Explore 100+ Breathtaking 970 Square Feet House Design For Every Budget

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Are you looking for the best 970 square feet house design to purchase? There is no need to look further because we've gathered the top designs specifically for you. We have searched for the perfect size for your house, offering designs to fit a comfortable but unique style. Our list not only shows the best 970 square feet homes that are available, but also the styles that are most sought after.

Under 1000 sq. ft. House Designs | The House Designers

If you’re looking for Art Deco house designs that are stylish and small, The House Designers are definitely worth checking out. Known for their dedication to crafting unique designs that embrace minimalism, The House Designers provide floor plans uniquely sized at 1000 square feet or less. Romantic and linear, their Art Deco takes on smaller spaces continues to capture the imagination.

In this collection, you’ll find two-storied wonders that balance form and function, all within the range of 1000 square feet. Perfect for the modern urban dweller, these designs make clever use of doors, windows, and walls to maximize space.

Then, there’s the classic cottage that offers the feeling of a cozy, lakeside retreat. Aimed at bringing the outdoors in, the exterior may provide a charming Art Deco flair whereas the interior focuses on the effervescent nature of the architecture.

If you’re keen on making a statement with your Art Deco house, The House Designers may have the perfect design for you.

Under 1000 sq. ft. House Designs

Designs of Homes Under 1000 Square Feet | Home Guides | SF Gate

Finding Art Deco inspired house designs that are suitable for those on a strict budget is no longer a hopeless case. Home Guides | SF Gate, for instance, provide a varied selection of designs that are tailored to living efficiently in 1000 square feet or less.

These designs have a particular focus on simplicity and spared no expense to maximize the liveable space. With clean straight lines that lean toward modernism, the homes have an airy feeling that works well for the urban homeowner. The living spaces are also well integrated with the fashionable kitchens and bathrooms.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the designs are also very mindful of contemporary living. Designed to be energy-efficient, the homes are equipped with air conditioning units that run at a fraction of the cost of its predecessors.

So, whether you’re looking to make an impression on your neighbours or save a few bucks on your utility bill, Home Guides | SF Gate have you covered.

The House Designers

7 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Home | HGTV

If you’ve ever gotten stuck living in a tiny house without square footage to spare, you’ll definitely appreciate this. HGTV explains seven genius yet simple ideas that will help you get the best out of a small Art Deco home.

Starting with label stickers, it’s a low-cost way of adding clarity to containers so anyone can find what they’re looking for. Then, storage goals become achievable with the use of multi-level drawers and cubby containers for small, everyday items.

Wall organizers can also transform a blank space into a neat and pretty useable storage area. A good way of also keeping things off the floor, these designs usually come with shelves, draped pockets, and racks.

With HGTV’s ingenious storage ideas, transforming your home into the stunning Art Deco masterpiece of your dreams doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Designs of Homes Under 1000 Square Feet

5 Affordable Modern Prefab Houses You Can Buy Right Now | Curbed

Prefabricated houses are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people turn away from conventional builds. Curbed highlights several homes that provide modern designs that are also easily accessible for most people.

Cwoman Architect, as an example, highlights the advantages of their modular homes paired with wall-sized windows. For those looking for affordable living, the Passivehaus construction systems optimize energy efficiency to keep costs to a minimum.

Then, there’s the Ma Modular. Established in 1986, this designer keeps sustainability and affordability front and center with their Art Deco inspired designs. On top of that, you have the Clearen Prefab, offering chic houses with beautiful layouts that feature a retractable ceiling and floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

Whether you’re a fan of Hot Modern or the classic revival of Art Deco, Curbed provides a fantastic selection of prefab homes.

Home Guides

8 Gorgeous Small Homes That Live Large - Forbes

Size doesn’t always matter and Forbes is here to prove it. On their list of “8 Gorgeous Small Homes That Live Large”, you’ll find a collection of homes oozing with Art Deco inspired chic designs that turn tiny spaces into something comparable to gigantic mansions.

Drenched in sophistication, these homes utilize integrated designs and custom-built pieces to maximize their interiors. Subway tiels, intricate moldings, and wooden accents come together to create a comfortable atmosphere tailored to the homeowner’s tastes.

The collection also provides minimalistic approaches that take modernism in an entirely new direction. We’re talking intricate patters across the walls and floors, which are always in perfect sight for the greatest effect.

Forbes does a great job of showing us all just how much we can get out of our small spaces, all without compromising on style.

SF Gate

Living in 950 Square Feet | Apartment Therapy

Living within 950 square feet may not sound attractive but Apartment Therapy beg to differ. Focusing on a particular Art Deco inspired home, they’ve provided a tour that reeks of stylish Modernism.

The entrance has a strong statement with its bold black doors and walls with the bathroom following suit with its all-white palette and intricate brown tile patterns. Also, the living room shows some clever utilization of space, making it the perfect spot for socializing.

The kitchen, like the others, does not disappoint, with models and lines that remain consistent with the theme, all while remaining practical for the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Showcasing the magic of small living at its best, Apartment Therapy’s overview of an Art Deco home is a great read.

7 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Home

10 Smart Design Ideas for Small Spaces | HGTV

Having a small home doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence. According to HGTV, there are loads of tricks you can use to make any small space look and feel larger while still keeping it true to your Art Deco theme.

To begin with, you can sofa and sectional sofas and other pieces of furniture to stuff into tight corners. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can go for tall and thin armoires (to provide extra space for closets), sleek wall units (to negate the need for chunky furniture) and glass tables (which appear to take up little to no space).

And, if you’re looking to make your walls look even more fashionable, you can add accents with area rugs, wallpaper, shutters, and sconces. Finally, instead of picking an Art Deco colour scheme, you can opt for a monochromatic palette to make the walls appear more distant.

With HGTV’s fantastic list of design ideas, your small Art Deco home is sure to be without any sort of limitation.


8 Unique Small Home Plans to Suit Your Needs - Associated Designs

Small homes can present unique plans to fit your needs and Associated Designs understands this. On their website, they present a variety of images that capture the nuances of living within a small space.

In their selection, you’ll find houses with designs that feature two-story buildings that are fitted with an interior balcony for a more open floor plan. Then, there’s a Tempe home that challenges ideas of traditional living with gables that sport a quasi Art Deco style.

If that’s not enough, they also have models that offer space for a lower level ideal for a chill-out area, media room, or wine cellar.

Small homes don’t have to be boring and Associated Designs proves this with their designs which add grandeur to the idea of compact living.

5 Affordable Modern Prefab Houses You Can Buy Right Now

Small House Bliss | Small house designs with big impact

For those searching for a unique approach to the Art Deco style, Small House Bliss has the goods. On their site, they feature small houses from the sublime to the extraordinary.

One example is the Chalet Klein house, located in Germany. As a perfect example of the genre, the house showcases a wide front façade along with a balcony for more space to enjoy the outdoors. As an added benefit, the entire face of the house flips up and out to create a covered terrace.

Then, there’s the Bardenas House in Spain which stands as a monument to the fusion of traditional and modern. The stonework reveals the roots of the house while the interiors embraced a modernistic approach to its decor.

Equal parts eccentric and classic, Small House Bliss present homes with structures that use the Art Deco style to amazing effect.


10 Inspiring, Tiny Houses in Photos | HowStuffWorks

Sometimes, bigger doesn’t always guarantee a better experience. HowStuffWorks has discovered this through the tiny Art Deco homes scattered across the globe.

To begin with, there’s the bohemian holiday home in the Mountains of Portugal. This home, while complete with a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and a garden, also features an additional 200-foot-long balcony designed to bring nature in.

You also have Sheltr’s glamping hut in the Netherlands. This innovative home is complete with a fold-up bed and polycarbonate walls that provide a unique camping experience.

HowStuffWorks shows us the beauty of travelling while still getting the chance to stay in fashionable Art Deco homes.

8 Gorgeous Small Homes That Live Large - Forbes

Discover the Beauty in 970 Square Feet House Design

970 square feet house design

A 970 square feet house design can be a great choice for a range of needs, from a cozy starter home to extra living space. After all, it gives you plenty of room to work with, both from inside and out. Whether you’re looking to get creative with the floorplan for efficiency or just add a touch of extravagance to your outdoor space with an elegant front porch, this type of house design has plenty to offer.

A Roomy Interior with Versatile Layout Options

970 square feet house design

Configuration options with a 970 square feet house design allow for a lot of creativity and flexibility no matter what type of space you’re trying to create. The interior of the house allows plenty of room for bedrooms, bathrooms, a living area, and even a kitchen, and you can take advantage of the space by adding small niches and storage options where you need them. As a result, a 970 square feet house design is perfect for any type of family or living situation.

Make the Outdoor Space Yours

970 square feet house design

Not to be outdone, the exterior of a 970 square feet house design also offers plenty of opportunity for customization. While its size obviously differs from a larger house, you’re still able to add a bit of flair with a spacious front or back porch, depending on your preferred design aesthetic. If you’re thinking about expanding your outdoor living space, opting for a 970 square feet house design is a great way to make the most of your area without going too overboard.

Unique Potential for Every Buyer

970 square feet house design

Whatever your needs or desires may be, a 970 square feet house design has something to offer for everyone. With its flexible floor plan and room to customize both indoors and out, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your living needs whether you’re a young couple looking to make the most of a starter home or a family looking to upgrade to a bigger property.