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Do you want to make the most out of your steep slope landscape? If you have a particularly steep slope on your property, you may be wondering how to make the most of the terrain and build an aesthetically pleasing home. This list offers some great steep slope house design ideas to help you make the most of your sloping land and create an extraordinary home.

Modern Steep Slope House Design

Architects and designers draw on the art deco style for modern steep slope house designs that are inviting yet bold. As a style that was popularized in the 20s and 30s, many steep slope house designs of today draw on that sense of excitement and exploration through large windows, angular shapes, and polished, geometric lines. One of the best ways to incorporate the design details of the art deco period into modern house designs is through the use of materials like marble and granite. Stylized staircases, curved archways and standards are all extremely art deco inspired features that can be incorporated into steep slope houses.

A contemporary steep slope house design may feature a lounge area with large bay windows that allow for plenty of natural light, along with a fireplace in the corner that commands attention while keeping the room warm and cozy. Nestled in between eye-catching geometric shapes, like the free-floating beams or the jutted walls, allow for creative use of materials and color. This type of steep slope house design doesn't have to be limited to slanted homes; taking this type of modern style and adjusting it accordingly for a level ground will provide a striking house.

Modern Steep Slope House Design

Mountain Steep Slope House Design Ideas

When it comes to designing a steep slope house in the mountains, you want to take in the full scope of the view and get creative with the materials that will help bring the natural beauty to the forefront. For example, a mountain house may include angled walls that make the most of the view, large windows to bring in natural light, and a fierce sense of adventure. The most eye-catching feature of a mountain steep slope house design is, of course, the slanted roof line, which allows you to make the most of the high altitude and bring out the most breathtaking sights.

Using natural materials and earthy colors in your design is a great way to bring out the immensity of the mountains, and you can use different shades of brown and gray to draw focus to certain pieces of furniture or places in the house. Your mountain steep slope house design can also aim to reflect a sense of minimalism and focus on the details, such as the details of the window frames and the way the wood blends into the muted colors of the landscape.

Contemporary Steep Slope House Design

Stilt Steep Slope House Design

For areas that frequently receive rainfall or harsh weather, stilt steep slope house designs are a perfect solution. These designs make use of the land's natural environment by building upon stilts and columns, allowing the top level of the house to avoid any flooding or storms that may come through. The shape of the house itself is usually quite compact, so the design can be adjusted to fit into any terrain.

A stilt steep slope house design can also incorporate the clean lines and curved shapes of art deco architecture by having nothing but glass or steel seperating the base level from the house proper. The high number of angles and polished surfaces makes stilt houses an ideal design for incorporating art deco styles into a home. The sharp lines and strong colors tend to give these houses a futuristic feel.

Mountain Steep Slope House Design Ideas

Large Steep Slope House Design

Large steep slope house designs are perfect for larger families who enjoy having plenty of room to entertain, or people who just want to make the best of their large lots. The slanted rooflines create a sense of depth to the house, creating the illusion of an even larger building. Incorporating natural materials into large design is a great way to bring life into the home and mix together indoor and outdoor elements.

The exterior of a large steep slope house design can be made of brick, stone, wood, and even metal for a modern touch. Tall windows and doors make up the majority of the facades, and balconies can be added to take in a stunning view. Inside, large wooden beams, vaulted ceilings, and jutted walls are features that can be used to add a sense of grandeur to the design.

Stilt Steep Slope House Design

Unique Steep Slope House Designs

Mixing classic art deco with modern materials like metal, glass, and even concrete is an excellent way to create unique steep slope house designs. These designs tend to be quite minimalistic, with sharp lines and sparse materials. Large windows and doors that open up from the inside of the house can bring in plenty of sunlight and nature, while metal fixtures and furniture can spruce up the home's interior.

Unique steep slope house designs also tend to feature a lack of decoration in favor of a clean, monochrome look. The simplicity of these houses allows for plenty of room for interpretation, and homeowners may want to add their own personal touches such as furniture, carpets, and other decorations to make the house feel like home.

Large Steep Slope House Design

Steep Slope House Design with Deck

Adding a deck to a steep slope house design can extend the living space while providing the perfect place to entertain and take in the scenery. This feature helps to create a captivating outdoor view, as well as making use of the slanted landscape in a creative way. Decks can be made either out of wood, composite materials, or stone depending on the style of the home.

These features can be especially eye-catching in an art deco inspired home, as the tall vertical posts and sleek lines mimic the themes of the style quite well. To add a bit more visual interest to the house, you can choose to add a curved deck, or even a two-tiered structure to give you a sense of depth.

Unique Steep Slope House Designs

Luxury Steep Slope House Design

Luxury steep slope house designs can incorporate many features of the art deco style, including curved windows and detailed moulding. Large stone columns, eye-catching light fixtures, and tall window frames are all features that work perfectly with a slanted landscape. As with many luxury homes, art deco inspired home designs tend to make use of large amounts of marble or wood, giving them a feeling of grandeur.

Luxury steep slope houses also tend to have tall ceilings, giving the interior more depth. Grand staircases leading up the main entrance are a common feature, and the use of steel or glass dividers and walls can give the home a more modern and edgy look. Outdoor spaces, such as balconies, decks, or porches, can also be used to bring in a bit of nature to the home.

Steep Slope House Design with Deck

Steep Slope House designs with Garage

For steep slope house designs that have a garage, architects and designers should make the best use of the design and purpose of the garage to create a seamless transition between outdoors and indoors. Tall doors to the garage can be made of metal or wood, and veneers can be used to add a bit of texture. Angled walls of the garage can help ground the structure and stick to the slanting style of the home.

The garage should be designed in such a way that it blends into the modern and stylish elements of the home's design. The use of materials like marble and stone can bring together the garage and the rest of the dwelling, while creating a strong and bold look overall.

Luxury Steep Slope House Design

Steep Slope Beach House Designs

Designing a steep slope beach house can be tricky, but with some clever creativity the outcome can be spectacular. A beach steep slope house design doesn’t need to be over the top, but making use of the sloping land can turn a mundane beach house into a stunning example of art deco style. Large bay windows, metal accents, and outdoor porches are all wonderful options for this type of house.

For a beach house, the design should be able to effortlessly mix with the beach and the sand. Taking inspiration from the ocean, you can incorporate blue colors and ocean themed decorations into the design. Additionally, using large glass windows throughout the two stories allows for the natural beauty of the beach to come into the house and be fully appreciated.

Steep Slope House Designs with Garage

Benefits of Steep Slope House Design

Steep Slope House Design Steep slope house design has some unique qualities that come from its utilization of the landscape’s natural contours. These innovative structures are incredibly popular in mountainous areas but can also blended into more temperate settings. Such residences share some of the same attributes of a modern architectural style with sweeping views, an emphasis on outdoor living, and a seamless integration with the natural environment.

Aesthetic Excellence

Steep Slope House Design The idea of living in an ecological refuge or a mountain sanctuary is extremely popular in today's culture– inspiring more and more people to live blended with the environment. This is where steep slope house design comes in; the look and feel of this kind of design is truly exceptional. With some of the most captivating views in all of architecture, it's no wonder people are drawn to the prestige of living inside of a steep slope home.

Seamless Integration with Natural Environment

Steep Slope House Design A steep slope house can easily hide itself in its surrounding area due to its magnificent designs. You won't even recognize it from a distance, as it blends perfectly with its natural environment. As well as providing an exceptional aesthetic to the surrounding area, this type of house offers multiple levels of serenity that the homeowners can experience.

Space-Saving Benefits

Steep Slope House Design Often times, steep slope houses are built on terrain with highly irregular topographical elements. By constructing a steep slope house design , more useable space is unlocked in other flourished areas than can't be accessed, let alone enjoyed, in traditional architecture.

Maximized Views

Steep Slope House Design Homes constructed on steep slope terrains lend powerful views that blossom from every area of the house. From a second story deck, to the top of the roof house, these vantage points are perfect for taking in the vastness and enormity of the terrain. Whether it's a chance to relax in the sun or to embrace the charm of a local cityscape, the opportunities provided by living in a steep slope home are limitless.

What's Stopping You from Having a Steep Slope House?

Steep Slope House Design At this point, there's no way to deny that steep slope house design has tremendous potential. It offers all the same amenities of a traditional residence, while matching the style of its surroundings– all while providing its owners with unparalleled views and unparalleled serenity . If you fancy being a part of the outdoors without actually having to leave your house, a steep slope house design may be right for you.