Best 90+ Awe-inspiring Small English Country House Design Trend Of The Year

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If you're looking for the perfect English country house design for small spaces, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll be highlighting some of the best small English country house designs available. We'll explore the characteristics of each design, as well as some of the benefits that come with their smaller sizes. Whether you're looking for something timeless and traditional or something modern and stylish, you're sure to find the perfect home among our top picks.

Small English Country House Design

This Art Deco country house design is suitable for those who want a small, picturesque cottage look with its classical English style. The small footprint of these house designs are perfect for tight spaces, while the compact house interiors can accommodate a small family quite pleasantly. Many small English country houses feature a traditional gabled roof and a classical interior design, with ornaments, detailed moldings and carved decorations.

The use of natural materials is a common characteristic of small English country house designs. Materials like wood, stone, clay, glass and bronze are the primary elements used in this type of design. In most English country houses, a cozy fireplace is a common feature that adds a sense of warmth and homeliness to the interior.

Small English country house designs require a beautiful yet modest landscape that includes a few small flowerbeds and curved pathways, along with a traditional garden with arbors and trellises. Garden furniture can include Victorian-style benches and tables, or a classic English stone table and benches.

Small English Country House Design

Small Modern Country House Design

A modern take on the small country house design, this Art Deco style incorporates old-fashioned features combined with modern style and materials. This type of house is perfect for urban settings or small lots adjacent to a body of water. The exterior of this house style is usually plain and simple, but the interior pays more attention to detail and materials.

The combination of glass, wood, steel and concrete creates a modern country house that has both a conventional and a contemporary feel. On the exterior, vertical or horizontal siding is usually used, with the trim pieces in a dark or contrasting color. Windows and doors are usually wide and large, and garage doors made of steel or aluminum are common features.

Inside, contemporary furniture and fixtures, such as low-hanging lights, add to the modern atmosphere. Open ceilings with exposed beams, and well-positioned skylights provide plenty of natural light. Polished floors and large windows are also features that give the interior a modern look and feel.

Small Modern Country House Design

English Tudor Style House Design

The iconic British style, the English Tudor home is characterized by its steeply pitched roof, tall chimneys, wall panels with bevelled edges and small windows. The walls of this house design are often made of brick and stone, and the façade usually features decorative half-timbered work with curved gables. This type of house was very popular during the Tudor period in England, and it still is to this day.

The exterior of this house usually features a combination of brick and stone, giving it a rugged, old-world appearance. With its small windows and tall chimneys, it also gives an impression of strength and protection. The interior is usually spacious and bright, and some English Tudor houses even have a fireplace in the living room.

The landscaping around English Tudor houses usually includes trees such as oak or beech, deciduous evergreens such as elm and linden, and ornamental grasses such as mondo grass. Flowerbeds with perennials such as daisies, asters and foxgloves are also common, as are stone walkways and a gazebo. An English Tudor style house design is perfect for those who wish to enjoy a timeless look with the unmistakable charm of old-world England.

English Tudor Style House Design

Small English Country House Design

Small English Country House Design Small English country homes typically share a few key features, such as a strong focus on nature, an emphasis on formal designs, neutral color palettes, and traditional Tudor styling. Interior design can significantly enhance the beauty and functionality of any house, which is why there are a variety of ways to dress up the interior of an English country house. Oftentimes, small English homes may appear to be sparsely furnished due to their smaller spaces, however, smart furniture arrangements, tasteful artwork, and stunning design elements can easily be employed to liven up a country home. When decorating a small English country house, one of the key considerations is to focus on the basics and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Furnishings such as sofas, chairs, and ottomans provide comfortable seating and also create a visually pleasing look. To create a more spacious look, investing in some multipurpose furniture pieces, such as a daybed that can be used for seating and sleeping is an excellent idea. Also, adding home accents such as area rugs, wall art, and lamps, help to enhance the overall atmosphere of the home. Furniture in English Country houses is highly individualistic, while still sticking to the traditional styling. Rich colors often play a big role in the interior design ; from royal blues and plush reds, to playful pastels, and soft browns, the right colors can make a room appear larger, while bringing a feeling of warmth to the space. Other accessories, such as fireplaces, wallpaper, and curtains, can be used to make the room feel cozy and inviting. For an extra touch of character, consider introducing some antique pieces that speak to the history of English country homes. Antique sofas, side tables, chests, and quilts can add a certain richness to the interior while still keeping the look traditional. Moreover, family heirlooms often makes the space look more personal and timeless.

How to Organize the Furniture

Small English Country House Design Furniture arrangement is key to achieving the desired look in a small English country home. To create a traditional yet modern look, try to use furniture pieces that are not too bulky or heavy, and opt for smaller furniture with clean lines. In addition, make sure to leave enough space around the pieces of furniture to allow for easy movement, so that the room does not look cramped or overcrowded. Finally, make sure to position furniture close to the windows or wall, as this will help to create the illusion of a larger space.


Small English Country House Design Small English country houses can easily be transformed into a stunning home by utilizing interior design. By focusing on traditional styling and neutrals colors, and humbly incorporating antique pieces, your small English country house can be made into a cozy and inviting living space. With the addition of comfortable furniture, tasteful artwork, and a few decorative elements, a compact home can appear fresh and airy.