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Are you searching for the ideal plan to build a 3 cent house? Look no further! At the Top 3, we have analysed household plans from around the globe, to discover the best designs suited for your needs. We have selected 3 models with distinct features which stand out in terms of economy, innovative designs and aesthetic appeal.

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Are you looking for one of the best Art Deco house designs? Then look no further than the African continent. Home design in Africa has traditionally been a mix of both traditional and contemporary styles, making it the perfect place to draw inspiration for your own home design. Here are the top 10 Art Deco house designs for Africa:

1. Cape Verde Homes: A stunning take on 3 bedroom house plans, the Cape Verde Homes feature interesting mix-and-match designs with a focus on a Hampton's-style traditional design. Combining a contemporary look with traditional African colors and accents, this house plan will instantly add character to your home.

2. Coromandel Homes: Crafted from African wood and handwoven fabrics, this house plans for affordable homes is both modern and traditional. The exterior is crafted with wood-and-stone borders and intricate wood accents, adding an element of sophistication. The interior has an old-world vibe, with a bright and bold color scheme that will enhance the ambiance of your home.

3. EgyptHome: Taking from both neoclassical and traditional design styles, this house designs for affordable homes features art deco touches. Featuring sharp geometric shapes, neoclassical columns, and Art Deco flourishes, this home plan adds a chic yet inviting vibe to your home. Plus, it also provides plenty of natural light.

3 Bedroom House Plans & Designs for Africa

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4. Nubian Towers: Combining traditional and modern, this 3-bedroom house plans & designs for Africa features outdoor balconies for you to take in the view. Bold and dramatic, this house plan is sure to stand out in any plan collection. The living space is open and inviting with lots of natural light and plenty of outdoor space to enjoy.

5. African Sunset: A mix of modern and rustic, this house plan is the perfect blend of warm earth tones and bold shapes. The master bedroom is set in the center, with glass windows on one side that offers a stunning view of the sunset. This home plan also offers an outdoor patio and garden for additional leisure and entertainment.

6. MaliHome: Offering a bold style influenced by African design, this three bedroom home plans & designs gives you a unique look. From the traditional wood paneling to the modern metal accents, it has plenty of character and charm. The main living space is bright and spacious, with plenty of room for entertaining and relaxation.

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7. African Dream Home: Featuring a modern twist on traditional African architecture, this home plan brings a unique look to any home. The main living space is open and inviting, with plenty of natural light and outdoor spaces for you to enjoy. It also features a pool and outdoor kitchen.

8. African Sunrise: Instantly recognizable for its intricate wood and stone detailing, this house plan is a mix of traditional and modern design. Large windows offer views of the sunrise from the master bedroom, while an open living area gives plenty of space for entertaining. This attractive and inviting home plan is sure to make a statement.

9. Aztec Mansion: This grand and luxurious home plan utilizes modern 3 bedroom homes plans & designs with a traditional Aztec design. You'll find an outdoor pool, grand entryway, and private gardens, as well as a sunroom with a hot tub. The indoor living space is comfortable and inviting, making this home plan perfect for entertaining.

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10. African Serene: Ideal for those seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world, this 3 bedroom home plans & designs is sure to please. Featuring a unique blend of traditional African design and contemporary flare, this house plan offers plenty of natural light and spacious living areas. The outdoor area has a pool and several grassy areas for enjoying the serene atmosphere.

In conclusion, Africa is an amazing source of inspiration for anyone looking to incorporate Art Deco house designs into their home plans. From contemporary African architecture to traditional designs, Africa has something to offer everyone. Whether you're looking for a grand and luxurious home plan or something more modern and affordable, Africa has it all. Use these top 10 Art Deco house designs to get inspired and create the perfect home for you.

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3 Cent House Design – Affordable Housing Solutions

3 cent house plan The 3 Cent House Plan is a revolutionary solution to the rising problem of affordable housing. This unique concept of affordable housing involves constructing a two-story house and garage on a carefully chosen 3 cent plot. Provisions for car parking, balconies, terrace garden, and more can be met. The overall design of the house can be modified to suit individual needs and climatic conditions.

Key Advantages of the 3 Cent House Plan

3 cent house plan The 3 Cent House Plan is a cost-effective and practical solution to the housing issue. By constructing a two-story house on a 3 cent plot, the cost of the house is brought down drastically. The main advantages of the plan are as follows:
  • Lower construction cost due to the low cost of the 3 cent plot.
  • The overall structure can be customized according to individual requirements.
  • It provides enough space for car parking, balconies and so on.
  • The design of the house is energy efficient.

Benefits of the 3 Cent House Plan

3 cent house plan The 3 Cent House Plan is an effective method of creating affordable housing. By constructing a two-story house on a 3 cent plot, the gap between the affluent and the economically weaker sections of society is reduced. Here are some of the key benefits of this low-cost housing option:
  • It reduces the burden on government agencies in providing housing to the poor.
  • It is an effective and sustainable solution to the issue of affordable housing.
  • It helps to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.
  • It creates job opportunities for the skilled and unskilled labour force.