Top 71+ Breathtaking Italian Villa Style 1 Story House Designs For Every Budget

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Who doesn't like Italian villa styles? Everyone, from homeowners, designers, and construction crews can appreciate a well built and exquisitely designed Italian villa. You don't have to live in Europe to design your own Italian villa style home. We've compiled a top list of beautiful, one-story Italian villa designs that will make you say "Mamma Mia!" Whether you’re in the United States, or further abroad, these Italian villa house designs will look great wherever your home is located.

Italian Villa Style One-Story House Design

One-story house designs are becoming increasingly popular in recent years for their ability to satisfy luxury living requirements with their chic design. Italian villas, in particular, have been renowned for their beauty and elegance – and the art deco designs leave no exception.

This particular one-story house design is a reflection of the traditional Italian villa style combined with contemporary elements. The exterior of the house is perfectly symmetrical, featuring neat, rectangular design windows and an impressive entrance gate that provides a majestic entrance to guests. All of these features are accompanied by the classic terracotta roof that gives the house its distinct Italian look.

Additionally, the house is situated in the midst of a vast garden with its own pool. The landscaping around the house has been carefully designed to provide a luxurious and serene atmosphere for its residents. The interior of this one-story house design incorporates art deco features in its structural design as well. The grand entry hall is covered in marble and wood paneling that gives it a luxurious feel, while the living and dining rooms feature classic Italian furniture pieces in warm hues. The bedrooms and bathrooms all incorporate art deco features into their designs, adding to the craftsmanship of the overall design.

Italian Villa Style One-Story House Design

Modern Italian Villa Gracefully Utilizing Space

This modern Italian Villa gracefully utilizes space and materials to ensure its timeless design. It features open and airy exterior spaces that evoke a sense of grandeur and luxury, with a stone façade and striking terracotta roof. Large windows allow natural light to fill the house, completing the vision of the Italian villa.

The interior of the villa is all about modern comfort while still evoking the classic Italian villa look. Clean lines throughout the open living spaces create a cozy atmosphere, and the warm yellow-brown tones throughout give the house a warm glow. Furniture pieces are carefully chosen for their modern appeal while still complementing the art deco design style.

High ceilings and large rooms maximize the sense of airiness in this villa, showcasing its graceful utilization of space. From the minimalist kitchen to the grand bedrooms, this Italian villa is modernly equipped with all of the comforts someone could ask for. In addition, the house features an outdoor space fit for outdoor entertaining – perfect for enjoying the warm Italian climate throughout the year.

Modern Italian Villa Gracefully Utilizing Space

Tuscan Style 1-Story House Achieving Comfort and Luxury

This Tuscan style-one story house was designed with the intention of achieving the utmost comfort and luxury. Its exterior is composed of a sleek and angular façade with a terracotta roof that provides it with a quintessentially Tuscan look. The design takes inspiration from modern architectural trends and incorporates them into a classic Tuscan look.

Inside the house, the traditional art deco design is further accentuated with high-quality furniture pieces and light fixtures. The entrance hall of the house is especially grand, with a high ceiling and tall pillars supporting its design. The dining room and kitchen have also been thoughtfully designed to open into each other and create a seamless living space.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are also brimmed with luxury, so as to ensure the highest degree of comfort for its residents. Every room of the house is generously filled with natural light, further resulting in its overall grandeur. As the house features its own swimming pool, residents can enjoy the serenity of their Tuscan-style mansion throughout the year.

Tuscan Style 1-Story House Achieving Comfort and Luxury

1-Story Italian Villa Home Design & Style

Italian Villa Style 1-Story House Designs The Italian Villa style is one of the most timeless and attractive home designs. It is typically a single-story house characterized by a symmetrical shape, low-pitched rooflines , and arched windows surrounded by lavish detailing. Italian villa home designs offer an elegant facade that’s perfect for traditional or modern home styles.

Unique Features of Italian Villa Homes

Italian Villa Style 1-Story House Designs Italian villa homes feature classical Greek and Italian influences with pediments over windows and entryways. These homes have wide overhangs that provide extra shade and the roof is typically composed of tile or slate. Styling usually has stuccoed walls and columns, terracotta tiles, and deep-set windows.

Interior Elements of an Italian Villa Home

Italian Villa Style 1-Story House Designs High ceilings, wood beams, and stone tile floors are common components of an Italian villa-style. Walls are often plain and accessorized with simple yet elegant furnishings . Modern Italian villa interior designs feature a mix of traditional and contemporary elements including modern cabinetry and fixtures.

Outdoor Spaces of an Italian Villa Home

Italian Villa Style 1-Story House Designs The outdoor spaces of an Italian Villa home are generally decorated with lush landscaping and terraces. The outdoor entertaining area always features cylindrical columns , high grade molded stonework, and an arbor or trellis. Fountains, potted plants, and cobblestone pathways also add to the charm and elegance of the Italian villa style.