Best Collection Of 65+ Charming 1 Bedroom House Plan View Most Outstanding In 2023

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Are you looking for the perfect 1 bedroom house plan? Whether you are downsizing your home, creating a vacation home, or making space for a new family member, a 1 bedroom house plan offers plenty of options for you to consider. To help you in your search for the perfect 1 bedroom house plan, we rounded up the top 10 designs to consider. Find the perfect 1 bedroom house plan to fit your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget with this comprehensive list.

1 Bedroom House Designs

With a range of 1 bedroom house designs on offer, it can be a challenge to find the right one floor house plans. One of the most unique options among them is Art Deco designs. Today’s Art Deco houses carry on these classic, timeless patterns that were popularized in the 1920s, combining bold colors with striking technological designs. Here are the top 10 Art Deco house designs that incorporate a classic look with a modern touch.

1 Bedroom House Designs

Contemporary House Plans

This contemporary house plan looks to offer many amenities for the modern era. This home includes a large outdoor terrace, perfect for entertaining guests or lounging during the evening. In the interior, tall windows from the main floor offer natural lighting while adding an impressive view of the exterior. The wood finishes and light colors contrast beautifully, showcasing the modernist themes of this single level home plan.

One Floor House Plans

Ranch House Plans

This traditional ranch house plan looks to combine the classic Art Deco architecture with a Western theme that future ranchers will love. The exterior features a wooden façade to provide an authentic setting, and two additional balconies on the upper levels can be used for seating or relaxation. Inside, the use of exposed brick can be seen, which enhances the rustic house plans aesthetic. The large dining room and kitchen are perfect for hosting events and socializing with family and friends.

Contemporary House Plans

Cottage House Plans

This stunning Art Deco cottage house plan blends simplicity and elegance for a truly beautiful home. Large windows provide ample natural light, while the distinct wood and brick exteriors give it a classic and traditional edge. Inside, the bright yellow walls contrast with the surrounding plants and white furniture, forming a cozy atmosphere. Overall, this home creates a sunny, peaceful living space that any family can enjoy.

Single Level Home Plans

Country House Plans

In this country-style country house plan, rustic wood and subtle Art Deco touches come together to create a truly stunning home. The exterior is a series of wood-clad panels, with an inviting veranda perfect for spending time outdoors. Inside, a winding staircase and an impressive fireplace form the focal points of the home. The entire interior is finished in neutral color tones, adding to the traditional feel of this modern 1 bedroom house plan.

Ranch House Plans

Modern 1 Bedroom House Plans

For a chic and modern look, this Art Deco modern 1 bedroom house plan is perfect. The exterior gives off a minimalist feel, while the cream accents give it a splash of color. The interior is clean and spacious, with beautiful tile floors lending a contemporary look. The bedroom features a king-size bed and plenty of natural light, while the kitchen is well-equipped. Overall, this house provides a clean and modern environment for any family to enjoy.

Rustic House Plans

Open Concept House Plans

This stunning open concept house plan is ideal for modern living. The exterior features dramatic Art Deco accents, allowing for a unique look that stands out from the crowd. Inside, the large open plan living room is perfect for entertaining guests, while the floor-to-ceiling windows bring in plenty of natural light. The bright colors and geometric patterns of this small house plan bring style and personality.

Cottage House Plans

Small House Plans

Who said you can't have it all in a small house plan? This crafty Art Deco design might be small in size, but it packs a lot of luxury and style.The four levels of open-concept living offer plenty of space for entertaining, and the exterior features a distressed finish with arches to give it a charming, vintage look. In the interior, a spiral staircase gives off modern vibes while the polished furniture and bright floors create an inviting atmosphere.

Country House Plans

Optimizing Your 1 Bedroom House Plan View

1 bedroom house plan view Bringing the perfect balance between size and value to your dwelling, a single-bedroom house plan view is the ideal option when looking for the perfect home. This type of house plan offers a unique open-plan view that allows for a comfortable living area while still maintaining a modern design. An optimized house plan view takes advantage of this type of plan and maximizes its potential.

Open Plan Views

1 bedroom house plan view Depending on your needs, the open plan views of a 1 bedroom house can allow for ample natural light and expansive views of the surrounding area. Optimizing this with furniture and decorations that bring the most of the outdoors in and maximize the usable space can make for a luxurious living experience.


1 bedroom house plan view A 1 bedroom single-story house plan view can be designed in many aesthetic styles to match any personal preference. Whether you’re a fan of modern minimalism or crave a more traditional cozy design, optimizing the chosen aesthetic with unique features such as decorative accents, fixtures, and vibrant colors can customize it even further.

Maximizing Space

1 bedroom house plan view When dealing with a smaller living space like a 1 bedroom house plan, maximizing any available space is an important factor. Pieces of furniture like sectional couches, loft beds, and multi-functional armoires that can be tabled as desks give you more room to move around, while shelves, cabinets, and even picture frames strategically placed on walls can expand storage options.

Using Natural Elements

1 bedroom house plan view Bringing natural elements into your home provides various benefits, such as improving air quality, creating a more relaxed atmosphere, and offering visual appeal. Potted plants, terrariums, and live gardens are a great way to introduce life indoors, while incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, and cotton can help to further bring the outdoors in.