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Are you looking for ideas to improve or transform the way your southern home looks? If so, you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of the best 3 stories southern house designs we've ever seen that can inspire renovations and full-scale remodels. The result is an impressive showcase of southern architecture that will have you longing to design your own home improvements!

Modern Southern House Design Ideas

When thinking of Southern house designs, you may be thinking of the classic, more traditional style of homes. However, there are some beautiful modern Southern house designs that are perfect for anyone who wants to bring a modern, contemporary feel to their home. These homes still have the elegance and luxury of a classic Southern home, only with more modern twists. Here are some of the top modern Southern house designs you should consider.

First off, consider the colors of your home. The color palette for a modern Southern house should differ greatly from a traditional Southern home. Shades of white, beige, and light gray create a more contemporary atmosphere, while bold colors such as navy, deep green, and black can bring an edgier feel to your design.

Lines are an important part of a modern Southern house design. Instead of traditional curves and decorative shapes, opt for straight lines and squares. When it comes to the architecture of a modern Southern house, try to prioritize horizontal lines over vertical lines. This gives your home a sleek, contemporary look.

The interior of a modern Southern house should be bright and airy. Think of earthy tone colors and whites with natural textures such as wood and stone. Bigger windows and glass doors can help to brighten up your home and bring in plenty of natural light. Modern furniture and fixtures should have a minimalist, clean look, such as leather couches, stainless steel appliances, and modern art.

Finally, when it comes to modern Southern house design, don’t forget to decorate with some natural elements. Decorative plants and flowers are great decorations for a modern Southern home. And, depending on the outdoor space you have, outdoor pieces such as a wicker patio set or a modern firepit can help to bring a touch of nature to your modern Southern house.

Modern Southern House Design Ideas

Southern Colonial House Designs

When it comes to Southern house designs, one of the most classic styles is the Southern colonial house. This is the kind of house design you may think of when you imagine the South. These homes usually feature a symmetrical shape, multiple stories, and an overall elegant and classic look. Here are some of the elements to look for in a Southern colonial house design.

The colors of a Southern colonial house should be more muted than a modern Southern house design. Neutral and earthy colors, such as whites, beige, dusty blues, and greens, are perfect for this type of home. For accent colors, bright reds, oranges, and yellows can all add a pop of color for a classic yet stylish feel.

Architecture-wise, a Southern colonial house should usually have a symmetrical shape, two to three stories, and classic arches or columns. The windows and doors are usually paneled, and some of the most common building materials used are brick, stone, and wood.

On the inside, the main focus should be on luxury and comfort. Think high ceilings, big windows, intricate molding, and unique furniture pieces. Look to classic furniture pieces with thick, plush fabrics to provide a luxurious feel. And to add a Southern touch, decorate with candles, wreaths, and even chandeliers to give your home an elegant atmosphere.

Southern Colonial House Designs

Traditional Southern House Designs

When you think of classic Southern house designs, you may be thinking of the traditional-style homes featuring wrap-around porches and plenty of vintage decor. These homes have become iconic to the South, and they are perfect for anyone who wants to capture that Southern charm in their home. Here are some of the elements of a traditional Southern house design you should consider.

When it comes to the colors of a traditional Southern home, darker and warmer tones are usually preferred. Shades of beige, navy, brown, and deep greens, as well as classic whites, are all great options. But don’t be afraid to add a splash of color here and there to give your home a cozy, inviting feel.

Architecture-wise, a traditional Southern house should usually be two to three stories, with a symmetrical façade and a lot of intricate details. Materials typically used for this style of home include wood, stone, and brick. Additionally, wrap-around porches are usually a signature part of a traditional Southern house design.

On the inside, the main focus should be on comfort and coziness. To add a touch of classic Southern decor, consider lining your walls with framed prints and artwork. For furniture, think plush couches and oversized armchairs. And lastly, bring in some elements of nature with plants, wreaths, and candles.

Traditional Southern House Designs

The Inverted Pyramid Southern Home Style

3 Stories Southern House Designs The Inverted Pyramid is one of the most iconic home designs of the Southern United States. Known for its striking silhouette and eye-catching design, the inverted pyramid home is a hallmark of classic architecture in the South. Its dramatic lines and opulence create a statement of bold beauty and speak to the reverence for grandeur in Southern culture. The Inverted Pyramid home became popular during the mid-19th century and its influence can easily be seen in many grand homes of today. This style of house can range in architecture and materials, but usually includes two to three stories, with the highest point of the roof line being at the center of the home. Detailing on these homes includes a variety of windows, architectural accents, and grand porches usually running the length of the home.

The Dogtrot Southern Home Style

3 Stories Southern House Designs A classic design from the rural South is the Dogtrot home. This style of house was historically used to house humans and livestock, and was common amongst preindustrial owners of small farms, ranches, and sawmills. It may originate from the Spanish word “catarro”, which translates to “openlying room”. The Dogtrot style typically consists of two long, connected single-story buildings with a large open space in the center, allowing for air to pass through continuously. This style of home can also be found as two separate structures connected by a porch or breezeway. This home style was often quite functional, enabling owners to keep livestock in one building and living quarters in the other while giving the entire family a large space to congregate in -– hence the name “dogtrot”. The Dogtrot is a long-standing festive tradition in the Southern United States and is often seen today as a much-loved historical design.

The Shotgun Southern Home Style

3 Stories Southern House Designs The Shotgun home style is another common design among Southern United States residences, gaining its name from its narrow and long shape. The Shotgun house is traditionally one story, having two to three bedrooms lined up single-file behind each other. Sometimes an additional room in the front or back might be added as well. Shotgun homes typically feature low-pitched roofs, siding, and one-story porches, creating a modest and humble image. Originally designed in the mid-1800s, these homes became popular as they were easy and relatively inexpensive to construct, making them an appealing choice for many who had limited resources. Due to their narrow shape, Shotgun houses often plan out on an efficient amount of land and their charm continues to draw admirers to this day.