Find 94+ Stunning Duplex House Design In Philippines Most Outstanding In 2023

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Are you looking to build a duplex house in the Philippines? There are so many factors to consider when constructing a house. Design is one of the most important ones. The perfect duplex house design can make your living space worthy of calling it a home. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best duplex house designs that can help you find the perfect design for your own home. From modern rustic designs to tropical and beach designs, this list has it all! You can get a better idea of what suits you and your family best.

Philippines Duplex House Design using Arts and Crafts | Contemporary | Modern Architecture | Pinoy ePlans

Are you looking for an inspiring duplex house design with Arts and Crafts aesthetics? Pinoy ePlans has a selection of contemporary, modern design architecture for you to choose from that will make your home stand out. With inspiring arts and crafts style that range from contemporary to modern makes your home more comfortable, lively and perfect for a family. Customize with a variety of elements that bring back the nostalgia of arts and crafts but with a modern twist. Get creative with the right touches with Pinoy ePlans’s modern duplex home designs including wall designs, windows, roofing patterns and more.

Philippines Duplex House Design using Arts and Crafts

Duplex House Building Design In The Philippines | DIY Home Designer

DIY Home Designer has an extensive collection of duplex house building designs for anyone looking for a unique design. With its numerous designs includes alluring art deco styles as well asSafety-Code-compliant designs that suit your family’s needs. From the classical to the modern, you’ll find duplex house building design that combines both safety and aesthetics.Receiving excellent ratings and feedback from customers, DIY Home Designer has helped numerous customers build their dream homes with its great designs and sense of aesthetics.


Pinoy Houseplan: Enjoy Philippine Home Design | Eye-catching House Designs

Making beautiful homes isn’t just an aspiration, but a reality with Pinoy Houseplan. This website has a great selection of art deco duplex house plans that will make your home stunning. Offering eye-catching designs with a great sense of aesthetics, Pinoy Houseplan ensures that your home looks beautiful and modern. With various designs from Classical to Contemporary, enjoy making your dream home that meets your lifestyle.

Modern Architecture

Duplex House Plans - Philippine House Designs - PHP-2015012

Fully customizable with features, PHP-2015012 offers amazing duplex house designs for a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Celebrate modern art deco architecture with this elegant design that includeshigh-quality artworks, window designs, and roofing that will make your home commanding. Enjoy the privilege of having a variety of choices for your home that you can customize easily. Step up to modern architecture and designs with the Philippines House Designs from PHP-2015012.

Pinoy ePlans

Best Duplex House Design in Philippines - Home Ideas

Home Ideas offer an incredible collection of duplex house designs that suit your taste. Erasing doubts of building a brand new home with its intuitive features, Home Ideas offers best-in-class designs and features that solidifies its preferred choice. From classic designs to an inspiring art deco designs, Home Ideas provides the opportunity to make your home the best. Enjoy planner features and Company's customization that complement art deco designs with a classical look.

Duplex House Building Design In The Philippines

Tiny House in the Philippines | Pinoy Eplans | Home Design | Modern House Design | Contempoary House Design

Transform your living space with Pinoy Eplans’ tiny house plans that are sure to please the most demanding of tastes. With guidelines, blueprints and design features, you can easily create the perfect tiny home with a classic or art deco designs. Enjoy the convenience of having everything provided for a perfect miniature home with Pinoy Eplans. Get creative and enjoy customizing your tiny home, choosing from an array of colors and designs with modern and contemporary styles. Create the dream tiny home today with Pinoy Eplans!

DIY Home Designer

Modern Design of Duplex House in The Philippines | Home Plans & Blueprints

Make your home modern and classic with Home Plans and Blueprints duplex house design. Creating stunning and reliable designs with modern duplex house design in the Philippines with intricate details that captivates users. Home Plans and Blueprints don’t just provide designs but also provides Housing Guides with in-depth features, and Safety Compliance information that assures you of the performance and reliability of their designs. Make your home perfect with Home Plans and Blueprints’ duplex house designs.

Pinoy Houseplan: Enjoy Philippine Home Design

Top 5 Duplex House Designs | Interior & Exterior Design | Philippine Design Inspirations

Philippine Design Inspirations has an impressive selection of classic and modern designs with contemporary aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for something modern or classic, you can find it here. With duplex house designs that feature modern and minimalistic exterior and interiors that specialize in functionality and quality. Get motivated to create your dream home with Philippine Design Inspirations’ incredible duplex house designs.

Eye-catching House Designs

Modern Duplex House Design, Philippines Style | AGPlan Inc.

Bring life to your home with an amazing variety of classic and modern designs with AGPlan Inc. With modern duplex house design in the Philippines, you can customize your home to fit your lifestyle. Discover designs with splendid exterior and interior features that will make your home come alive. AGPlan Inc. brings you unique and stylish duplex house designs developed by professionals for superior performance. Make your home beautiful with AGPlan Inc.

Duplex House Plans - Philippine House Designs - PHP-2015012

Modern Duplex House Design Ideas for Your Home | Philippine Designers

Experience modern architecture with the best designs from Philippine Designers. With various designs, you can choose that perfect house design that fits your personality. From modern arts & crafts and modern arts designs you can make your dream home come true. Whether you’re living in a metropolitan area or a countryside area, you can find stunning designs from Philippine Designers. Get the most creative and innovative designs with modern duplex house design ideas for your home.

Best Duplex House Design in Philippines - Home Ideas

Unique Style of Duplex House Design in the Philippines

duplex house design in philippines The duplex house design has become an increasingly popular type of home in the Philippines given its affordability, durability, and ability to provide extra space. Usually used as an apartment, a duplex home refers to a single dwelling that has two units with separate entrances or connected side-by-side units. This type of house is an attractive option for many people since it often features all the amenities of a single-family home at a fraction of the cost.

The Necessary Features of a Duplex House Design

duplex house design in philippines A duplex house design comes with all the necessary features and amenities of a single-family home such as a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a living area. However, since the house is smaller in size, the design of the house is more economical and efficient. In addition to this, the cost of construction and maintenance of a duplex house is usually lower compared to a single-family home.

Extensive Customization Options

duplex house design in philippines When it comes to a duplex house design in the Philippines, there are plenty of customization options to choose from. From the layout of the house, to the materials used in the construction, there is a wide variety of options available. Additionally, if one decides to purchase or rent a duplex home, there are many options in terms of design, size, decor, and layout that can be tailored to suit individual needs and preferences.

Durable and Affordable Materials for Construction

duplex house design in philippines In terms of materials used in the construction of a duplex house in the Philippines, concrete is a commonly used material as its durability and resistance to heat and moisture makes it a great choice. In addition to this, wood and metal are also widely used materials, as they are relatively affordable and eco-friendly. Moreover, the use of high-quality paint and finishes help protect the house from weathering and deterioration, ensuring longevity and safety.

Pros and Cons of a Duplex House Design

duplex house design in philippines While duplex house designs are great options for those looking for an affordable and durable home, there are also a few drawbacks to consider. First, since the house is divided into two separate units, both parties need to agree on the use of shared amenities like the parking, garden, or living area. Second, the construction of a duplex home is usually more complex than that of a single-family home, and thus requires experienced professionals to complete the task. Lastly, a duplex requires more frequent maintenance due to the number of renters.

Notable Examples of a Duplex House Design in the Philippines

duplex house design in philippines The Philippines is home to many notable examples of duplex house designs, including the Park Avenue Residences in Iloilo, the Subic Grand Marina in Subic Bay, and the Letran Townhomes in La Union. These homes feature all the necessary amenities of a single-family home, but with a more modern and efficient layout. Additionally, these homes are quite affordable as well, making them great options for those looking for an affordable yet well-designed home.