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Are you looking for the ideal 45 X 50 yards house design? Whether you are trying to find an aesthetically pleasing design for a small family, or a sophisticated and elegant look for constructing your dream home, this article is here to help. We have compiled a top list of the best 45 x 50 yards houses designs, providing a variety of styles and amenities to suit all tastes. From modern to contemporary, budget-friendly designs to luxurious options, we have the perfect house design for you. Read on to discover the best 45 x 50 yards house designs.

45 x 50 Yards Modern House Design

Modern house designs are for those who prefer to keep their homes’ construction simple and minimalistic. This type of house design makes use of sleek and clean outlines and is typically dominated by two or three predominant colors. With floor plans that focus mainly on square or rectangular shapes, modern designs make use of natural lighting to keep their interiors bright and airy.

With 45 x 50 yards, this particular design features a well-balanced mix of empty outdoor space as well as interior spaces that are well-suited for a modern family. It provides the perfect spot for relaxation with a huge outdoor area with pool and a large deck and a separate patio at the side. The interior is organized in a neat and practical manner with a neat hallway leading to the large master bedroom, as well as two kids’ rooms and a spare room.

In terms of style, this house is marked by plain lines and simple shapes which work together to give the house a very modern feel. On the interiors, generous amounts of white have been used to match the outdoor theme. On the floors, grey tiles have been used throughout along with plenty of wood to bring warmth into the bedroom.

45 x 50 Yards Modern House Design

45 x 50 Yards Single Story House Design

Single story house designs are great for smaller lots of land with dimensions of 45 x 50 yards, specifically. As the name implies, a single story structure is one which has only one level and contains all of the necessary rooms within the single story. This allows homeowners to save enormously on a variety of construction costs related to the building of separate stories.

In terms of space, a single story structure occupies a much smaller footprint as compared to its two story counterpart. As such, this particular house design utilizes the space available to give the occupants all of the facilities that they need in a compact yet efficient manner. Everything from the kitchen and dining room, to the living area and bedrooms, has something for everyone. Furthermore, the outdoor patio and deck make for great spots for family gatherings.

The design of this single story house is much simpler than that of its modern two-story variant. The exterior is dominated by clapboard siding in a taupe hue with contrasting accented hues. A steeply pitched gabled roof also gives the house a traditional yet modern look. Most of the interior is decorated with neutral shades and natural elements such as wood and stone that bring in a sense of warmth.

45 x 50 Yards Single Story House Design

45 x 50 Yards Two Story House Design

Two story house designs are best suited for larger plots of land that measure 45 x 50 yards. As opposed to a single story house, a two story structure ensures that you get more use out of your available land. It allows you to use the upper floor for various activities such as the bedrooms, study, home office, or a library.

This two story house design features a modern exterior with glass façades that give the house ample natural lighting. The grey material walls and clapboard siding in brown differentiate the structure from traditional aesthetic, making it more modern and stylish. On the interior, the two storey house provides more than enough space for a family of four, with the addition of a guest room. In terms of style, contemporary décor has been used for the upholstery and fabrics, and wood for the floors.

The upper floor features a large master bedroom as well as the guest bedroom and a study room. Meanwhile the living and dining areas are located on the lower level, making them easily accessible. A spacious terrace overlooking the pool provides an ideal spot to relax and take in the surrounding view. The traditional gabled roof adds an attractive touch to the overall design.

45 x 50 Yards Two Story House Design

45 x 50 Yards Contemporary House Design

For any land size of 45 x 50 yards, contemporary house designs are best suited for creating a modern, urban lifestyle. With a focus on simplicity and minimalism, it makes use of wide open spaces, neutral tones, and modern furniture to create beautiful, calming interiors. It ensures to incorporate plenty of storage, concealed lighting, and natural wood furniture that effortlessly blends in with the modern décor.

This two-storeyed house measures 45 x 50 yards and provides plenty of outdoor and indoor spaces, making it ideal for family living. The exterior boasts a two floor tall home with white walls and glass as the main materials. A huge terrace off the first floor provides lots of natural light and is a great spot for relaxation and outdoor dining. It also offers stunning views of the pool.

On the inside, the décor continues the contemporary feel with plenty of white-washed interiors and modern wood furniture with plenty of storage. A huge kitchen with a sit-in area and a separate dining area provide plenty of room for entertaining guests. The living and family room both possess stunning views of the pool and an upper floor offers four large bedrooms with a home office.

45 x 50 Yards Contemporary House Design

45 x 50 Yards House Design

45 X 50 Yards House Design A 45 x 50 yards house is a common setup for homes across the United States, and as such there are many designs , layouts and ideas that can be employed when planning for the construction of such a home. With intelligent planning and efficient use of space, different purposes and features can be accommodated within a 45 x 50 yards house , all the while making it aesthetically pleasing and in line with the preferences of its owners.

Traditional Front Yard Design for 45 x 50 Yards House

45 X 50 Yards House Design When it comes to the traditional front yard design for a 45 x 50 yards house, there are many options to choose from. This includes full landscaping services, such as installing a lawn, garden beds and pathways, as well as features like a waterfall or fountain feature, trees and shrubs. A driveway can also be added, to be used for parking of cars and other vehicles. Other traditional additions include a deck, gazebo or pergola, or some seating options for a shaded area that can be used for relaxation or socializing.

Modern Front Yard Design for 45 x 50 Yards House

45 X 50 Yards House Design Modern designs for a 45 x 50 yards house typically involve minimal landscaping, while making various additions to create a beautiful outdoor space. For example, materials like stone , timber or concrete can be used to create a terrace for seating or barbecuing, with the addition of paving and a low fence for safety. Other ideas for a modern front yard design include providing an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, a pool and even a tennis court.