Reveal 74+ Awe-inspiring Wide Lot House Design Satisfy Your Imagination

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Are you looking for a wide lot house design that provides maximum living space with modern style and comfort? A wide lot house can provide more space for a larger family as well as a more spacious living environment. With the right design, a wide lot can be transformed into a comfortable and inviting home. Here we have compiled the best wide lot house design ideas for you to consider and get inspired by. Read on to explore the designs and find out which one is the perfect fit for you.

Wide Lot Ranch House Designs

If you’re looking for a classic yet modern design for your wide lot home, then ranch house designs are definitely worth considering. Ranch-style homes often feature one or more bedrooms, simple yet stylish living areas, plenty of outdoor space, and a single-level floor plan. As with any wide lot house design, the options are virtually limitless. With a ranch-style home, you can choose from a traditional or modern design, a wide variety of materials and construction styles, and you won’t be limited to one size.

Ranch-style homes have a distinct look, with gables, large windows, and plenty of outdoor spaces. Popular features can include covered patios, balconies, and outdoor entertaining areas. Many newly constructed ranch home designs often also include attached garages with plenty of space for cars and storage. If you’re interested in investing in a new wide lot ranch house design, then you’ll want to make sure you have access to professional help, as this kind of home can be costly to build and requires special considerations.

Wide Lot Ranch House Designs

Modern Narrow Lot House Design

When it comes to narrow lot house designs, it’s important to think in terms of space-saving features and clever compartments. Narrow lot homes often make use of smaller rooms and living areas, however they can still be designed with plenty of style and attention to detail. For modern narrow lot house plans, you can opt for sleek, contemporary accents such as minimal furnishings, platform beds, abstract art pieces, and high-tech appliances.

Modern design and narrow lot house plans can incorporate energy efficient materials and smart construction elements. This includes everything from small solar panels to recycled and sustainable materials. Additionally, modern narrow lot house design often uses an emphasis on storage in small spaces. This could include pull-out pantries, modular and multi-use furniture pieces, and clever loft spaces. You can further customize any modern design with energy-saving lighting and simple but stylish fixtures.

Modern Narrow Lot House Design

Contemporary Wide Lot House Designs

If you’re considering a contemporary home design for your wide lot, then you have plenty of options. A contemporary wide lot home can be the elegant, modern design of your dreams. You can customize your home with unique features, modern lines, and energy efficient materials. Popular features of contemporary wide lot house designs can include streamlined designs with clean lines, open floor plans, and lots of natural light.

Additionally, when planning for a contemporary wide lot house design, you’ll want to consider features such as floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding or pivot doors, unique outdoor and indoor living spaces, and high-end appliances. Because of the wide lot size, you’ll be able to incorporate plenty of creative outdoor features, such as terraces, decks, walkways, and patios. Even if space is limited, you can get creative with adding elements like custom planters and intricate window boxes.

Contemporary Wide Lot House Designs

The Benefits of a Wide Lot House Design

Wide Lot House Design When building a home, the size and shape of the lot are incredibly important factors to consider. While many lots fit the traditional narrow and rectangular shape, the wider lot houses gives much more flexibility in the architecture and layout of a home.

More Space for Appropriate Placement of a Home

Wide Lot House Design The choice to build on a wide lot provides home builders with a lot more room for placing a home. With more space, the house can be located in the perfect spot that allows for the best use of the other features of the lot. For example, the placement of a house on a wide lot offers more options for sunlight, privacy , and an outlook of the larger lot.

Architectural Flexibility

Wide Lot House Design The widerangle approach of a wide lot also offers a lot more flexibility in the house design. With more room to work with, the architectural design of the house can more easily be placed to feature views and features of the wider lot. Home builders can design completely unique house layouts to suit their tastes and needs and place outdoor amenities like pools in the most suitable spot while still having plenty of room for a yard.

Room for Creative Landscaping Design and Features

Wide Lot House Design When building on a wide lot, homeowners can take full advantage of the additional space and create a complete landscape plan. Homes on wide lots can feature lush, green yards, winding pathways, or large gardens , all of which can be tailored to fit the unique features of the lot. Bigger lots also provide room for outdoor dining areas , fire pits, and other outdoor entertaining and living areas.