Uncover 99+ Impressive Minimalist Concrete House Design Trend Of The Year

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Architectural minimalism has been all the rage in recent years, and for good reason. Clean lines, elegant materials, and a simplistic design, make a minimalistic concrete house something to admire. Take a look at this article’s list for the best minimalist concrete house design, each unique in its own way. With its strength, durability, and unique aesthetic, a concrete house is the perfect modern home for anyone looking for a design that stands the test of time.

10 Minimalist Concrete House Designs | 2021

Art Deco has made a comeback, with its iconic designs making an appearance in modern houses. This trend has been gaining traction over recent years, and it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to use Art Deco designs for their contemporary homes. There are many Art Deco house designs to choose from, ranging from minimalistic to luxurious looks. Here are 10 incredible Art Deco House Designs to inspire your next home renovation:

10 Minimalist Concrete House Designs

Tropical Retreat House Plan

This tropical retreat house plan is a great example of how you can successfully combine Art Deco with tropical elements. The plan features straight lines, bold shapes, and clear textures that blend well with the lush landscaping and local buildings. The large lanai, with its combination of natural wood and stone steps is a great way to create an outdoor living space that’s both comfortable and stylish.


Minimal Yet Warm House in France

This minimal yet warm house in France stands out for its classic Art Deco lines and shapes. The exterior is painted in a pale ivory shade, which contrasts with the dark, wood-effect paneling. All the interior walls and furniture in this house are painted a bright white, which helps to reflect the light and keep the atmosphere bright and airy. The addition of plants throughout the house also helps to soften the edges and make it feel cozy.

Tropical Retreat House Plan

Contemporary Residence in Taiwan

This contemporary residence in Taiwan features a modern interpretation of Art Deco inspired by the city’s long history of traditional Chinese craftsmanship. The exterior is a mix of clean white and black surfaces, with a large Spanish-style balcony and terrace on one side. Inside, the open-plan space is designed with a blend of contemporary and traditional materials like wood paneling, grey stone, and aged bronze.

Minimal Yet Warm House in France

Rooting Into the Earth | Ultra-Modern Home Design

This ultra-modern home design is part of a wider development that seeks to integrate art and nature into its architecture. The exterior features a mixture of curved lines and straight lines in order to create the illusion of the house ‘rooting’ into the earth. The interior of the house uses natural materials such as wood, stone, and wicker to reinforce this connection to the landscape.

contemporary residence in Taiwan

Concrete Based Asymmetric House

This concrete based asymmetric house in Romania is modern, stylish, and surprisingly spacious. Its unique shape straddles the line between architecture and sculpture. The exterior features a single wall of curved concrete, while the interior is furnished with light wood furniture that adds warmth and visual interest.

Rooting Into the Earth

KIL House | Midcentury Design

This mid-century style KIL House was designed with grand outdoor spaces that draw the eye. Its structure is made from a combination of concrete and stone, juxtaposed against plants and trees that provide a sense of peacefulness and serenity. The interior blends Art Deco elements, such as tufted leather seating and chrome detailing, with modern finishes that make the house feel comfortable and inviting.

Ultra-Modern Home Design

Minimalism Based Metamorphosis House

This contemporary Metamorphosis House stands out for its minimalist design. The exterior combines white walls and clean lines with an asymmetrical shape that adds interest and intrigue. Inside, the house has an open-plan layout that allows for a seamless transition from one space to the next. The furnishings and decor are kept deliberately simple, with iconographic artwork and geometric features adding a touch of Art Deco flair.

Concrete Based Asymmetric House

Open Plan Design | Hirashima House

Designed with an emphasis on open plan design, the Hirashima House is a modern take on Art Deco. Its main feature is its expansive glass wall that gives occupants a wealth of natural light and an unimpeded view of the surrounding landscape. Meanwhile, clean lines and neutral colors create a sense of calm throughout the house.

KIL House

Triangular Shaped Concrete Home

This futuristic looking triangular shaped concrete home in Japan uses a unique concept to express the idea of Art Deco style. Large triangular windows provide an abundance of natural light, while the use of traditional materials such as wood, concrete, and glass gives the house a bold and contemporary appearance.

Midcentury Design

Urban & High Design Tight Concrete House

This tight concrete house stands in stark contrast to neighboring buildings, with its vibrant colors, tall walls, and eye-catching shapes. This urban & high design modern mansion was built on a limited parcel of land, so the architects had to get creative in order to make the most of its limited space. They opted for a vertical design with plenty of glass, helping to make the interior feel larger than it actually is. It’s the perfect example of how you can successfully carry off Art Deco in a contemporary setting.

Minimalism Based Metamorphosis House

Minimalism and Functionality in Concrete House Design

Minimalist Concrete House Design Many homeowners are increasingly incorporating minimalist and modern elements into their home designs. Concrete house design is one such style that’s been gaining more and more attention. This sustainability-centric approach combines the robust durability of concrete with clean lines and effective use of minimalistic design elements. As we continue to look for ways to produce greater efficiency and comfort in our homes, concrete house design holds tremendous potential. With a few clever touches to maximize the use of space, concrete house design can be both visually stunning and highly practical as well.

The Rugged Good Looks of Concrete House Design

Minimalist Concrete House Design An advantage of concrete house design is that it does not require an excessive amount of aesthetic adornments to bring visual interest and warmth to a home. In fact, the stripped-down simplicity of concrete elements can look great in almost any setting. Whether used for total home designs or to cover just certain walls, a concrete house design look can be a great fit in any traditionally styled home.

High-Performance, Low Maintenance Concrete Houses

Minimalist Concrete House Design Another perk of concrete house design is its ability to stand up to external pressures and still maintain its attractive looks and efficient performance. Concrete houses typically require less maintenance than those built with wooden frames and other non-concrete materials. This reduced maintenance requirement is highly advantageous for busy homeowners who value having a low-maintenance living space. In addition to being highly durable, concrete houses are also excellent insulators, able to maintain temperatures within the home to create a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. As such, concrete houses offer occupants a pleasant living experience without the need for excessive energy costs.

Make Your House of Concrete Dreams a Reality

Minimalist Concrete House Design With all the benefits of concrete house design, it's no wonder why homeowners are turning to this style for their homes. If you're interested in taking advantage of the modern advantages of a concrete house, talk to a qualified homebuilder or architect to discuss the possibilities. With quality construction and intelligent design, you can make your house of concrete dreams a reality.