Best Of 63+ Gorgeous Bungalow Style House Designs Most Outstanding In 2023

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Are you looking for modern bungalow style house designs? Bungalow homes are known for their cozy charm, and lend a timeless elegance to your living space. With their main living area on one level, bungalow homes are perfect for those who want a contemporary look and feel without too much fuss. Here are our top picks for the best bungalow style house designs to get you inspired.

Coastal Bungalow Style House Designs

Coastal bungalow style houses are often characterized by their classic charm and airy, open floor plans with large windows and wide porches and decks to create an inviting and relaxing space. These homes feature a unique mix of traditional and modern design elements to create a style and experience evocative of the natural environment that surrounds them. Key architectural features may include steeply pitched roofs and dormers, board and batten siding, deep eaves, and wide decks or porches extending from the front or rear facade. Interior details may include exposed beams, built-in storage, and natural light.

The beauty of coastal bungalow style homes lies in their appreciation of natural materials that complement the environment, and their ability to capture the spirit of the place. Monochromatic color schemes, natural textures, and careful attention to details that created visual interest complete the aesthetic of these homes. Examples of coastal bungalow style house designs include the Nantucket Beach Cabin, Cedar Key Bungalow, and the White Oak Shack.

Coastal Bungalow Style House Designs

Modern Bungalow Style House Designs

Modern bungalow style house designs embrace contemporary trends and materials while remaining true to the core values of the bungalow style. These homes feature flat or gently pitched gable roofs, small scale dormers, and smaller second story balconies. A variety of materials, from wood to stucco to glass, can be used to create a contemporary and stylish façade. Interiors are often transitional in style, and feature open floor plans with plenty of natural light and modern amenities. Examples of modern bungalow style house designs include the Sausalito Bungalow, the Beachside Retreat, and the Riverview Cottage.

Modern Bungalow Style House Designs

Rustic Bungalow Style House Designs

Rustic bungalow style house designs embrace the traditional elements of the bungalow design, such as steeply pitched roofs, deep eaves, and inviting porches. However, these homes embrace a rustic, rural aesthetic, making use of natural materials and textures to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Wooden beams, exposed brick, and stone accents are often used to create a rustic yet elegant interior. Examples of rustic bungalow style house designs include the Milk Carton Cabin, the Irish Cottage, and the Mountain Hideaway.

Rustic Bungalow Style House Designs

Contemporary Bungalow Style House Designs

Contemporary bungalow style houses combine traditional elements with a more modern look and feel. These homes often feature steeply pitched roofs, with large windows and doors to create an interior visually connected to the outdoors. Interiors tend to be functional and uncluttered, with an emphasis on natural light and intentional use of texture and color. Examples of contemporary bungalow style house designs include the Mountain High Bungalow, the Sunflower Unit, and the Winter River Retreat.

Contemporary Bungalow Style House Designs</h2

The Charm of Bungalow Style House Designs

Bungalow Style House Designs There is an undeniable charm and uniqueness to bungalow style house designs . Even those who are unfamiliar with this classic style of architecture can pick up on the classic lines and beauty of the design. While bungalow style houses are not as large as their two-story counterparts, they can still have all the features you would expect in a house design.

Form Meets Function in Bungalows

Bungalow Style House Designs The classic lines of bungalow designs have become a staple of home architecture. Whether a single-story or two-story, bungalows are often designed with a combination of style and functionality in mind. The open concept layout and large windows give it a bright, airy, and inviting appeal. Meanwhile, the use of natural materials gives the home a sense of traditional authenticity.

The Porch: Embracing Outdoor Space in Bungalows

Bungalow Style House Designs Perhaps the most recognizable feature of bungalow designs is the long covered front porch. While the rest of the house design may be simplistic or understated, the porch is often the standout feature of these homes. The porch may be quite deep, with a roof that extends out past the side of the house. This style of construction creates an inviting transition between the indoors and outdoors, providing a comfortable outdoor living and entertaining area.

Bungalow Designs Appeal to Many Types of Homeowners

Bungalow Style House Designs The bungalow design is popular because it can be customizable to fit a variety of lifestyles. For instance, there are designs that can be used as a primary residence, a vacation home, or a rental property. Certain bungalow designs can be quite spacious, with three or more bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and plenty of living and storage space.

Bungalow Designs Last for Generations

Bungalow Style House Designs The lasting design appeal of bungalow houses is part of their charm. All it takes is a few updates to accommodate modern-day living, and these modest homes can remain timeless and stylish. Bungalow designs have been around since the late 1800s, and with the right updates, can appear just as fresh today as they did before.