Reveal 60+ Beautiful 225 Square Yards House Design Most Outstanding In 2023

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Are you looking for modern, high quality and unique house designs for your 225 square yards property? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will get to know the best 225 square yards house designs that are designed by experienced architects and construction experts. Here are the top 10 best house designs that helps you to build your dream home.

2 Bedroom Modern House Design for 225 Square Yards|

When it comes to house design, contemporary style stands in a class of its own. This modern, two-bedroom, 225-square-meter house design offers plenty of features that will make you feel right at home. With its balcony entryway, glossy finished interior and bright colors, this Art Deco house design is perfect for a family who loves to entertain. The main living space is complete with a stylish open-plan kitchen, dining area and lounge, all flooded with natural light.

The eye-catching staircase is the main focal point of this design and leads up to the bedrooms which are both spacious and airy. The covered balcony provides a great place to enjoy summer evenings and features a stylish seating area; perfect for relaxing with a glass of wine. Inside, an attractive family bathroom is located off the stairway and makes full use of the neutral tones present throughout the house. With plenty of storage provided, this house design is ready to be furnished to your own specifications, making it perfect for a growing family.

2 Bedroom Modern House Design for 225 Square Yards

Tiny Home Design - 225 Square Yards|

From the outside, the tiny house design looks quite traditional with a contemporary twist. Complete with a warm yellow facade, and a slanted roof, this Art Deco house is sure to bring life to your neighborhood. but move inside and you’re in for a surprise. This two bedroom, 225-square-meter tiny house design makes great use of space with its modern furniture looks and efficient layout. Fully furnished with contemporary design ideas, this property is perfect for an urban lifestyle with limited space.

The ground floor of the Art Deco house design consists of a spacious kitchen and dining room, with a comfortable sofa near the window allowing plenty of natural light to flood in. An inviting staircase leads up to two snug bedrooms, and a stylish family bathroom with pristine white tiles offering a unique touch. Outside, a terrace offers ideal space to unwind in the afternoon sun and a chic seating area is great for entertaining friends.

Tiny Home Design - 225 Square Yards

Contemporary Style House Design - 225 Sq. Yards|

This contemporary Art Deco style house is perfect for those looking for a modern and minimalist design. Spanning two floors over 225 sq. yard area, this design makes full use of its bright living spaces and large glass windows. On the ground floor a modern American style kitchen and dining area is home to a central island counter, creating a stylish setting for any home-cooked meal. From there, a window-lined hallway leads to the contrasting black leather lounge with generous seating which offers plenty of space for entertaining.

Upstairs two spacious bedrooms are accompanied by a cosy family bathroom, which is fitted with a luxurious white freestanding bath. The first floor also leads on to a sun-filled balcony with furnished seating, perfect for watching the sun set and enjoying the unique Art Deco view. With vibrant feature walls and ornate details, this contemporary-style house design is a great example of how to make the most of a 225 square yard sized property.

Contemporary Style House Design - 225 Sq. Yards

225 Square Yards Single Floor House Design|

This single-floor house design for a 225 sq. yard plot offers plenty of stylish features for any family. Featuring an impressive entrance hallway, this house plan will have you captivated from the very start. Gleaming bamboo floors flow throughout the house while a custom-built staircase gives access to a spacious and modern lounge. Brightly filled with natural light and sliding doors that lead out to the garden, this stylish Art Deco house design is perfect for family living.

The dining area opens up from the kitchen and is complete with a chic breakfast bar, ideal for casual meals. From here, a special glass partition leads up to two bedrooms, with generous closets for plenty of storage. The family bathroom is also located on this floor and features granite tiles, Victorian-style towel rails and an oversized bathtub, all of which come together to create an impressive space.

225 Square Yards Single Floor House Design

Small House Design on 225 Square Yards|

This small house design, located on a 225 sq. yard plot, has all of the modern features you could desire. Although it may not look like much from the outside, step inside and you’ll be met with its impressive contemporary interior design. The living area comes complete with a chic fireplace, high ceilings and wide sliding doors that open up to the outdoor terrace. The dining room and kitchen area are filled with natural light from the overhead Architects lamp and have plenty of cupboard space necessary for a modern lifestyle.

Leading off the stairwell are two cozy bedrooms and a family bathroom, all fitted to a high standard. The bathroom features a large walk-in shower, modern fixtures and statement lighting. Additionally, there is a Juliette balcony off the second bedroom that offers beautiful views of the surrounding area. The outdoor space is also spacious and fully paved – a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Small House Design on 225 Square Yards

Modern House Design on a 225 Square Yards Plot|

This impressive modern house design for a 225 sq. yard plot features all of the latest trends. This captivating home offers a brightly lit living space with a white lounge couch, perfect for entertaining guests. The statement fireplace and from the unique patterned tiles make a striking feature – raising the bar on sophistication. The matte black kitchen with dark cabinetry, quartz countertops and golden fittings come together to create a sleek and stylish area.

The spectacular staircase has a decoration balustrade of glass and chrome leading up to the two bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom. This stylish Art Deco house design is further enhanced by its huge balcony, complete with a furnished seating area and a glass balustrade that overlooks the outdoor space. All in all, this modern house design on a 225 sq. yard plot is sure to make guests awe in wonder.

Modern House Design on a 225 Square Yards Plot

Simple House Design on a 225 Square Yards Plot|

If you’re looking for a house design that’s both cost-effective and stylish, this simple house plan for a 225 sq. yard plot should suit you perfectly. This one-level property offers a modern open-plan kitchen complete with a cosy living and dining area. Adorned with bright colors and Art Deco painted furniture, it’s sure to make you feel right at home. The skeletal staircase with balconies eludes to the two bedrooms situated on the second floor, both of which come with fitted closets and luxury en suite bathrooms.

Outside, a big terrace with a small slide and swings is a wonderful area for children to play, while the adults can relax in the covered seating area. With its contrasting roof tiles, bright colors and subtle Art Deco motifs, this 225-square-meter house design is perfect for any family wanting to make use of a simple house plan without compromising on style.

Simple House Design on a 225 Square Yards Plot

Tropical Style House Design - 225 Sq. Yards|

This beautiful tropical-style house design with a 225 sq. yard plot offers plenty of features and will add character to any neighborhood. Orange-tiled roofs add a vibrant contrast to the majestic exterior walls, while an elegant staircase embellished with a stone balustrade defines this luxury home. On the ground floor, a contemporary living space awaits, filled with natural light and featuring a statement wall mounted with oil paintings.

A special passageway connects the living space to the stylish kitchen with its dark, glossy-finished cabinets and accents of brass, creating an organized and organized look. Off the hall is a family bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, suitable for guests or elderly family members. On the second floor a pair of bedrooms with their bright and airy interiors sit side by side and offer plenty of space for the family. This stylish tropical-style house with its unique Art Deco design is the perfect choice for any family.

Tropical Style House Design - 225 Sq. Yards

Traditional Style House Design - 225 Sq Yards|

This traditional-style house design located at 225 sq. yards features an impressive grand entrance fit for a king. The symmetrical patio walls with detailed panels add character to the house, while the simple, white-painted exterior offers to comfort. Inside, a beautiful open-plan living space complete with a large lounge and a small dining area is warm and inviting.

The kitchen is situated just off the main area and offers plenty of storage with its monochrome cabinets and drawers. Upstairs, two bedrooms are connected by a glass bridge balcony where you can admire the stunning Art Deco views. A sumptuous family bathroom and stairs to an outdoor terrace complete the second floor. All in all, this traditional-style house design for a 225 sq. yard plot is sure to bring timeless charm into any home.

Traditional Style House Design - 225 Sq. Yards

225 Square Yards Single Story House Design|

This single-story house design located on a 225 sq. yard plot will make you fall in love at first sight. This contemporary-style house consists of a spacious living room with beige walls and wooden flooring, brightened by its wide windows and modern lighting fixtures. With its generous open area, this house design is ideal for the family who likes to entertain. The dining area is just off the kitchen and comes equipped with large, comfortable chairs, perfect for a night in with friends.

The main staircase creates a feeling of grandeur, leading up to two capacious bedrooms. The family bathroom with its mosaic wall tiles offers a spa-like experience and a unique touch is added by a window-seating area with a spectacular view. Outside, a large terrace with provide the perfect backdrop for summer barbecues and evening drinks. All in all, this single-story house design for a 225 sq. yard plot is perfect for any family who loves contemporary and space-efficient design.

225 Square Yards Single Story House Design

Stylish House Design on 225 Square Yards Plot

This stylish house design on a 225 sq. yard plot offers plenty of features and will look great in any neighborhood. From the outside, this Art Deco house slows grandeur with its warm terracotta facade and tiled roof. On the ground floor, an open-plan living area with high ceilings and a wooden floor provides plenty of opportunity for entertainment. Furnished with sumptuous sofas and colorful details, this stylish house is sure to make you feel right at home.

The two bedrooms are situated off the hallway and each offers a private space for peace and quiet. The family bathroom featuring a jet-black shower and flooring provides luxurious convenience. Additionally, the outdoor terrace offers plenty of shade and seating, perfect for al fresco dinner parties. Bringing together old and new designs, this stylish house design on a 225 sq. yard plot is a great idea for any Art Deco enthusiast.

Stylish House Design on 225 Square Yards Plot

How to Design a 225 Square Yard House?

225 square yards house design The challenge of designing the perfect 225 square yard house is exciting for many homeowners. A well-designed home of this size can provide enough space for all the amenities needed, while still leaving room for a large entertaining area. To design the perfect house, it is important to plan and visualize every aspect carefully.

Measure and Divide the Space

225 square yards house design Before starting the design process it is important to measure the space accurately. This will allow you to map out the exact dimensions of the room and better understand the layout. After getting the measurements, you can divide the space into separate rooms for specific functions. For example, you may want to devote some of the space to a living room, kitchen, and dining area.

Maximize Utility

225 square yards house design To maximize utility in the space, you should consider all the features you need. Furniture, storage, and appliances should all be factored into the design. It is important to determine how much space each item will take up to ensure that no area of the house feels overcrowded. You should also consider any potential changes to be made in the future.

Embrace Natural Light

225 square yards house design Natural light plays an important role in making a house feel spacious and inviting. Consider the placement of windows to let in plenty of sun and enjoy its warming benefits. Skylights and other forms of lighting can also be used to illuminate the house.

Use the Outdoors

225 square yards house design A 225 square yard house can have a wonderful outdoor space, if designed correctly. Think about convenient access to the backyard and how the area can be utilized. Utilizing the outdoor prospects can also add to the overall aesthetic of the house.

Take a Design-Centered Approach

225 square yards house design Involve yourself in every part of the house design process. Think about what you need and want the house to include, and plan accordingly. Involve your family and friends in the process, and look for inspiration online. A design-centered approach to house design ensures that the space meets all of your personal needs and preferences.