Best Of 64+ Stunning Bungalow Duplex House Design With Many New Styles

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Are you looking for the best bungalow duplex house design for your dream home? Renovating, creating and constructing a house is no less than a daunting task. The design and layout of your space can be key to creating a comfortable and inviting home. To make the job easier, we have come up with a list of the top bungalow duplex designs that you should take into account when you plan for a new house.

Bungalow Duplex House Design Ideas for Your Home | House Designs

Do you find yourself attracted to the grandeur of an Art Deco house design? These designs can be seen in various shapes and sizes around the world, but a few timeless classics are extremely popular. Take a look at the Top 10 Art Deco House Designs and gain a better understanding of why they are so popular.

Bungalow duplex house designs embody the elegance of Art Deco architecture, offering a double-storey residence for families looking to create an instant home. Bungalow duplex designs take on a variety of shapes and sizes, along with luxurious interiors. Whether you are looking for an exquisite home or simply want to make your existing property look more elegant, you can easily find the perfect Art Deco house design.

When searching for bungalow duplex house design ideas, make sure to consider your lifestyle, space requirements, and even your budget. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a veteran home-owner, there is always a great style and design to suit your needs. A bungalow duplex house plan allows you to enjoy both your front and back yards, and at the same time, create a dramatic living space. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of unique materials, textures, and colors to ensure your custom Art Deco house design suits you perfectly.

Bungalow Duplex House Design Ideas for Your Home

Modern Duplex Bungalow House Design with 2 Bedroom | House Designs

A modern duplex bungalow house design is a fantastic choice for a contemporary couple or small family. Those seeking more space and luxurious living can consider a duplex bungalow house design that offers two storeys plus a basement.

Due to their narrow façades, duplex bungalow houses provide a great sense of privacy by using modern materials such as brick and glass to create captivating designs. By adding balconies or terraces at the exterior, the Art Deco house gets a unique touch of glamour. In addition to this, modern staircases can also upgrade your bungalow duplex house design to give it an even more luxurious look.

The beauty of the two storey duplex bungalow house design is that it offers enough space to accommodate two bedrooms, usually connected by a well-designed stairwell. By making use of the top level, you can easily create a comfortable living area, with plenty of natural lighting, and enjoy unobstructed, 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape.

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Types of Bungalow Duplex House Design in India | House Designs

India is renowned for its incredible history and diverse culture, and this is reflected through its unique architecture. When it comes to Art Deco house designs in India, the bungalow duplex house design is one of the most popular due to its versatility and flexibility.

A bungalow duplex house design in India is based on two basic forms: the North Indian style and the South Indian style. The North Indian style, or the Nagla style, is usually built with bright colors and heavy ornamentation, making it look more spectacular. The South Indian style or the Karnataka style is mainly used to emphasize the traditional values and architecture of the region.

A bungalow duplex house design in India can be built with either a single-storey or a double-storey, depending on your preferences. Many people opt for the latter to gain an extra level of comfort and security, and to provide plenty of space for entertaining guests. Additionally, some styles may include a terrace balcony, which can be perfect for relaxing on those hot summer days.

Modern Duplex Bungalow House Design with 2 Bedroom

10 Stunning Bungalow Duplex House Design Plans You Need to See | House Designs

The beauty and elegance of an Art Deco house design can be seen in countless bungalow duplex house designs across the globe. Here are 10 stunning bungalow duplex house plans that you need to see.

1. Earthy Bungalow Duplex: This plan offers a double-storey living space, complete with balconies, private terraces, and plenty of outdoor space. The design incorporates natural elements such as wood and stone, and brings in plenty of natural light.

2. The Mediterranean Bungalow Duplex: If you’re looking for a luxurious and elegant design, then look no further than this Mediterranean-style house. It features a large outdoor living area, plenty of windows and balconies, and stunning terraced gardens.

3. The Contemporary Bungalow Duplex: This contemporary plan offers a sleek and modern interior. It comprises of two living units, each with its own private patio and balcony, and has plenty of natural light throughout.

4. The Tropical Bungalow Duplex: With its use of natural materials and bright colors, this design resembles a tropical paradise. Outside, you’ll find a stunning outdoor garden and spacious terraces, while the interiors are modern and luxurious.

5. The Luxury Bungalow Duplex: This lavish design is perfect for those who want to indulge in the finer things in life. This luxurious plan consists of two living units and features a range of premium amenities, including rooftop terraces, multiple balconies, and expansive decks.

6. The Rustic Bungalow Duplex: If you’re looking for a rustic Art Deco house design, then this is the plan for you. This farm-style house incorporates plenty of natural materials, including wood and stone, and offers two living units, private terraces, and large windows.

7. The Refined Bungalow Duplex: This refined design offers sophistication and luxury with its modern and sleek interiors. This plan includes a spacious living room, two bedrooms, private terraces, and an outdoor deck for entertaining.

8. The Glamorous Bungalow Duplex: This glamorous design has a strong Art Deco influence with its luxurious and refined interiors. The plan includes multiple balconies, a grand rooftop terrace, and plenty of natural light.

9. The Modern Bungalow Duplex: This modern design includes spacious living areas and plenty of natural light. The plan also features balconies, terraces and decks with views of the surrounding landscape.

10. The Traditional Bungalow Duplex: The traditional bungalow duplex plan features a timeless design, with two living units and plenty of outdoor space. This plan includes balconies, terraces, and decks with oversized windows.

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Simplicity of Bungalow Duplex House Plans | House Designs

Bungalow duplex house plans provide brilliant simplicity combined with luxurious comfort and privacy. These plans are perfect for homeowners looking for an efficient yet stylish design. Many include separate exterior entry points for each living unit, making it more secure and private.

In terms of size, the bungalow duplex house plan offers a great variety of options. These plans are commonly found with two to four bedrooms, as well as plenty of unique features such as terraces, balconies, and separate living areas. Additionally, you can also find options with multiple patios or decks, and some may include a private basement area.

To create a completely unique bungalow duplex house plan, you can customize the major elements such as window placement, flooring, and shapes. You can also choose to install smart home systems to ensure that you can have access to all your home necessities without leaving your house.

Types of Bungalow Duplex House Design in India

Bungalow Duplex House Plans | House Designs

Bungalow duplex house plans are highly sought after due to their timeless beauty and efficiency. These house plans feature two equally-sized living units, often connected by a shared space or hallway. Additionally, each unit has its own separate entry point, making it a great choice for investors and landlords looking for rental properties.

In terms of design, the bungalow duplex house plan can take on a variety of styles. Some are based on the classic North or South Indian houses, while others feature a more contemporary touch. You can also find some exotic and luxurious designs, as well as more traditional plans. This allows homeowners to customize their house plan based on their lifestyle and space requirements.

From sleek modern designs to luxurious and glamorous Art Deco styles, you can easily find a plan to suit your tastes. Additionally, bungalow duplex house plans often include separation between the two units, providing greater privacy and efficiency.

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Bungalow Duplex House Interior Design for Maximizing Space | House Designs

The art of bungalow duplex house interior design is all about maximizing the space while creating an inviting atmosphere. Because of the two-story, duplex nature of the design, interior designers often focus on making the most of each level, while also incorporating unique and luxurious features.

For example, designers use the lower level for living spaces, such as the dining room, kitchen, and living rooms, while the upper level may include bedrooms and bathrooms. This way, they can make sure that both levels are equally utilized and remain comfortable and cozy.

When it comes to the style, bungalow duplex house interior design offers a wide range of options. If you’re looking for a traditional and classic look, you can incorporate hardwood flooring, designer furniture, and spacious dining areas. For a more modern feel, you can opt for bright and bold colors, along with sleek pieces such as glass tables and leather chairs. Additionally, you can implement unique elements such as digital art, bespoke lighting fixtures, and hand-crafted artwork.

10 Stunning Bungalow Duplex House Design Plans You Need to See

Choosing the Right Bungalow Duplex House Design | House Designs

When choosing the right bungalow duplex house design, it is important to consider your lifestyle, space requirements, and budget. Each plan has its own unique features, allowing you to tailor the house design to best fit your needs.

For instance, if you’re trying to create an efficient living space, then look for a plan that includes multiple entry points, separate living units, and plenty of natural lighting. Additionally, for those who are looking to invest in rental properties, you can opt for plans featuring balconies, terraces, and other features to help appeal to potential tenants.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to create a luxurious property, then you may want to consider a plan with grand staircases, bespoke furniture, and detailed moldings. Additionally, you can also opt for a plan with multiple balconies and terraces to enjoy stunning views of the outdoors.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bungalow Duplex House Design | House Designs

Like any other type of house design, a bungalow duplex house has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. When considering this design, it is important to understand its key benefits and drawbacks. By understanding these pros and cons, it will be easier to make the right decision and ensure that you create the home of your dreams.

Advantages: A bungalow duplex house provides great privacy. It offers separate access and exits for each living unit, allowing residents to have their own private areas and to come and go without disturbing each other. Additionally, this design is typically more affordable than other types of house designs due to its efficient use of space and materials.

Disadvantages: One of the biggest disadvantages of a bungalow duplex house is that it is not as versatile as a one-story house. You may find that certain levels are unusable due to their small size or lack of practicality. Additionally, soundproofing between the two living units is often an issue, as is the installation of additional energy-efficient smart systems.

Simplicity of Bungalow Duplex House Plans

Experience the Comfort of Bungalow Duplex House Design | House Designs

The classic Art Deco-style of a bungalow duplex house brings a timeless beauty and luxurious comfort to any home. Whether you are looking for a spacious family house or something more economical and efficient, there is always a fantastic Art Deco house plan to suit your needs.

The versatile nature of a bungalow duplex house design allows you to customize it to suit your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a modern, romantic, or traditional style, you can easily find a plan that you will love. Additionally, this style of house design is typically more affordable than other types, providing you with the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful and luxurious home without breaking the bank.

By considering all your options and selecting the right Art Deco house design, you can experience the comfort and luxury of a bungalow duplex house.

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What Is a Bungalow Duplex House Design?

bungalow duplex house design A bungalow duplex is a two-story house that shares one wall between the two dwellings, often creating a mirrored layout from floor-to-ceiling or side-by-side. Generally, bungalow duplex design is an ideal solution for a homeowner who wants to live in one side and rent out the other for additional income, or for those who want to share the living space with a family member, roommate, or tenant.

Advantages of Bungalow Duplex House Design

bungalow duplex house design Bungalow duplex designs are popular because they have a number of advantages compared to traditional single-family homes. The most obvious advantage is the efficiency of construction. Because the walls of a bungalow duplex are shared between dwellings, less construction materials are needed, and the construction process is shorter. Additionally, the owner will typically save on energy costs as the walls are already in place and the utilities can be shared.

Disadvantages of Bungalow Duplex House Design

bungalow duplex house design One potential downside of bungalow duplex designs is a lack of privacy between the two units. While there are ways to mitigate this, such as installing soundproof drywall and better soundproofing insulation, it may not be an ideal solution for those who want maximized privacy. Additionally, there must be agreements made between both tenants regarding who pays for shared utilities, and there may be upkeep and repair costs that the owner has to bear.

Creating a Bungalow Duplex House Design

bungalow duplex house design For those looking to create a bungalow duplex design, there are a lot of options out there. The most important factor is determining the individual needs of each tenant and making sure the layout meets those needs. Factors to consider include whether to have an open or closed plan, and choosing the type of materials to use and what kind of style works best. It also helps to work with an experienced architect who understands all the potential considerations of a duplex.


bungalow duplex house design A bungalow duplex house design is a cost-efficient and versatile home builder option, offering the ability to accommodate multiple tenants and generate rental income all while providing a comfortable living space. By having the right plans and the right team in place, a bungalow duplex could make for a great investment.