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Are you considering moving into a west facing house and don't know which Telugu Vastu would be the best for you? Look no further! In this article we have gathered the best Telugu Vastu for house plans west facing, so you can choose with confidence. We have looked into the details and features of different Telugu vastu for house designs that are suitable for a west facing house. All of the vastu plans featured are spacious and comfortable, so you can make the best choice for you and your family.

West Facing House Vastu - House Designs | Vastu Sastra|

Are you seeking for unique and creative West Facing House Vastu designs? Vastu Sastra from is one of the best and pioneer when it comes to amazing West Facing House designs. With an in-depth knowledge of Vastu Shastra, they will design a perfect and suitable West-Facing House Vastu layout plan for your dream house.

The key focus for their Vastu plan lies in the principles of Vastu as well as making sure that the plan works in harmony with the surrounding nature. Some of the major points of emphasis in their West Facing Vastu plan include placement of bedrooms and kitchens based on Vastu, maintaining a proper and comfortable flow of energy through the house, direction of various aspects and optimizing the available area of the house.

If you want to get the best West Facing House Vastu plan of your dreams, then look no further and contact right away.

West Facing House Vastu - House Designs

Vastu Tips for West Facing House - Steps to consider

Planning a Vastu-friendly West Facing House sounds like an intimidating task, but with the right Vastu Tips and guidance, it can be achieved in a stress-free manner. The first and foremost step to creating a West-Facing Vastu home is to understand the basics of Vastu Shastra. If you’re a beginner, we highly recommend you consult a Vastu expert for professional advice and assistance.

Follow the Vastu tips for West facing houses as presented by for the best and proper Vastu-friendly home:

1. Make sure the main entrance is in the west direction. As the entrance is the gate or bridge for flow of energy, keeping it in an auspicious way is the foremost step to creating a Vastu-friendly West Facing home.

2. Install a copper wind chime or a conch in the main entrance for good energy in the house.

3. When it comes to bedrooms, make sure the head is placed towards the west direction for a healthy wellbeing.

4. A kitchen or dining should be situated in the south-west direction for positive energy. Make sure the cooking stove is placed towards the east direction.

5. Install a water fountain or a fish aquarium in the north or east direction for prosperity in the house.

Vastu Sastra

Vastu Tips For West Facing House or Plot | Vastu Sastra

With the right Vastu Tips for West Facing House or Plot, you can build a perfect Vastu-friendly house or office for the wellbeing of your family, business and life. Including the traditional principles of Vastu Shastra in your West Facing house plan enables to create positive energy and vibrations that bring happiness and prosperity in the house.

Leading Vastu expert suggests some of the desired changes that needs to be taken into account to turn your regular West Facing property into a Vastu-friendly home or office. Here are some of the Vastu tips that you need to consider for a West Facing House:

1. The main entrance should be placed in the West side of the plot and any other entrance should be facing north or east direction.

2. Locate or construct living room, drawing room, kitchen, bedrooms, and other rooms in the house according to their relative Vastu directions.

3. Place garden and other platforms in the south or south-west corner of the plot.

4. Always keep the bathroom and toilets doors and windows closed and don't put any trash cans, septic tanks, and electric poles near the house.

5. Place fireplaces, generators, well, or any other source of heat in the south-east side of the house.

West Facing House | Vaastu Plan | YouTube

Are looking for Vastu tips for your West Facing House? YouTube provides you with some of the best videos on Vastu tips created by renowned Vastu experts. As West Facing house involves different rules and steps as compared to other directions, there are plenty of videos available that suggest specific tips and precautions for a West Facing House as per Vastu.

From understanding the basic principles of Vastu to deciphering the various directions as per Vastu, you’ll find a host of videos related to this topic on YouTube. However, before taking any decision, make sure to corroborate the facts given by the Vastu expert in the videos with an experienced Vastu consultant.

Thus, if you’re seeking help regarding Vastu advice, make sure to go through the Vastu videos on YouTube.

Vastu Tips for West Facing House - Steps to consider

Vastu tips for West facing houses | Vastu Shastra | Housing News

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian holistic science that helps you plan and build a Vastu-friendly home or office. It offers several Vastu tips that can help you maintain the perfect harmony between the occupants and the structure of the house.

Housing News has brought you some of the best Vastu tips to help you build a perfect West facing house. Here are a few of the suggestions:

1. Always make sure the master bedroom is in the South-Western direction from the main entrance.

2. The doors should be opened outside the house.

3. Place heavy objects such as a sofa or bed in the South or West direction.

4. Avoid any kind of obstructions and bright colored walls in the East or North side of the house.

5. The garden or main entrance should be placed towards the West side of the house for maximum positive energy.

Vastu Tips For West Facing House or Plot

Vaastu for West Facing Properties | Property Adviser

Facing West Facing Properties? Want to build a Vastu-friendly home? Property Adviser is your one-stop destination for all your West Facing Vastu queries. They have a team of experienced professionals who have perfected the art of providing Vastu advice for West Facing properties.

The team assists you with all the aspects of building a Vastu-friendly West Facing house. Starting with the situation of the bedroom and kitchen, flow of energy within the house, optimization of available space and up to the directional placements, they provide a comprehensive Vastu plan that will leave you stunned.

If you want a Vastu-friendly and intelligent design for West facing properties, then get in touch with Property Adviser right away.

Vastu Sastra

Vastu for West Facing Plot / House - Gharpedia

Gharpedia is one of the leading website when it comes to Vastu for West facing plot/house. With an extensive knowledge of Vastu principles, the team at Gharpedia provides Vastu advice that has a positive and Difference Outcome for those who are building a Vastu-friendly house.

They focus on placing various elements such as bedroom, kitchen, stairs, dining room and other objects according to their Vastu directions for a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. The end product of their Vastu plan not only makes sure that the occupants of the house are in peace but works in harmony with the surrounding nature as well.

For Vastu advice for West Facing plot, contact Gharpedia right away.

West Facing House

Vastu Tips for West Facing House - My Pandit G

Looking for Vastu tips for a West facing house? Look no further and contact My Pandit G for all your West Facing House Vastu questions. They are one of the leading Vastu experts in India offering Vastu solutions that are suitable for different kinds of properties.

The team of professionals at My Pandit G understands the basic rules of Vastu and provides logical and practical advice that is tailored specifically for housing properties with West facing position. Even though they prioritize the general principles of Vastu, at the same time they also take into consideration the available resources and space of the area.

If you’re looking for Vastu tips for West Facing House, look no further than My Pandit G.

Vaastu Plan

Vastu Advice For West Facing Houses - Design Cafe

Are you in need of Vastu Advice for West facing house? Then you have landed in the right place. Design Cafe believes in providing expert Vastu advice based on traditional Vastu Shastra principles and practices. With a holistic approach to providing Vastu advice, the team ensures that its customers build a Vastu-friendly West Facing home that is full of positive and vibrant energy.

The team of experts focuses primarily on the strategic placement of different elements in the house, creating a consistent and positive flow, siphoning off bad energy, orienting the elements in a suitable and Vastu-friendly manner, and much more.

So if you’re looking for expert Vastu Advice for West Facing house, look no further and contact Design Cafe right away.


Vastu Shastra: Tips for West Facing Apartments & Houses | Design Cafe

Looking for Vastu Tips for West Facing apartments and houses? Look no further and contact Design Cafe. With a strong knowledge in Vastu Shastra principles and practices, the team from Design Cafe provides expert Vastu advice for West Facing apartments or houses that help its customers create a prosperous and blessed living environment.

From positioning the main entrance, bedrooms, kitchen, and other rooms according to their Vastu directions to orienting the stair cases, Design Cafe takes into consideration every tiny detail to make sure the occupants of the house or apartment receive maximum positivity and well-being.

If you’re looking for Vastu advice for West Facing apartments and Houses, contact Design Cafe right away.

Vastu tips for West facing houses

The Benefits of Telugu Vastu For West Facing House Plans

telugu vastu for house plan west facing For those looking for the benefits of incorporating Telugu Vastu in their West Facing House Plan , the good news is that there are countless advantages that come with doing so. This centuries-old practice is still respected and utilized in Hindu architecture and house designs. In this article, we will take a look at some of the main benefits of Telugu Vastu .

Improved tranquility and wellbeing

telugu vastu for house plan west facing Telugu Vastu principles help to create harmonious living and working spaces. It aligns the practice of strategically positioning the building with the movement of the sun, which helps to boost the energy flow. Allowing the positive energy to flow freely in your home or workspace will give it an improved feeling of tranquility, making the living and working environment more conducive for concentration, productivity, and relaxation.

Design flexibility

telugu vastu for house plan west facing Telugu Vastu principles give any designer and architect the flexibility to improve upon aesthetics and functionality. Although it recommends that the orientation of a house plan is following the cardinal directions, it also allows for space constraints and cultural influences to be considered when planning the design. This gives you plenty of creative freedom and allows you to explore many design possibilities depending on your requirements and budget.

Preservation of heritage

telugu vastu for house plan west facing Telugu Vastu assists in the preservation of architecture and house designs. By respecting this ancient practice, you are helping sustain the culture and tradition that goes into building and designing a house according to these principles. Furthermore, incorporating the use of Telugu Vastu in your new house or renovations to your existing one will make your home unique and add personal meaning to the architecture.