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If you're looking to bring a touch of Mediterranean flair to your home, look no further than this curated list of the best 3 storie Mediterranean house designs. From grand villas to tiny houses, each design and its features have been picked to give you the best home ideas for a luxury Mediterranean stay. Each house boasts of modern-day amenities with unique architectural features that offer a beautiful blend of old-world charm and cozy warmth. So discover the perfect Mediterranean house for you and make it your own.

3 Story Mediterranean House Designs with Pool|

Pool is one of the highlights of a classic 3 story Mediterranean house design. Imagine an elegant pool area with Flaocan fountain where guests can sit back and relax in the summertime. The pool itself can feature a combination of ceramic and stone tiles to give it an authentic Mediterranean look. It could also be attached to the house, with the water cascading down the sides of the house and creating a breathtaking view.

3 Story Mediterranean House Designs with Pool

3 Story Mediterranean House Plans|

The planning of a 3 story Mediterranean house design is an art form unto itself, as it requires an intricate balance of aesthetics and functionality. For example, there should not be too much of a gap between the first and second floors due to the weight of the materials being used. There should also be enough space for all rooms and kitchens to be comfortably positioned. Additionally, the planning should factor in the outdoor areas, such as the pool and patio, as these are essential components of the style.

3 Story Mediterranean House Plans

3 Story Mediterranean House Designs with Balcony|

Adding a balcony to a 3 story Mediterranean house design will give the house a sense of luxury and charm. Usually, these balconies are positioned on the upper floors, which offer a superb view of the neighborhood or even the ocean. They are also perfect spots to relax with friends and family. The design of the balcony needs to be carefully planned, as the posts, railings, and other details should blend in seamlessly with the style of the house.

3 Story Mediterranean House Designs with Balcony

3 Story Mediterranean Beach House Designs|

When it comes to the Mediterranean aesthetic, there is nothing quite like a Beach house. These 3 story Mediterranean Beach house designs feature a combination of white walls, terracotta roofs, and bright hues, all of which is enhanced by the natural beauty of the beach. Practically, these beach houses should be designed to have plenty of storage space for essentials, as well as additional rooms for when guests come to visit.

3 Story Mediterranean Beach House Designs

Luxury 3 Story Mediterranean House Designs|

If money is no object, then a luxury 3 story Mediterranean house design is the perfect choice. The materials used are of the highest quality, and many of the features are custom-made to fit the house perfectly. These luxury designs usually come with a guest house, private pool area, and additional facilities, which greatly add to the grandeur of a Mediterranean-style home.

Luxury 3 Story Mediterranean House Designs

Modern 3 Story Mediterranean House Designs|

Just because this style is rooted in the past, it doesn’t mean that it is not adaptable to modern needs. For example, modern 3 story Mediterranean house designs, can be a stunning and stylish proposition. These designs often combine contemporary touches, such as large windows and glass walls, with traditional elements, such as stucco walls and terracotta tiled roofs.

Modern 3 Story Mediterranean House Designs

Small 3 Story Mediterranean House Designs|

The size of the house does not necessarily correlate with the effect of the Mediterranean style. Even a small 3 story Mediterranean house design can deliver a stunning effect. Walls can be used to break up space, and long corridors can be added to link rooms together. Other tricks, such as making use of outdoor space, can also give the illusion of size while maintaining the unique atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

Small 3 Story Mediterranean House Designs

3 Story Mediterranean Hill House Designs|

Building a three-story Mediterranean hill house requires some additional considerations. Firstly, one needs to take into account the steepness of the hill - the design must be adapted to ensure that the house is stable and that access is easy. Also, this type of house should have plenty of warm, natural light as the hill will block out some of the sunshine.

3 Story Mediterranean Hill House Designs

3 Story Mediterranean Villa House Designs|

If you are looking for a luxurious Mediterranean-style getaway, then why not consider a 3 story Mediterranean villa house design? Many villas include amenities such as private pools, outdoor dining areas, and spacious balconies. The walls of a villa can also become works of art in themselves, as lavish frescos or murals can be used to adorn them, adding the perfect finishing touch to a classic Mediterranean villa.

3 Story Mediterranean Villa House Designs

3 Story Mediterranean Contemporary House Designs|

Contemporary can also be fused with the Mediterranean style, and this could create a stunning effect. For instance, a 3 story Mediterranean contemporary house design could feature open floor plans on the inside, along with a sleek and stylish contemporary façade. The lighting is also an important factor - modern LED strips can be used in place of traditional fixtures to give the house an extra special touch.

3 Story Mediterranean Contemporary House Designs

3 Story Mediterranean Craftsman House Designs

Craftsman is another architectural style that can work very well with Mediterranean-style houses. For instance, 3 story Mediterranean Craftsman house designs can feature an attractive combination of traditional Spanish elements and contemporary accents. Craftsman details, such as wooden columns, can be added to build a pleasing contrast, or sleek modern elements can be used to give the house a more modern look.

3 Story Mediterranean Craftsman House Designs

Designs of Mediterranean Style Houses

3 Storie Mediterranean House Designs Beautiful homes inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, with open vistas and views of the ocean, can be realized through the use of the unique and distinctive designs of Mediterranean style homes. These homes feature arches and curves, as well as an array of soothing colors and warm textures to create a timeless look that is perfect for any climate. The Mediterranean style first became popular in the early 1900s, but has maintained its appeal for generations due to its luxurious, yet comfortable look. Mediterranean style house designs provide a relaxed feel with ample opportunities for outdoor entertaining.

Garden-Style Mediterranean Home Designs

3 Storie Mediterranean House Designs A garden-style Mediterranean home design is full of bold lines and interesting angles, offering both function and form. These homes are often two stories, and make great use of their outdoor spaces, making it easy to entertain guests. Garden-style Mediterranean homes feature columned entryways, large terraces, and warm, inviting courtyards.

U-Shaped Mediterranean Style Home Designs

3 Storie Mediterranean House Designs These homes have two stories, typically with an attached garage and a garden in the center. This style works well in both low and high-end neighborhoods and creates a generously sized living area. U-shaped Mediterranean homes are designed to maximize indoor and outdoor living spaces, showcasing large windows and doors. Interiors typically include columns, arches, and tiled floors or terraces.

L-Shaped Mediterranean House Designs

3 Storie Mediterranean House Designs L-shaped Mediterranean house designs are a more classic style, featuring smooth surfaces and columnar features that are inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture. These homes are noted for their ornate roofs and traditional detailing. They often feature a courtyard or garden in the center and luxurious spaces on the outside. L-shaped Mediterranean house designs typically promote open floor plans and often see plenty of natural light during the day.

Pergolas and Patios for Mediterranean Style Homes

3 Storie Mediterranean House Designs The perfect accompaniment to any Mediterranean style home design are pergolas and patios. These structures provide a comfortable, shady retreat from the sun during warm summer days. Patios are ideal for outdoor entertaining and to enjoy the evening breeze. Pergolas are a great option for outdoor décor and often feature privacy walls to ensure that your outdoor space maintains its serenity.