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Are you looking for an ideal plan to build a 1000 square meter house? We have prepared an excellent selection of the best house designs to help you make the most of your real estate. From modernistic mansions to traditional villas, these plans display that it is possible to create spacious and inviting homes without wasting square footage.

Below is our carefully crafted list of top 1000 square meter house designs. These floor plans offer plenty of room for play, work, and relaxation. With the help of the best designers, you can make sure the final product looks and works exactly the way you want it.

Modern 1000 Square Meter House Design Ideas | 600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home | 7 May 2020

Spanning 1000 square meters and designed with a modern aesthetic, house designs like this one are becoming popular all across the world. From its large central courtyard, to all the facades that line its perimeter, this house has managed to combine both classic Art Deco and contemporary elements. Its bold colors, arches, and various shapes add up to create both an eye-catching and cohesive design that is perfect for a large family or for more than one generation.

The main living area boasts an open-plan layout, allowing plenty of natural light to flood through the entire space. All the spaces have direct access to the courtyard, which can be fully enjoyed thanks to its large size. There is also a beautiful pool with a covered terrace where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

One of the house’s highlights is its master bedroom, located in its very own tower. In here, you will find a large bathtub, an expansive walk-in closet, and a luxurious terrace with amazing views of the surroundings. Additionally, the house features two bedrooms plus an office, and two bathrooms.

On the exterior, the house holds a selection of classic elements, but with a modern twist. Its symmetrical shape is framed by large arches and dazzling features like the classicism-style estrados and the wall topped by horizontal moldings. Thanks to its modern construction and design, this house also provides plenty of energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

Modern 1000 Square Meter House Design Ideas

1500 Square Foot Contemporary House Design | 600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home | 4 November 2020

This 1500-square-foot, contemporary house design successfully combines luxury and modernity. The facade presents bold architectural lines, topped by a façade that creates a grand entrance. Inside, the family room is elegantly decorated with clean lines and a neutral palette, adding a sense of luxury to the space. The living area and kitchen effortlessly blend with the outdoors, creating a perfect space for entertaining and spending time with loved ones.

The two bedrooms and two bathrooms are spacious and offer some kind of privacy. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, while the master also features a more advanced walk-in closet. There is also an office tucked away in one corner, with natural light flooding through the windows.

This house also includes a large, covered terrace that serves as an outdoor living space and a swimming pool. The terrace connects with the interior living areas, allowing for a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. The outdoor space is both elegant and comfortable, inviting for gatherings.

With an open floor plan and modern features, this 1500-square-foot house design is the perfect choice for people who want a beautiful and comfortable home without compromising on modernity.

600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home

1000 SQ FT Modern Mansion Design with Courtyard | 600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home | 17 July 2020

Featuring a fully-fledged courtyard, this 1000 SQ FT modern mansion design brings together luxury and modernity. Thanks to its impeccable floor plan, the design emphasizes air and light, allowing the home to be flooded with natural beauty. Moreover, the layout is designed to maximize space, giving it a larger feeling.

The concept behind this modern design is to create an elegant and comfortable area for the family to enjoy. Its main characteristics include open floor plans, double height living areas, and spectacular panoramic views. The living areas place special focus on entertaining, with its large kitchen and living room.

On the facade, a mix of classic elements and modern finishes makes this home design stand out from the rest. The courtyard is surrounded by beautiful landscaping that perfectly complements the modern design. Additionally, the courtyard is a great place for gatherings, providing plenty of space for entertaining.

This 1000 SQ FT modern mansion design with courtyard will make anyone feel at home thanks to its spacious and comfortable design.

7 May 2020

Small 1000sqm House Design | 600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home | 8 August 2020

Surprisingly, a lot of interesting things were able to be accomplished with just 1000sqm. this small house design is no exception. Despite its modest size, the house features all the elements you would expect to find in a larger home. Its entrance opens up to a stunning living room, which connects to the kitchen and dining areas.

The hallway seen when you enter the house leads to two bedrooms and a full bathroom. All of this is cleverly organized on the first floor. In order to take advantage of every inch of this small house, there is also an attic. Here, you can find a mezzanine floor where an extra bedroom can be added.

The main feature in this house is the central courtyard, which provides natural light to the entire space. This central courtyard is framed by glazed arches, creating an eye-catching feature with stunning views. Additionally, the exterior features a variety of textures, resulting in a Art Deco-inspired design.

This small 1000sqm house design proves that a lot of luxury and modernity can fit in a small space.

1500 Square Foot Contemporary House Design

2-Storey 1000 Square Meter Home Design with Attic | 600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home | 1 December 2020

This two-storey home design covers an area of 1000 square meters, with the attic providing even more livable space. Sitting within a beautiful garden, this house offers majestic views of its surroundings. From the exterior, you will be able to see details such as the wall with several arches and the old-style windows.

The living room has been masterfully designed, with comfortable furniture and large statement pieces. It connects to a large balcony, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.The kitchen is nothing but modern, featuring state-of-the-art amenities and enough storage space. All three bedrooms come with their own bathroom, while the attic is perfect for an extra bedroom or playroom.

This design includes plenty of natural light, thanks to its centralized courtyard that allows lots of light to come through the windows. Additionally, the garden also has plenty of space for outdoor furniture and lounge areas. Finally, the overall design of the house takes full advantage of Art Deco elements and luxurious touches, making it a perfect place to call home.

600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home

1000 SQ FT Contemporary House Design Ideas | 600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home | 8 October 2020

This contemporary house design covers a surface of 1000sq. ft and is sure to make an impression. The single-storey house allows natural light to come through its windows and arches, resulting in a brighter and airier design. From the exterior, you can appreciate the balcony with columns, surrounding the central garden.

One of the house’s highlights is its open-plan living room. Here you will find a modern fireplace, comfortable furniture, and an impressive selection of art pieces. The modern-style kitchen connects to the living room and also to the garden, and includes a breakfast bar for relaxed entertainment. Additionally, the house includes three bedrooms plus a playroom and two bathrooms.

The exterior also holds plenty of striking elements. A variety of walls that feature classic arches and windows complete the overall design. The courtyard is the main feature of the house, and it includes several points of interest like a garden shed, a bbq area, and plenty of green spaces.

This 1000 SQ FT contemporary house is perfect for those who want to achieve luxury and modernity in one.

4 November 2020

Modern 1000 SQM Single-Storey House Ideas | 600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home | 12 December 2020

This modern 1000 SQM single-storey house offers plenty of luxury and modernity. Its large open-plan living area is designed with inviting furniture and materials such as wood and marble, creating a warm and cozy ambiance. Natural light floods the space thanks to its direct access to the garden.

The house’s main highlight is its kitchen. With plenty of storage spaces and a selection of marbles and stones, it is both luxurious and practical. Also noteworthy is the master bedroom, which features a walk-in closet and a private terrace. Additionally, the house includes two other bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The exterior of this house is both classic and modern. Its architecture has adopted features from Art Deco and it also makes use of typical elements, such as the estrados with terracotta tiles. There is also a facade with several arches, framed by sculptural elements.

All in all, this house design is perfect for those who want modern luxury, surrounded by classic elements.

1000 SQ FT Modern Mansion Design with Courtyard

Front Yard Design for 1000 Square Feet House | 600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home | 30 October 2020

When it comes to house designs, the front yard is often overlooked. However, it is essential to take this part of the house into consideration when planning a design. This is why this 1000 square feet house has given special attention to the front yard.

Its exterior makes full use of classic elements and Art Deco touches, while still keeping it modern. Its symmetric shape is framed by a façade with horizontal moldings and arches. On the entrance, you will find a grand door with iron details, while an impressive selection of green spaces occupy the surroundings.

The driveway to the entrance is lined by living walls, with a variety of geometric shapes and lush plants. Creating a strong entrance to the home, these walls are perfect for enhancing the sense of a luxurious and modern house. Additionally, the front yard features a garden, BBQ area and a patio, all creating modern and inviting areas to entertain friends and family.

This front yard design makes full use of 1000 square feet, creating a modern and beautifully-designed exterior.

600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home

1000 Square Foot Simple Home Design Ideas | 600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home | 5 November 2020

Although this may seem like a difficult task, this 1000 square foot home gets it all right. Everything was cleverly planned to provide comfort and luxury while keeping it modern and clean. Starting with the exterior, the facade promises comfort and offers plenty of warmth with its combination of materials and decorations.

The beautiful entrance opens up to a spacious living room. Here, windows and doors blend beautifully with each other and furniture offers plenty of comfort and luxury. To maximize space, the kitchen is located near the living area, eliminating the need for a separate room. Additionally, the house contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The exterior of the house is just as good as the interior, offering plenty of coziness with its combination of colors and materials. The garden is also an important part of the design, with gorgeous granite benches, lush greenery, and several bushes with curved edges.

This 1000 square foot home design exemplifies modernity and luxury, in a simple and aesthetically pleasing way.

17 July 2020

1000 Square Meter Mansion Design Ideas | 600 Sq-ft 3BR 2T Modern Home | 17 August 2020

This 1000 square meter mansion prides itself for its lavish and modern design. Its façade is framed by geometric shapes, with a glazed entrance accompanied by a grand staircase. The entrance hall is decorated with personal elements, greeting you into the home.

Inside, you will find a vast living room with plenty of room for both entertaining and spending time with friends and family. The kitchen and dining area are connected to this living space, with plenty of modern amenities. The house also includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms and plenty of storage space.

On the exterior, you will find a beautiful garden with a luxurious swimming pool and plenty of outdoor furniture. There is also an outdoor terrace with an outdoor fireplace, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even on colder nights. Additionally, the house includes an impressive grand terrace surrounded by immaculate views.

This 1000 square meter mansion design is perfect for those who want to live a life of luxury and comfort.

Small 1000sqm House Design

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