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Designing a home is an exciting process. Deciding on what colors, materials, textures, shapes, and styling appeals to you is the exciting part of the journey. But overlooking a key element in the process could be a costly mistake in the long run. Fortunately, there are plenty of renowned modern house designers out there who can help you make your dream home. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best famous modern house designers who have made a name for themselves in the industry.

Grant Kirkpatrick | House Designs

The Grant Kirkpatrick House Designs showcases a blend between modern and traditional art deco architecture. This exquisite display of intersecting points creates a delightful balance between modern and classic elegance. Its interior features a stunning mix of white marble floors and woodwork, creating a comprehensive visual experience that will be enjoyed for years to come. The use of curved lines and a focus on ornamentation are common features of Grant Kirkpatrick’s work, making this design a signature of the Art Deco era.

Grant Kirkpatrick

Martin Lawrence-Bullard | House Designs

While Martin Lawrence-Bullard’s work often challenges classic art deco designs and ideas, his house designs focus on a basic concept of functionality and simplicity. This unique design features a central steel frame that’s paired with a series of ornate details, both inside and out. The beautiful facade betrays an inner space full of sleek, modern features, including a sunken living room, a dual-height ceiling, and a sweeping stairway encased in a spiral steel railing.

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Frank Lloyd-Wright | House Designs

The mastercraft of Frank Lloyd-Wright is renowned for its innovative blend of architectural styles and influences. This house design is no different – its exterior is inspired by the Mayan period, while the interior is filled with natural elements, such as stone walls, wood-paneled walls, and hand-woven carpets. The curved walls and windows work together to create a unified aesthetic, creating a mesmerizing space that reflects the uninterrupted curves of Nature and creates a truly impressive and memorable experience.

Martin Lawrence-Bullard

Kem Studio | House Designs

The Kem Studio House Designs is a prime example of an art deco-inspired structure. The architecture is defined by its geometric forms and sleek lines, with a hint of the ‘Jazz Age’ to it. The entrance of the house is designed as a cube-on-cube unit, creating an escapade from the chaos of the outside world. This juxtaposition of the exterior and interior is a true testament to the innovation and boldness of the art deco style.

House Designs

Patricia Urquiola | House Designs

The work of architect Patricia Urquiola transcends regular house designs; this particular project is no exception. Its exterior is inspired by the industrial movement and modern skyline, with rivets and corrugated sites. The inside features luxe accents, such as a marble bar and brass detailing. All the rooms are connected by a darkly-coloured corridor, which adds another layer of complexity. The result is a truly unique blend of minimalism and opulence.

Frank Lloyd-Wright

Andres Remy Arquitectos | House Designs

With its curved forms and white palette, Andres Remy Arquitectos' house design is a small paradise. Centred around the main atrium, this design encases its guests with a curved interior roof, which features skylights, making for an incredible light effect during the day. The rest of the house has a contemporary aesthetic, featuring a small pool and a spacious terrace that's perfect for outdoor gatherings.

House Designs

Axel Vervoordt | House Designs

Axel Vervoordt's House Designs are characterized by a combination of traditional elements and modernity. Its soft, fluid shapes are painted with a muted colour palette and accented with copper and brass items. The rooflines create a lovely silhouette, while an arched pool or fountain provides a refreshing and luxurious element. The skylight windows emphasize the homeowner's connection to the outdoors, creating an atmosphere of peace and calm.

Kem Studio

Farrell and Clark | House Designs

With its traditional architecture and grandiose interior, Farrell and Clark’s House Designs provide a luxurious living experience. A spectacular archetecture of terraces, parade of fountains, grand staircase, and massive rooms combine to provide a memorable first impression. The interior is home to a unique mix of art deco furnishings and marble accents, providing an atmosphere of pure glamour and sophistication.

House Designs

Giambattista Valli | House Designs

Giambattista Valli’s House Designs are characterized by a delicate touch of classicism. The exterior features white marble columns and an art deco skyline, while muted colors and luxurious furnishing supply a cozy atmosphere indoors. This house design is perfect for anyone interested in a blend of artful architecture and classic colours.

Patricia Urquiola

Flato | House Designs

Flato’s House Designs have a modern and unexpected flavor to them. The main entrance is marked by a series of steel Rodrigues and covered with glass, while the interior is home to an interesting mix of curves and colors, with a warm use of upholstered elements combined with dark wood floors and walls. The result is a creative and daring display of the art deco style.

House Designs

Famed Modern House Designs From the Top House Designers

famous modern house designers

Today many house designers specialize in modern house designs that offer a modernized approach to the art of housing construction. With their help, creative ideas for different houses come to life with stunning visual representation and custom designed aesthetic appeal. As such, modern house designers create new, unprecedented designs to present homeowners with inspiringly crafted residences to behold.

World-renowned house designer and architect, Le Corbusier, is renowned for his contributions to modern architecture and house designs. Today, his designs have been featured in multiple modern house builds, ranging from country homes to luxurious resort villas. His artistic eye for beauty combines modern inspirations with a traditional essence that exemplifies different housing styles.

The Talents of Kairos Design Studio and John Lum Architecture

famous modern house designers

Kairos Design Studio is another firm for modern house designs, spearheaded by Jean-Louis Iratzoki. Their team of experienced designers are well-versed in the development and construction of stunning modern homes. Their signature style is open plan concepts for modern home interiors , by utilizing clear lines and open space that gives the entire house a more spacious environment.

John Lum Architecture is also widely known for their modern architectural designs . In addition to traditional-style homes, their signature style of modern house plans and patterns offer a wide range of visual appeal. With creative concepts and innovative structural designs, their homes are warm, inviting, and cozy.

Characteristics of Modern Home Designs

famous modern house designers

When it comes to modern home designs, the biggest characteristic is functionality. The main goal of modern house designs is to save space, use recycled materials, and make life easier for the homeowner. Other defining features of modern house designs include no interior walls, ample natural light, neutral color and design, and plain finishes for the exterior.