Best Collection Of 73+ Inspiring 26x40 House Plan Top Choices Of Architects

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Are you looking for the perfect 26x40 house plan for your next project? Look no further! Here we've compiled a list of the top 26x40 house plan designs to help you get your home build underway. These house plan designs are from renowned home designers and feature plenty of modern amenities that make a house a home. Browse our selection and choose the perfect plan to fit your needs and your budget. Enjoy!

Mediterranean House Design 26x40 |

If you wish to construct an art deco house with a modern and timeless look,then consider the Mediterranean House Design 26x40.Inspired by the classic architecture of the Mediterranean region, this house design provides a sleek and luxurious look. It features a series of roof lines that bring out the stunning details that set this house apart from other art deco houses.

Its clean lines, muted tones, and subtly curved walls and roofs make it a perfect addition to any home. The highly sought-after house plan will be sure to impress with its remarkable features that provide an abundance of natural light. The use of decorative metal accents, such as wrought iron railings, are balanced with beautiful balconies that enhance the overall character of the design.

Inside, the house is filled with high-end details, from spacious bedrooms to beautiful bathrooms. The entire house can be comfortably and stylishly decorated with bright colors. Its 26x40 plan also allows its owners to enjoy an open floor plan, allowing for plenty of room for entertaining or just spending quality time with family and friends.

Mediterranean House Design 26x40

Craftsman House Plan 26x40 |

The Craftsman House Plan 26x40 is one of the best art deco house designs that bring modern style to an incredible level. With its classic exterior and modern interior, this house is perfect for those seeking a classic, yet timeless and elegant design. The Craftsman-style includes magnificent details and an open floor plan that provides an overall pleasant ambiance.

The warm-toned facade of the house is dominated by used brick, creating a serene and inviting feel. Along with its large windows, this house will bring in plenty of natural light that will showcase the house's interior design to its utmost effect. The front porch, with its columns and overhang, gives the house a distinct charm and an unmistakable presence in your community.

Inside, the house features high ceilings, an open-floor plan, and plenty of room for your furniture. It also provides plenty of storage in the built-in closets and storage cabinets. The 26x40 plan can be customized to include features such as an outdoor kitchen, a guest suite, or extra office space.

Craftsman House Plan 26x40

Modern House Design 26x40 |

A modern interpretation of the classic art deco house, the Modern House Design 26x40 radiates style and offers contemporary comfort. Its simplified lines and neutral colors give it a tasteful yet minimalist look. The Harrington model's long, linear windows make for a breathtaking view of the outdoors.

In the interior, its neutral tones make it possible to be creative with colors and decorations. Nowadays, modern house design trends strive toward clean lines and minimalistic approach, which is achievable in this house. With two stories, this house provides plenty of space for not only the inhabitants but also numerous guests.

The house's floor plan includes three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, while its 26x40 plan can be customized according to the owner's preference. The owner could add from a luxurious outdoor spa to a spacious and comfortable home office that will make working from home a pleasure.

Modern House Design 26x40

Country House 26x40 Plan |

For those looking for a country home brimming with charm, then the Country House 26x40 Plan will never disappoint. An homage to the art deco house, this charming home comes loaded with charm and a plethora of classic features. The facade of the house is wrapped in a rustic stone covered with ivy, creating an old-world atmosphere.

Its roof shelters a large porch that invites guests to come in and enjoy quality time. Inside, bright and airy, wide-open spaces provide plenty of room to move about and to entertain any number of guests. Its 26x40 plan allows for the addition of a large living room, formal dining room, and family room. There's also enough space to provide a lovely kitchen and breakfast area, along with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Country House 26x40 Plan

bungalow House Plan 26x40 |

The Bungalow House Plan 26x40 lends itself to a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Its classic design is accented with a pitched roof that runs the entire length of the house for dramatic effect. Its traditional layout follows a one-and-a-half story pattern with a large living area in the center of the residence.

The Bungalow's floor plan includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with a full kitchen and a room reserved for activities. Plus, its 26x40 plan can be customized to include luxurious features such as a media room or even a wine cellar. The exterior design features a large white picket fence that gives the house a timeless look.

bungalow House Plan 26x40

Small 26x40 House Plans |

The Small 26x40 House Plan is ideal for those looking to construct a simple and practical art deco house with a minimalist design. Its exterior features a simple pitched roof with a slightly extended bay window. The interesting shape of the windows will draw the eye and add an extra touch of flair to the simple and elegant design.

The interior of the house is designed around convenience and a natural flow. Its 26x40 plan includes two bedrooms and a bathroom, while the main living area can be decorated to include a living room and a kitchen. Its front porch provides a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, creating an additional area for social activities.

Small 26x40 House Plans

Tiny House Plan 26x40 |

Drawing inspiration from the art deco house movement, the Tiny House Plan 26x40is perfect for those who desire a quaint home without compromising on style. Its small size hides its true potential, givinglasting charm to anyone visiting or living in the house. The exterior features a pitched roof and long windows that add an eye-catching feature to the already adorable house.

Inside, the house offers several useful features that make it suitable for comfortable housing. Its 26x40 plan includes two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom with a tub. The cozy interior decoration and large windows add natural light, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Tiny House Plan 26x40

Log Cabin 26x40 House Plan |

For those looking for a rustic home, then the Log Cabin 26x40 House Plan is an excellent choice.Inspired by the art deco housestyle, this house offers a unique look. Its exterior facade consists of rough-hewn logs and a large front porch that will make guests feel welcomed. The double front doors open onto a large living room that seats up to eight people.

The Log Cabin's 26x40 plan also includes a generous kitchen with an island, two bedrooms, and a full bathroom. The house is filled with plenty of windows and constructed to allow for natural light to flood in. The style of the cabin provides a cozy atmosphere and a vast area for socializing.

Log Cabin 26x40 House Plan

Open Floor House Plans 26x40 |

The Open Floor House Plans 26x40 is a unique way to experience art deco houseliving. Its open floor plan invites you to be creative and to adorn the interior with furniture and objects of your own. The covered entrance introduces you to the two-story house and invites you to take a closer look at its interior.

Inside, the wide-open plan encourages movement and socializing. Its 26x40 plan includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a sitting area, a full kitchen, and a laundry room. The floors can be adorned with wooden floors or stylish tiles, giving the house an individual look. The house also offers a nice balcony, which is perfect for enjoying the view or having an additional outdoor area.

Open Floor House Plans 26x40

Ranch House Design 26x40 |

The Ranch House Design 26x40 is the perfect combination of style and convenience. Typically built with one story, this spacious house is great for a family needing plenty of room to move around. Its exterior features a classic design and a low-pitched roof, giving it a timeless look.

Inside, its floor plan offers us plenty of open space. The kitchen, living area, and bathrooms can be customized according to the owner's needs. The bedrooms also offer plenty of space for storage and utilities. The 26x40 plan also provides a lovely porch that can be used to socialize or simply spend some quality time enjoying the outdoors.

Ranch House Design 26x40

Cottage House Plan 26x40 |

The Cottage House Plan 26x40 is the perfect epitome of a classic and timeless art deco house. Its roof, painted gables, and quilt pattern create a distinctive look that commands attention. Its design features a large front veranda, which is an inviting space for those who wish to take in the view or socialize with friends and family.

Inside, the house opens up to a large openspace that can comfortably house a family plus up a few guests. Its 26x40 plan includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as plenty of storage space. Other features that can be customized include a kitchen, a home office, and a cozy living room.

Cottage House Plan 26x40

Cape Cod House Design 26x40

The Cape Cod House Design 26x40 offers a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Its symmetrical design features a steeply pitched roof, shuttered windows, and a classic clapboard siding. This design ensures that each house will be unique and different from the ones around it.

Inside, the house provides plenty of space and numerous features. Its 26x40 plan includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house can also provide a living area, a dining area, and a huge kitchen. Plus, the spacious backyard can be customized with a huge deck, an outdoor kitchen, or a private pool area.

Cape Cod House Design 26x40

The Advantages of the 26x40 House Plan

26x40 house plan The 26x40 house plan is an ideal option for those looking for something larger than a small starter home. This design offers the perfect size for a growing family and can provide plenty of space to comfortably entertain guests. With the right design touches and features, a 26x40 house plan can be transformed into a cozy and attractive home.


26x40 house plan One of the major advantages of a 26x40 house plan is the additional space. Typically, this floor plan includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area, living room and family room. This is a floor plan that allows for plenty of room to provide for a growing family. With the additional space, homeowners can easily add on extra features such as a patio or deck, creating an even larger living space.

Design Versatility

26x40 house plan Another advantage of a 26x40 house plan is its design versatility. This floor plan allows homeowners to add their own personal touches. From customizing the architecture, to adding special finishes and fixtures, a 26x40 house plan offers a variety of options for homeowners to make it their own. With this plan, homeowners can choose to create a traditional layout or opt for an open concept.

Curb Appeal

26x40 house plan One final advantage of a 26x40 house plan is the increased curb appeal. With this plan, homeowners can easily customize the exterior, from paint colors to window treatments, adding a unique feeling to the property. They can also choose to add on features such as a porch or deck, making for a great entertaining space for guests.

Take Advantage of the 26x40 House Plan

26x40 house plan The 26x40 house plan is an ideal option for those looking for something larger than a small starter home. This plan offers plenty of additional space for a growing family and the design versatility to customize the home to its owners' unique tastes. With the right design touches and features, a 26x40 house plan can provide the perfect blend of extra space and curb appeal.