Explore 83+ Impressive Chicken Laying House Design Voted By The Construction Association

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Are you a poultry keeper who wants to maximize egg production? Choosing the right chicken laying house design is essential for keeping a happy, healthy flock. This list contains the best chicken laying house designs on the market that not only offer a great space for your chickens to lay eggs but also provide ample safety, comfort, and easy access for egg collection. Whether you choose a prefabricated chicken house or design your own custom coop, this list of top coop designs will help you find the perfect living space for your chickens!

1. Small Chicken House Design

A small chicken house design can provide the perfect home for your pet chickens. Built with an Art Deco flair, this simple structure will fit into any garden plan. This is an ideal structure if you have limited space, or if backyard chickens are new to your home. The design allows for air flow and ample ventilation thanks to the many windows and door. A small roof overhang also incorporates a modern look by adding texture and color contrast.

Small Chicken House Design

2. Egg Laying House Design

Egg laying house designs are perfect for those looking to raise chickens for their eggs. Art deco designs can provide an ideal blend of spaces for the hens to lay eggs, as well as providing a safe and secure space for the birds to live. These types of house designs can be customized to maintain the traditional style, or to include more modern touches. Many of these designs also feature an open floor plan, with larger sections designed for larger breeds of hens.

Egg Laying House Design

3. Diy Chicken House Plans

For those looking for an affordable way to build their own chicken coop, diy chicken house plans are an excellent option. Art deco plans are ideal as the style allows for a lot of customization. They can be customized to incorporate all the feeders and waterers needed, and to provide a safe and secure space for the birds. These plans are also great if you need to make specific layout or design changes to fit specific needs.

Diy Chicken House Plans

4. Sturdy Chicken House Design

A sturdy chicken house design is an ideal choice for those who want to build a coop that will stand the test of time. Art deco houses are designed to last, with most designs combining mathematical precision with modern materials such as metal and concrete. The designs can be altered to add adaptations for the changing weather, as well as providing specific nesting and sleeping areas for the birds.

Sturdy Chicken House Design

5. Backyard Chicken House Plans

Backyard chicken house plans are an ideal way to design a coop suited to the specific needs of a backyard chicken coop. Art deco designs are perfect for this application, as the style provides enough room for the birds to roam and establish their own territory without becoming overcrowded. This style is also great for those who need to incorporate multiple egg-laying roosts, brooding boxes, and other necessary elements.

Backyard Chicken House Plans

6. Prefab Chicken House Designs

Prefab chicken house designs are a great choice for those who want to add an elegant and unique look to their coop. Art deco designs are a good option because they provide a combination of modern and traditional elements, as well as a timeless style that will never go out of fashion. These designs are also available in a wide variety of sizes, with some providing enough space for up to 30 hens.

Prefab Chicken House Designs

7. Modern Chicken Coop Designs

Modern chicken coop designs are perfect for those who want to build a coop with an updated look. Art deco designs offer plenty of benefits, such as creating a cohesive look for your chicken house, while incorporating eco-friendly and animal-friendly materials such as recycled plastic and reclaimed wood. Modern chicken coop designs also allow for a range of customization options, allowing you to build something unique and tailored to your specific needs.

Modern Chicken Coop Designs

8. Free Printable Chicken House Designs

For those on a tight budget, free printable chicken house designs are a great option. As they are usually designed with a modern art deco flair, they look great and provide plenty of room for your chickens to roam. Most of these plans also come with detailed instructions on how to build the chicken house, as well as a list of materials and tools required to complete the project correctly.

Free Printable Chicken House Designs

9. Chicken Racking House Designs

Chicken racking house designs are a great choice for those who want to provide their chickens with protection while allowing them to enjoy the outdoors. An Art deco design can provide ample space for the birds to nest, feed, and sleep in, while also offering plenty of variety and color. By including decorative elements such as stained wood, customization options, and other elements, a well-designed chicken racking house will stand the test of time.

Chicken Racking House Designs

10. Chicken Cottage House Design

The chicken cottage house design is a great option for those looking for a more traditional style. This style provides a cozy place for the birds to sleep and nest, as well as a charming exterior to show off the house. Art deco designs are perfect for this type of house, as they can include a variety of features, from stained glass windows to ornate door handles. This style can also provide a safe and secure space, while also providing a unique and eye-catching look.

Chicken Cottage House Design

Design Components for Chicken Laying House

Chicken Laying House Design When designing a chicken laying house , there are several factors to consider and components that must be incorporated in order to produce optimal output. An ideal chicken laying house should comprise of well-constructed nesting boxes, comfortable roosts, feeders, and waterers. Additionally, the house will need to be placed in a spot that enables the chickens to have access to free roam and forage, so that they receive the necessary nutrition they require.

Introduction to Nesting Boxes

Chicken Laying House Design The primary quailty of an ideal chicken laying house is the arrangement of the nesting boxes . Appropriate nesting boxes enable the chickens to lay eggs in a safe environment, free from predators or parasites. Constructing the nesting boxes correctly is essential for producing quality eggs, as well as ensuring the comfort of the birds.

Types of Roosts

Chicken Laying House Design An important component of constructing a chicken laying house is erecting roosts in the house, which are typically made of wood and vertical in design. They provide the chickens with a comfortable sleeping experience, and give them a sense of security. Furthermore, the height and orientation of the roosts allows the chickens to feel safe, particularly at night.

Feeders and Waterers

Chicken Laying House Design Feeders and waterers are also important elements of a chicken laying house. They should be placed in a spacious part of the house so that the chickens can easily eat and drink. These components should be hygienic, and should be arranged such that they are easily accessed by the chickens. Cleaning the feeders and waterers regularly is also essential for preventing the spread of disease among the chickens.