Best Of 64+ Inspiring 12 Square Meters House Design Most Outstanding In 2023

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Are you looking for a simple, small and chic house design with only 12 square meters? Then you are in the right place. In this article, you will see the top 12 house designs that will make living in a small space both comfortable and stylish. These designs manage to squeeze the best out of limited space, from mini-studios for single residents to two-room homes for couples and families.

12 Square Meter Tiny House Design Ideas

Tiny house living has taken off in recent years for those who want to minimize their living space and, therefore, environmental footprint. With 12 square meter tiny house designs, you don’t have to downsize too drastically. You can still create a charming and comfortable presence into the 11’ x 10’ space – with plenty of room to move around!

When you think tiny house, you might imagine a home with less than 500 square feet, but 12 square meter houses offer a larger space to work with. This means you can spend time on the interior design, opting for an Art Deco look that is both eye-catching and luxurious. There are plenty of amazing design ideas for 12 square meter homes that can be incorporated into your tiny house.

Let’s look at some practical and beautiful Art Deco tiny house design ideas that cover a range of themes to inspire your 12 square meter tiny house build. Whether you’re looking for bright colors and modern furnishings, or classic natural elements, there’s plenty of great ideas for a 12 square meter home.

12 Square Meter Tiny House Design Ideas

12 Square Meter Small House Plan

If you’re ready to move from dreaming about a 12 square meter Art Deco house design to actually planning one, there are a few important steps to take. First, draw up a small house plan that clearly outlines the dimensions of your tiny home and where the features, such as doorways and windows, will be located. Put together all your design ideas and make sure to include the necessary utilities and appliances.

Once you have the design, your small house plan should include a list of materials needed to construct the home. If you are constructing the home yourself and staying in.a limited budget, make sure to shop around for the best prices and from reliable suppliers. Also, consider the weight of the materials you will use if you plan to make your tiny home mobile.

Lastly, determine the necessary permits and paperwork that will be required for constructing your 12 square meter home. Check with local authorities to make sure your small house plan is compliant with zoning laws. Given the increasing popularity of smaller homes, many local governments are amending regulations to accommodate more tiny home designs.

12 Square Meter Small House Plan

12 Sqm Home Design Ideas from Archilab

Archilab is a design institute in France that specializes in small home designs. Their 12 square meter Art Deco house plans demonstrate that you can create a luxuriously comfortable home in a smaller space. The modern style seen in their designs ensures proper aesthetics and Bird scale, with carefully planned use of furniture and materials.

Take, for example, their 12 square meter home plan in Paris. This tiny apartment features two distinct areas sectioned by a kitchen island. A mid-century modern sofa bed is used in the living room area to provide seating during the day and a comfortable sleeping area at night. The efficient use of slides, drawers, and cabinets in the kitchen allows the entire area to stay neat and tidy.

Another project from Archilab is their Boulogne project, where they transformed a 12 square meter attic to a well-ventilated and visually pleasing bedroom space. The Art Deco furniture and velvet sofa add a fashionable flair to the tiny space. The bedroom also provides direct access to a large terrace.

12 Sqm Home Design Ideas from Archilab

Modern Courtyard Design Ideas for 12 sqm House

Having a courtyard can be challenging when you’re living in a tiny 12 square meter house. Still, there are plenty of creative ways to add a modern courtyard to your home design. One option is to have an exterior courtyard just outside your front door. Create a harmonious environment by using lush plants and lighting accents. Moreover, you can add a modern look to the courtyard with contemporary outdoor furniture.

Make sure to also allocate enough space in your 12 square meter house plan for incorporating a mini-garden into your interior design. Organize a mini-garden wall unit to frame the living room with greenery and air plants. You can even make a small garden bed on what would otherwise be a wasted balcony space. When choosing plants for this area, opt for plants that are aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance.

Also, maximise the interior of your tiny home by using an atrium-style ceiling design. Not only does this idea create a spectacular visual effect, it also lets natural light into the interior of your home, transforming the space from cramped and dark to bright and inviting.

Modern Courtyard Design Ideas for 12 sqm House

Creative and Smart 12 Square Meters House Design

12 square meters house design Making the most out of a space can be a creative and inspiring endeavor. Designing and organizing a house of 12 square meters in size is a challenge that can be both fun and rewarding. With a few clever tricks, it is possible to create a functional and spacious home in a small amount of space, by modernizing existing design principles and making use of a creativeness and ingenuity.

Understanding How to Create Space

12 square meters house design A key element of designing a 12 square meters house is understanding how to create a sense of space in a small area. Identifying areas and walls as multifunctional zones, and creating an accommodating atmosphere, can go a long way in creating a feeling of space. Utilizing innovative and modern design techniques can help create an expansive feel in this small house.

Simple Furniture Solutions

12 square meters house design One of the essential factors of any interior design is the furniture that is chosen. Careful consideration should be exercised when it comes to selecting furniture pieces for a 12 square meters house. Oppositely, modern and adjustable furniture pieces can be a great option, providing extra storage and seating areas when necessary and being easily tucked away when not in use.

Lighting and Mirrors

12 square meters house design Amazingly, it is possible to make a room look bigger than it really is through the correct use of mirrors. It is also possible to make a small room look brighter by attaching lights to wall and ceiling areas. Not only does this create a beautiful look and feel but also brightens up the room perfectly. Specifically designed lighting solutions can be especially useful for a low ceiling, 12 square meters house.

Using Vibrant Reshapes

12 square meters house design Using colorful furnishings and vibrant accessories can help make a dull and small space look more attractive and spacious. Features such as bright walls, unique decorations, and colorful rugs can work wonders when it comes to creative, smart 12 square meters house design.


12 square meters house design To maximize the potential of a 12 square meters house design, the key is to understand how to create a sense of space in a small area. By modernizing existing design principles and using innovative furniture and lighting solutions, alongside vibrant reshapes, it is possible to create an attractive and functional home.