations that reflect the fun and chic appeal of the whole look.

The Advantages of Funky Modern House Design

funky modern house design Combining both fun and eccentric with more contemporary and conventional styles, this design trend makes for interesting conversations and a sense of freedom. This type of design allows for creativity and playful choices, making each piece of furniture both unique and functional . Additionally, it becomes easier to transition between different seasons and occasions.