Best Collection Of 79+ Stunning Pinterest Duplex House Design With Many New Styles

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Are you looking for some top-notch duplex house designs to add to your Pinterest board? Here is a list of the best duplex house designs compiled from around the web. From symmetrical layouts to creative interiors, you will discover top-of-the-line designs and some useful tips that will help you on your journey of creating your dream home.

Modern Duplex House Design | Interior | Exterior | Plans

Modern duplex designs come with a host of attractive features to match the ever-evolving home design trends. The exterior of these houses is Asian-inspired, complete with minimalistic design, natural stone accents, as well as combinations of wood, brick, and metal. The interior of a modern duplex usually features economic yet efficient use of space. The walls can be decorated with various colors, tiles, and art work. Natural or recessed lighting fixtures finish off the elegant look.

Modern Duplex House Design

Beautiful Duplex House Design | Architects | Plans | Ideas

A beautiful duplex house design is one that is balanced and harmonious. Architects can specialize in this style of home to ensure that both the inside and outside of the house remain aesthetically pleasing. The use of natural materials like bamboo, timber, and stone can transform a dull space into a visually stunning eco-friendly dwelling. The layout of the utility rooms and the aesthetic of the furniture also contribute to the beauty of the second unit. The additional use of water-friendly landscaping and xeriscaping to reduce the lawn area ensures the character of the house remains consistent throughout.


Elevated Duplex House Design | 2019 | Plans | Ideas

An elevated duplex house design has become increasingly popular in 2019. This type of duplex will provide the advantages of single-story living while allowing the second-floor unit to have views. An important feature of this design is the stairwell connecting the two levels. The second floor can either have its own entrance, or it can be accessed through the first-floor entry. The exterior of such houses is usually crafted with a mix of wood, stucco, and brick for a classic look. The interior of such a house is usually modern, with large open spaces and sliding doors to separate living and dining spaces.


Tiny Duplex House Design | Inside | Outside | Interiors

When property owners need more space but don't wish to spend too much land area, tiny duplex house designs can be a good option. The tiny house movement has gained immense popularity in recent years, with many bringing the concept of sustainable, small-space living to life. These duplexes usually come with two tiny residences, with the living areas often combined and used as one big room. The exterior of a tiny duplex usually consists of wood or metal siding, with larger windows to let in more natural light. Interiors are usually limited in size and color, but they can be dressed up with vintage-style or modern furniture for a cozy atmosphere.


Duplex House Design Ideas | Home | Building Designs | 3D

Duplex house designs offer a lot of creativity. The 3D imaging of these houses has increased demand for more innovative design ideas. Many duplex house designs include inverted D-shaped wings combined with a vertical elevation that creates plenty of space in the interior. Duplex house designs like these make it possible to create an up-to-date interior with plenty of natural light and space for modern furniture. The exterior of such houses usually have a mix of brick and stone walls or a unique mix of cement and metal siding.

Beautiful Duplex House Design

Small Duplex House Design | Structure | Elevations | Plans

Small duplex house designs are ideal for young families or first-time home buyers. They are usually much smaller than regular duplexes, and they come with a variety of features depending on the design. Some small duplex house designs come with two separate units, while others are built with one side serving as the main living space, and the other side used as a rental or guest house. The size and shape of small duplexes differs depending on the design, but typically they are built with wood and cement materials, and they usually include one or two floors.


8 Marla Duplex House Design | Images | Pictures | Plans

An 8 marla duplex house design can be customized in a variety of ways. Homeowners can choose from different styles and designs to create a unique housing space. Builders also offer a wide range of materials for the exterior, from wood, brick, stone, and stucco, which can also be customized with unique colors and design patterns. Generally, the first floor includes a living space, a kitchen, and the main bedrooms, while the second floor usually consists of bedrooms, a bathroom, and stairs connecting the two floors. All of the rooms in this type of duplex are usually open plan and utilize the space efficiently.


1 Kanal Duplex House Design | Traditional | Modern | Plans

1 kanal duplex house designs come in many forms, the combination of a traditional and modern outlook, or the mostly classic motifs like in Pakistani and Gulf states' designs. The architecture for such houses usually consists of arches of varying sizes, large windows, and sometimes a combination of terracotta and white colors for the walls. Loggias, delightful little balconies, and archways offer relief from the atmosphere inside the house, and the patios provide an excellent space for relaxation and recreation. Such duplexes are often built in the L-shaped or even U-shaped format, with the upper and lower units clearly visible from the outside.


Duplex House Designs in India | Interior | Exterior | Pictures

Duplex house designs in India have evolved a long way, ever since urban living began. Designers and architects working in India have incorporated a combination of both eastern and western styles and mixed that with traditional native craftsmanship to create unique, eye-catching designs. The majority of duplexes in India have a front and back double-story portions, with the upper one having a slightly higher roof than the lower. The interiors also typically have painted walls in fuchsia, pearl, and beige, along with wooden beams, bright yellow LED lighting, and an open plan design which is ideal for small apartments.

Elevated Duplex House Design

Single Floor Duplex House Design | Living Room | 31' x 55' | Ideas

A single floor duplex house design offers a great deal of convenience and no need for struggling up and down flights of stairs. The 31’ x 55’ layout of this type of house offers plenty of space for a living room, a full kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a utility room. The house itself can be built in a large variety of methods to ensure that all of the desired features are available. For example, wooden accents may be used to give the house an antique look, or different stone and metal exteriors can be implemented to give the house more of a modern feel.


Admire The Beauty of A Pinterest Duplex House Design

pinterest duplex house design When it comes to the luxury of modern residential houses , Pinterest duplex house design is among the popular ones. Its unique layout and contemporary style are one of its many appealing features. The structure of a duplex house allows you to have two different living spaces in the same building, which is perfect for families that need more space yet want to stay together. To create a Pinterest duplex house design, you can take advantage of the free home design templates available in the website. These templates come with pre-selected features such as wall pattern, window framing, doors, and other elements which can be edited to suit the overall look and feel you want to achieve. This will make the entire design process easier, so you can focus on making sure all of the functionalities of the house works well. Additionally, when it comes to the interior space of a duplex house, you can choose from a wide selection of modular cabinets and drawers to equip each room and make it easier to organize. The cabinets are perfect for providing extra storage space that helps you avoid clutter and keep everything organized. Furthermore, this design philosophy is perfect for interior designers who want to use their creativity to make every room look unique and appealing. When you’re done with your Pinterest duplex house design, you can create 3D visuals to visualize how the entire finished product will look. This will provide you a glimpse into how your home design project can turn out, and if there are any adjustments and adjustments that you may want to do. Decorating your Pinterest duplex house is simple and easy. You can purchase a variety of furnishing items such as sofa sets, tables, and chairs for each room, according to the style you wish to achieve. The beauty of this type of design lies in the fact that you can mix and match to create an individualized style that fits your personality.


pinterest duplex house design Pinterest duplex house design is an ideal solution for those looking for spacious yet aesthetically pleasing homes. With its modern style and customizable features, it is an excellent choice for families who want to maximize the quality of their living space.