Best Collection Of 64+ Exquisite Front Wall Of House Design Trend Of The Year

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Building a beautiful and welcoming front wall of your house is one of the best ways to enhance the aesthetic of your existing exterior design. To get the perfect look you want and make your home look more inviting, we’ve compiled a list of top front wall of house design from around the world. From creative DIY projects to modern and traditional designs, you will find plenty of ideas to transform your outer walls into a work of art. We hope the ideas here will help you create a warm and captivating entrance to your home.

Modern House Front Wall Design Ideas

The modern house front wall design is a type of architecture that first emerged in the early 1910s and rapidly gained popularity in the Western world during the 1920s and 1930s. Often featuring geometric shapes, bold colors, and minimal ornamentation, it was a response to the increasing industrialization of civilization and the demands of a rapidly-changing world. Today, modern house designs are still popular and blend classic and modern elements for a unique look that will stand the test of time.

For a modern house front wall design, opt for clean, straight lines and a minimalistic approach. Smooth concrete and stone can be used for the walls to add an industrial edge. The same materials can also be used for the stonework of the frame of the house. Dark paint colors or sleek tiles can be used to give off a bold contrast against the cement and stone, creating an interesting modern style.

For interior decoration, you can opt for furniture pieces with a modern edge. The key is to keep things simple and sleek. Furniture pieces that feature sharp edges and smooth curves can add a modern flair. Also, exposed brick walls or other materials can create a unique decorative look. Lighting fixtures with a minimalistic design can also be used for a modern touch. To give a natural touch, use living plants and wooden furniture pieces.

Modern House Front Wall Design Ideas

Contemporary House Front Wall Design Ideas

Contemporary house front wall designs often possess characteristics of modern architecture while allowing more freedom with colors and materials. Contemporary styles merge elements of traditional and modern designs, offering homeowners a unique look with quirky and stylish features.

Concrete is a popular material used for the walls because it is sleek and modern. To add a contemporary touch, opt for different colors on the walls and different levels of texture. Also, add glass features for a unique design. Also, geometric shapes can be used to frame the walls and create interesting patterns. For contemporary stonework, flat and sleek rocks can be used to create a modern finish.

In terms of the interior, look for furniture pieces with both modern and traditional elements. For lighting, minimalistic pendant lights are always a great option. Also, plant walls can add a unique touch to the space and create a calming atmosphere. Lastly, add some rocky, neutral-colored textures to get a cozy but contemporary aesthetic.

Contemporary House Front Wall Design Ideas

Victorian House Front Wall Design Ideas

Victorian house front wall designs differ greatly from modern and contemporary styles. Victorian houses typically boast elaborate details such as ornamental framing, intricate patterns, and stained glass windows. These designs celebrate the past and offer homeowners a way to incorporate a classic style into their homes.

For the walls of a Victorian house, look for materials such as brick and stone. Add some ornamental features such as intricate patterns and delicate moldings. Stained glass windows can also be used to form beautiful and unique patterns. For the stonework, choose unique features such as carvings and floral shapes to add an extra touch of elegance.

For Victorian home interiors, look for furniture pieces that feature carvings and patterns. Rich upholstery choices and dark wood can also be used to create a luxurious ambiance. Colorful carpeting and decorative rugs can also add warmth and texture to the space. Dramatic features such as chandeliers and ceiling medallions can add a timeless touch to the rooms.

Victorian House Front Wall Design Ideas

Types of Front Wall Designs

Front Wall Of House Design When it comes to designing the front of your house, there is a broad range of ideas to consider. Whether you want a modern look, a rustic charm, or a classic touch, there are options to fit all styles. Front wall designs can even be constructed to blend seamlessly with your home's particular architecture and atmosphere. Some of the most popular front wall designs include:

Classical Design

Front Wall Of House Design Classical designs have been used since ancient times, and were especially popular in the Renaissance era. A typical classical look can be achieved with arches and columns that have curved lines and tall spires. Vibrant color schemes, like pink and blue, are often used to give the front wall a lavish appearance.

Rustic Design

Front Wall Of House Design Rustic designs often feature hardy materials like brick, stone, and wood. These materials create a warm and cozy ambiance, perfect for a countryside house or a cozy urban retreat. This style of wall typically consists of straight lines and open spaces, and is usually limited in color choice. Brown or gray stone is often used to give the area an earthy, lived-in look.

Modern Design

Front Wall Of House Design If you’re looking to create something sleek and stylish, then modern design is the way to go. This style uses stark lines and sharp shapes to create the perfect front wall design with a chic twist. The colors chosen for this type of design can range anywhere from classic whites and grays, to splashes of bold colors.