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The Southern Living Arbor View House Plan is the perfect combination of modern style and cozy living. This innovative design is a great fit for families looking for an inviting home with plenty of space to relax and entertain. Featuring four bedrooms and three bathrooms, the plan maximizes living space, while also being highly efficient. In addition, it boasts an open and airy kitchen and living area, access to a beautiful covered porch, and an impressive deck overlooking a spacious backyard. Discover what makes this plan shine and become the heart of your home.

Arbor View | Southern Living House Plans

The Arbor View, a classic art deco style house design from Southern Living House Plans, provides a stunning urban lifestyle. Offering an open-concept kitchen and living room, this custom home is complete with a breathtaking outdoor living space. With its clean lines and modern flair, the Arbor View exudes a Promenade feel. With lots of natural light, high ceilings and an exquisite system of windows, the view of the surrounding landscape is stunning. Inside, the house comes with modern appliances, a spacious dining area and a tiled fireplace. To complete the design, a large terrace offers plenty of space for entertaining. This art deco style house design emphasizes the harmony of nature and modern interiors.

Arbor View

Grill Mates' Pollock | Southern Living House Plans

This art deco style house design from Southern Living House Plans is one of a kind. Built in Thingastdown, UK, the Grill Mates' Pollock exudes luxury. The exterior is designed in the same palatial manner as the art deco style, with its imposing facade of large, rectangular stone columns and arched windows. Inside, the great room is adorned with cream-colored walls and furniture, accented with richly colored fabrics and pieces. The floors are made of natural stones, and the ceilings feature intricate carvings and ornamental wrought iron detailing. The spacious kitchen is equipt with modern appliances and cabinets made of dark wood, while the bathrooms feature marble tubs. Truly a one-of-a-kind Art Deco House Design.

Southern Living House Plans

Beverly | Southern Living House Plans

From Southern Living House Plans, Beverly is an exquisite art deco style house with an outrageously beautiful design. Located in the heart of Hornby, Australia, the exterior of the house is a striking juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary design. Beverly features a richly designed stone façade, with sculpted arches and sculpted details, making it look as if it came straight out of a fairytale. Inside, the house is sleek and modern, with its use of all-white surfaces, cabinetry and fixtures. The open plan living area is bright and airy, yet cosy at the same time, complete with an impressive range of contemporary appliances and amenities. An expansive outdoor terrace with a cinematic view of the city skyline complete the feel of luxury in this exquisite art deco style house.

Grill Mates' Pollock

Elizabeth Grace | Southern Living House Plans

This stunning art deco style house from Southern Living House Plans, the Elizabeth Grace, is a dream come true. Located in the city of Bedford, England, the Elizabeth Grace features a mix of modern and traditional design. On the exterior, the house has a classic cream-colored brick façade, wide-set windows and a long courtyard. Inside, the house is stylish and sophisticated, with classical touches, modern furnishings, and a wealth of natural light. The Living and Dining rooms are adorned with hardwood furniture and rich fabrics, while the kitchen offers all the amenities needed for an art deco style cooking experience. Elizabeth Grace house is a perfect combination of classic elegance and modern comfort.

Southern Living House Plans

Stillwater Cottage | Southern Living House Plans

The Stillwater Cottage, from Southern Living House Plans, is an amazing art deco style house that captures the essence of the American country life. Set in the rural town of Alexandria, Kentucky, the cottage is surrounded by a lush landscape. The exterior of the house is painted in a burnt red accent with cream-colored bricks, and features tall windows and a classic front porch. Inside, the spacious living area is surrounded by high ceilings, wooden floors, and antique furnishings. The kitchen has a modern island, as well as a large oven and stove that adds to the rustic charm. The private terrace is an excellent spot for outdoor entertaining, with an amazing view of the surrounding countryside. It’s an ideal spot for an art deco escape.


Kayleigh | Southern Living House Plans

From Southern Living House Plans, Kayleigh is a lavish art deco style house located in the city of Fairfax, Virginia. The exterior of the house is eye-catching from the start, with classic brick walls and beautiful arched windows. The decor is luxurious and modern, with subtle tones of brown and gold. In the living area, the fireplace is surrounded by a marble mantelpiece and base, while the kitchen is equipped with all the latest E-Countertops and cabinets. The bedrooms feature luxurious closets and beds, while the bathrooms have spacious showers and toilets. Adding to its appeal, the gorgeous outdoor living space is perfect for entertaining.

Southern Living House Plans

Sawgrass View | Southern Living House Plans

Sawgrass View is a classic American art deco style house found in the sunny town of Chaska, Florida. The house is so named for its spectacular views of the Sawgrass River Edge, with its abundance of wetlands and marshlands. The exterior of the house is distinctive for its clean and modern design. Neutral colors blend perfectly with wooden highlights, giving the house a truly unique look. Inside, the large living area is ideal for entertaining, with a modern kitchen and a comfy living room. The bedrooms are luxurious and spacious, with each boasting its own private bathroom. As for outdoor living, the expansive backyard features a beautiful pool and plenty of room for hosting events and family gatherings.

Elizabeth Grace

Reef | Southern Living House Plans

This two-story art deco style house is one of a kind. Located in the beautiful beach city of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, the Reef was designed to embody the modern and glamorous beach lifestyle. Its dramatic façade is made with concrete blocks and sand-colored boards, with tall windows and glass doors that offer a stunning view of the ocean and lush vegetation. Inside, the house has clean lines and a modern design, with marble panels and wooden floors. The kitchen is well-equipped with all the latest appliances and plenty of counter space. An outdoor terrace and a luxurious pool complete the experience of refined beach living.

Southern Living House Plans

Chadwick | Southern Living House Plans

The Chadwick from Southern Living House Plans is a four-bedroom, modern and contemporary art deco style house near the city of Bangor, Maine. The exterior of the house is stunning, with a sleek and sophisticated design that blends elegant windows and doors with modern touches. Inside, the clean and modern interiors are adorned with statement pieces, like a wood-burning oven and gold accents. The kitchen is modern and well equipped, with light wood finishes and stainless steel appliances. The large bedrooms and bathrooms offer plenty of space, and the outdoor living area is perfect for entertaining in style.

Stillwater Cottage

Dover House | Southern Living House Plans

The Dover house, from Southern Living House Plans, is an art deco style dream come true. This luxurious four-bedroom house is located in the city of Dover, Delaware and is characterised by its modern and sophisticated design. Its exterior is reminiscent of a palace, with stone walls, a grand entrance and arched doors. Inside, the house is beautifully appointed, with grand spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows and classic furniture. Its large, modern kitchen is perfect for entertaining, and each bedroom boasts an ensuite bathroom and plenty of storage. The outdoor terrace area overlooks the river and offers plenty of space for socialising and unwinding. Whether inside or outside, this house is an amazing art deco style dream.

Southern Living House Plans

The Southern Living Arbor View House Plan Offers Tranquility and Comfort

southern living arbor view house plan Perhaps the best thing about the Southern Living Arbor View House Plan is its blend of tranquil comfort with convenient modern living. With a design that draws from traditional southern architecture, but with subtle curving window and door frames, it has a uniquely warm feel. As you'd expect from modern home design plans, it also includes all the latest features such as walk-in closets, master suites, and open floor plans.

An Open, Bright and Spacious Home Design

southern living arbor view house plan The Southern Living Arbor View House Plan is an open and bright layout that takes full advantage of the natural light from the surrounding trees, which helps to create a relaxingly bright environment. With plenty of room for entertaining, you can host dinner parties and family get-togethers right at home, with the assurance that there is ample space for everyone to feel comfortable and at ease. When the weather is nice, the outdoor arbor in the back yard is the perfect spot for a barbecue or outdoor gathering, creating a dreamy place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

A Glamorous and Functional Design

southern living arbor view house plan The interior of the Arbor View House Plan has many glamorous features, including an open kitchen complete with a walk-in pantry and a large dining room that seats up to eight. You'll also find a spacious master suite with a sitting room, as well as a master bathroom and his-and-her sinks. Additional bedrooms provide room for guests or family members, and each is outfitted with its own bathroom. Finally, the living room has plenty of windows and a stunning fireplace, creating a warm and inviting room for all to enjoy.