Best Of 63+ Awe-inspiring Greek Revival Colonial Style 1 Story House Designs Most Outstanding In 2023

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Just in time for the summer season, we have compiled a top list of 1-story Greek Revival Colonial style houses that are perfect for dream homes! Whether you're looking for a customized classic or a rugged character-filled house, you'll be sure to find the style and features that fits your needs. Discover the best Greek Revival Colonial house designs, all in one place, for your convenience!

Greek Revival Colonial Style 1-Story House Design

This stunning Greek Revival Colonial Style 1-Story House Design is quickly becoming one of the most popular, in-demand design styles today. Combining elements of classic Greek architecture with modern flair, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home. With its iconic columns and impressive roof lines, this single-story design is an ideal choice for those looking to modernize their property. Whether you're building a brand new property or just renovating an existing one, Greek Revival Colonial Style is an ideal solution for a stunning home.

The key features of this Greek Revival Colonial Style One-Story House Plans include a sleek exterior design that is sure to turn heads. Traditional columns and detailed frescoes adorn the facade, creating a timeless look that will never go out of style. Inside, striking features such as high ceilings and an open-plan layout add to the grandeur. With ample space for entertaining, it's easy to envision having friends and family over for dinner or just simply enjoying a peaceful evening at home.

This Greek Revival Colonial Style Single-Storey Home Designs also offers premium energy efficiency. Traditional Greek architecture of the past has been refined and improved to include the latest in green technology. Building materials such as insulated glass, stone and metal will help to keep your energy bills low, as will the proper insulation and energy-efficient appliances. Additionally, you can choose to install sustainable energy-producing methods such as solar or wind turbines for an eco-friendly energy source.

For those who desire a classic look, this Classic Greek Revival Colonial Single-Story Home Building Plans is perfect. While still maintaining a strong traditional feel, the clever use of modern materials and design elements will add sophistication and class. Interior spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms have been updated with modern touches. For example, cabinets and fixtures are crafted from natural materials such as wood, marble or granite. Countertops are sleekly curved for an updated look.

This Elegant Greek Revival Colonial One-Level Home Builders' Plans includes a wide variety of features and options for customization. With a wide range of colors, finishes, and materials to choose from, you are sure to create a truly unique home. You can also customize the interior and exterior spaces to add functionality and personality to your home. With a little imagination and a few simple changes, you can transform this home into one of a kind.

For those who desire something more eye-catching, this Eye-Catching Greek Revival Single-Story Colonial Home Building Plans is a great option. The bold lines and bright colors make this style stand out against its muted surroundings. Window treatments can be customized to ensure maximum natural light is allowed in while still providing privacy. The bright colors will also draw the eye from one space to the next. Additionally, this style includes ventilation options that are both stylish and practical, ensuring the indoor air quality is kept at its optimal level.

This Attractive Greek Revival Single-Storey Home Design Plans has a lot to offer those looking for a refined and timeless style. The traditional elements, such as the columns and elaborate frescoes, evoke a sense of opulence and awe. Whether you are wanting a classic look or something more modern, this design will be sure to make a statement.

For those seeking a more modern look, this Stylish Greek Colonial Revival One-Level Home Design Ideas may be the perfect option. Utilizing sleek lines and minimalistic elements, this style will bring a modern touch to your home. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, this design will help to create an inviting atmosphere. The use of glass and metal will bring a contemporary edge to the property, while still maintaining a traditional touch.

For those who like a bit of drama, this Stunning Greek Colonial Revival Single-Story House Designs will not disappoint. The tall columns and intricate frescoes create a sense of grandeur and sophistication. This house is sure to make an impressive statement and impress your neighbors. Many of the features can also be customized, such as window treatments and materials for the interior and exterior.

Greek Revival Colonial Style 1-Story House Design

Creating an Ideal Greek Revival Colonial Space

Greek Revival Colonial Style 1-Story House Designs When exploring Greek Revival Colonial style 1-story house designs, it's important to keep in mind how the layout will create an ideal and inviting space. Incorporating symmetrical windows , columns , and arches into the design establishes an elegant look, while still providing a functional layout. When considering architectural details outside the home, balustrades or rails work well if the space has a balcony, while traditional cornice elements frame the other outer architecture of the home, providing subtle embellishments.

Importance of Proportion

Greek Revival Colonial Style 1-Story House Designs Another important element to create the perfect Greek Revival Colonial space is the proportion of the building . If care is taken to get the dimensions and scale of the design just right, it will create an attractive design throughout. This is achieved by taking elements of a traditional Greek Revival Home, such as gable ends, portico entrances, and mantels, and scaling them to fit the overall size and shape of the home. It’s also important to create a pleasing balance between the interior and exterior elements , in terms of colors, textures, and materials used.

Color Schemes That Enhance the Look

Greek Revival Colonial Style 1-Story House Designs Many classic Greek Revival Colonial homes are painted in soft and muted tones like pastel blues, sage greens, and creams. For bolder looks, dark navy, deep rust, and hunter green are all popular color choices. Darker colors are best used in places where the light is more limited, such as a hallway or entryway. Additionally, pairing classic colors with warm wood tones can also create stunning visuals and reinforce the look of the home.

Unique Finishing Touches

Greek Revival Colonial Style 1-Story House Designs Finishing touches help bring the whole Greek Revival Colonial style to life. Consider adding a decorative chimney cap , patterned wallpapers, or moulding to create an effective visual statement. Many homeowners choose to install a chandelier or pendant lighting in the foyer or the stairwell to add an extra touch of character to the space. Greek Revival Colonial style 1-story house designs are timeless and elegant, offering both convenience and charm to the modern homeowner.