Top 62+ Beautiful Southwest Facing House Plan With Many New Styles

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Are you looking for the best Southwest facing house plan? Whether you're looking to build or buy one, you want to pick the one that suits your lifestyle. That's why checking out this Top List of the best Southwest facing house plans is essential. We've taken into account the various design elements and amenities in the house plans. In the end, the plans are ranked according to their capability, so you can rest assured that this list will provide you with the absolute best options. Come take a look at the designs we’ve chosen for this list!

Southwest Facing House Plans | House Designs and Floor Plans for Southwest-Oriented Homes

Southwest facing house plans, southwest oriented homes, and house designs are very popular among home builders as well as homeowners. Southwestern house plans are known to feature a large, open floor plan, providing enough room for everyone in the family. There are many benefits to extending the open floor plan to the exterior of the home, making it ideal for entertaining and letting in natural light.

Southwest oriented homes benefit from the warm temperatures that come with the season. The heat from the sun during the day gives the home warmth in the colder months. When the strong winds blow from the south, windows can be opened to bring in even more light. This design can also help reduce energy costs, as it allows for greater natural insulation.

Building designs for southwest facing homes also benefit from the natural aesthetics that come with the design. Decks, patios, and courtyards are popular for this type of house designs, as they bring unique architectural elements and flowing elements of nature into the home. Homeowners can enjoy the views of nature from the comfort of their home.

Southwest Facing House Plans

Southwest-Facing Homes - Benefits and House Plan Design Ideas

For those looking for room to expand, building a southwest-facing home is an ideal option. With a southwest-oriented house plan, homeowners can build extra bedrooms, bathrooms, and more spacious living rooms and kitchens. This type of design also allows for larger windows so that more natural light can enter the home and provide energy saving benefits. With an open floor plan, the home will feel more airy and spacious.

Roof decks, balconies, or outdoor sitting areas are popular features for these types of homes. With these features, Southwest-facing homes can make the most of the excellent views from every angle. Other popular features include outdoor kitchens and fire pits which are perfect for gathering with family and friends and enjoying a wonderful summer evening.

House Designs and Floor Plans for Southwest-Oriented Homes

Southwest House Plans | House Plans and More

When looking for southwest house plans, there are some key features to consider. As previously mentioned, larger windows are beneficial in order to bring in natural light and reduce energy costs. Additionally, vaulted ceilings are popular features for Southwest house plans, as they add a sense of grandeur and space into the home. As this type of home plan is often used for entertaining and hosting guests, larger bathrooms, living, and dining rooms may also be necessary.

However, with southwestern house plans, there are some potential disadvantages that should be taken into consideration. Depending on where you live, the winds from the southwest can be quite strong, so it is a good idea to make sure the windows are securely in place and can stand the wear and tear of the wind. Additionally, these types of homes may require extra insulation due to significant temperature drops between day and night.

Southwest-Facing Homes - Benefits and House Plan Design Ideas

Vastu for Southwest Direction of House | 8 Benefits | Sun Direction

Vastu, which is an ancient Indian system of design and architecture, recommends that when building a house, the southwest direction should be given more attention and priority. According to Vastu, there are many benefits when building a home facing the southwest direction, such as:

Southwest House Plans

Vastu Principles for Building Southwest Facing Homes

Vastu suggests that the kitchen should be located in the southwest corner of the house. The purpose of this is to create a balance between the elements of fire, which is associated with the southwest direction, and air. It is believed that having the kitchen in the southwest corner will enable the elements of these two forces to complement each other and bring harmony to the home.

Family rooms and living rooms should also be placed in southwest-oriented houses. These areas are ideal for entertaining guests and family and provide a warm, inviting atmosphere for visitors.

House Plans and More

Southwest Home Plans | Southwest Style Floor Plans

Southwest home plans or southwest style floor plans are often built with a semi-open plan. The home plans feature large open spaces with minimal walls. This allows for natural light to easily enter the home, providing both energy-saving benefits and an aesthetically pleasing interior design.

The floors in southwest home plans are typically done in natural materials such as tile. These natural materials can provide better insulation and help to keep the interior cooler during the summer months. Additionally, the colors of the walls are often kept light in order to create an open and airy atmosphere. Southwest home plans are perfect for those who enjoy entertaining or having a large gathering of family and friends.

Vastu for Southwest Direction of House

Southwest-Facing House Plans at | Southwest-Oriented Home Designs offers many wonderful southwest-facing house plans and southwest-oriented home designs. These home plans are designed to take advantage of the natural light and warmth that accompany this direction. Additionally, these home designs often feature an open floor plan that is perfect for entertaining and provides plenty of room for everyone.

Some of the other benefits that come with the southwest-oriented plans at include: larger windows, lower heating costs due to better insulation, energy-efficient appliances, and spacious decks and patios to fully enjoy the outdoor environment.

8 Benefits

Houses Facing Southwest Vastu tips & Benefits

It is believed that houses facing southwest have many positive benefits, such as improved finances and better relationships. In fact, according to Vastu principles, the southwest direction of a house holds a special place in the design and structure of the home. To get the best results from this direction, here are some Vastu tips to consider:

Sun Direction

Modern Southwest Home Designs | Home Decor Ideas

Modern southwest home designs are characterized by their open floor plans and use of natural materials. Large windows bring in light and energy that reflects the warm climate of the location. These designs usually blend seamlessly with the outdoors and feature plenty of space for entertaining and large gatherings. Natural materials also add to the beauty of these homes, giving them an updated and clean feel.

The colors of modern southwest home designs are inspired by the natural environment and often lean toward neutrals and earth tones. These colors are calming and perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, natural materials such as wood, tile, and stone are often used for the floors and walls of the home.

Vastu Principles for Building Southwest Facing Homes

Southwest Houses Floor Plans | Home Plans by Max Fulbright

Max Fulbright designs southwest houses floor plans which feature an abundance of natural light and an open floor plan. Max's designs make use of large windows, as well as sliding doors for access to outdoor areas such as decks and patios. The home plans are usually designed to be energy-efficient and take advantage of natural climates for insulation.

Max Fulbright's designs incorporate the elements of nature into his southwest house plans. These homes feature a natural, rustic feel and are perfect for those seeking a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Natural materials such as wood and stone are often used in order to create an inviting, peaceful environment.

Southwest Home Plans

Advantages of a Southwest Facing House Plan

southwest facing house plan A southwest facing house plan can provide the maximum amount of sun exposure throughout the year and reduce energy costs, making it a great choice for eco-friendly homeowners who want to keep their energy bills low. This type of plan provides the perfect balance between harnessing the sun’s energy and reducing energy usage, as well as providing plenty of attractive features for a modern home.

Maximizing Sun Exposure

southwest facing house plan A southwest facing house plan allows for the maximum amount of sun exposure on the front, back, and sides of a home. This allows it to take full advantage of the sun’s energy to keep a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The result is a warmer and more comfortable home that is much easier to maintain and more energy efficient.

Minimizing Heating and Cooling Costs

southwest facing house plan By taking full advantage of the sun’s energy, a southwest facing house plan also helps to reduce energy costs. The window placement helps to maximize natural light, which means less energy is needed for artificial lighting. Additionally, a well-designed plan can reduce the need for air conditioning and heating, as the house will take advantage of the natural heat of the sun.

Enhanced Aesthetics

southwest facing house plan A southwest facing house plan also offers plenty of attractive features for a modern home. The windows are designed to capture the light and give the home a bright, open feel. Additionally, the layout of the plan lends itself perfectly to open-concept styling, which is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes.

Ideal For Eco-Friendly Homeowners

southwest facing house plan All of these features make a southwest facing house plan an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners. Not only does this type of plan provide reduced energy costs, but it also provides a bright, airy, and modern living space that is well-suited to an eco-friendly lifestyle.