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Are you planning to build a dream home but having a hard time deciding how to design it or what house plan to choose that meets your family's need and desires? We have you covered! We bring you the best 4 rooms house plans in one place, for you to consider. Our selection of room designs accommodate any space: apartment, terrace house, single-story, and more. From a basic 4 room house plan to a luxury design, take a look at our list and choose the one that suits your needs.

4 Bedroom House Plans & Home Designs | House Plans Australia

Australian homeowners looking for a stunning new Art Deco house design to suit their lifestyle should check out these top 10 options, all of which combine classic symmetry, luxurious fittings, and a modern twist. From large 4 bedroom homes to modern 2 storey designs, these Art Deco inspired homes are guaranteed to add style and sophistication to any neighbourhood. Choose from designs with a central courtyard, open plan living and dining area, expansive outdoor alfresco and balconies, and all the features of a true classic Art Deco home.

4 Bedroom House Plans & Home Designs

4 Bedroom House Plans & Home Designs | Celebration Homes

Celebration Homes has an impressive selection of 4 bedroom Art Deco-inspired house plans that can easily be customized to suit a variety of budgets and preferences. From contemporary styles with open-plan living to larger family homes with a classic design and courtyard, these house plans are perfect for anyone looking for a unique and stylish living space. Choose from a range of features such as large fully lined porches, en-suite bathrooms, separate balconies, and tasteful, modern interiors.

House Plans Australia

4 Bedroom House Plans | Home Designs | Perth | Residential Building WA

Residents of Perth looking for a modern take on the classic Art Deco style should look no further than Residential Building WA. With spacious 4 bedroom layouts, featuring modern amenities and timeless style outlines, these home designs are made to impress. Once you select a plan, enjoy custom options such as custom built-in furniture, upgraded fixtures, and outdoor entertaining options. Many of the designs feature a private terrace, ample balcony space, and sun-soaked outdoor living.

4 Bedroom House Plans & Home Designs

4 Bedroom House Plans - The House Designers

The house Designers collection features 4 bedroom house plans in a variety of styles, from modern and minimalist to classic and grand. Choose from carriers that showcase the Art Deco look and feel, featuring streamlined shapes, graceful lines, and symmetrical designs. No matter your budget, there are designs to suit every need and preference. Options range from a 5 bedroom family home, with a wrap-around porch and front balcony, to a multifamily house with an open-plan kitchen and living room and a large outdoor entertaining area.

Celebration Homes

4 Bedroom House Designs | The Plan Collection

The Plan Collection’s Art Deco designs come with room to breathe. From smart 4 bedroom designs to 3 bedroom plans, there is a perfect home option for homeowners looking for a touch of vintage style. For an indulgent home design, look no further than the Art Deco masterpiece that features a full wrap-around balcony, huge windows, and grand ceilings. If you are after something a little more subtle, you can choose from plans with an integrated central courtyard, beautiful balconies, and entertaining areas that are perfect for outdoor get-togethers.

4 Bedroom House Plans

4 Bedroom House Plans & Home Designs |

Featuring 4 bedroom home plans in a range of styles to suit almost any taste, makes it easy to find the perfect Art Deco-inspired house design for you. Choose from a selection of modern, contemporary, and classic styles that showcase curved walls, three-dimensional windows, and symmetrical designs. Whether you’re looking for a family-sized house plan or a smaller design with an open-plan kitchen and living area, you’ll find something that fits your needs at

Home Designs

4 Bedroom House Plans at | 4BR Home Designs offers a range of 4 bedroom home designs inspired by the Art Deco era. Whether you’re looking for a grand Art Deco house plan with a wrap-around porch or a modern take on the look, you’ll find something to suit your style. Enjoy features such as luxurious staircases, beautiful courtside views, multiple alfresco areas, and plenty of natural light. Whether you’re looking for a petite one story home or a modern two-storey house plan, you’ll find the perfect Art Deco inspired home at


4 Bedroom House Plans | Beautiful Freehold Houses

Beautiful Freehold Houses has an extensive selection of 4 bedroom plans on offer. These timeless home designs are perfect for those looking for a classic Art Deco style with a modern twist. These homes feature a range of features such as extensive patios, alfresco entertaining areas, two car garages, and plenty of other rooms perfect for a growing family. Choose from an array of modern amenities, luxurious finishes, and elegant designs to enjoy a space that fits your lifestyle.

Residential Building WA

4 Bedroom House Plans & Home Designs | Prouded.Com offers a wealth of Art Deco inspired 4 bedroom house plans for a variety of budgets and preferences. These homes feature a range of features such as grand entrance foyers, balconies, courtyard gardens, and wrap-around porches. These house plans can be customized to suit your needs, allowing you to create a truly unique and luxurious living space that caters to your lifestyle. From large, double-fronted designs to home plans with a cabana-style alfresco, you’ll find the perfect fit for your dream home.

4 Bedroom House Plans - The House Designers

4 Bedroom House Plans & Home Designs | Direct From The Designers

If you’re after something truly special, look no further than Direct from the Designers. This website offers a wide range of 4 bedroom house designs inspired by classic Art Deco styles. Whether you’re looking for a traditional home with modern amenities or something more inspired by the sleekness of modern architecture, you’ll find it here. Choose from luxurious alfresco areas, spiral staircases, large balconies, and custom-built furniture, all designed to enhance your Art Deco living space.

4 Bedroom House Designs

Advantages of the 4 Rooms House Plan

4 rooms house plan For many people, a 4 rooms house plan can be the perfect home for their families. It can provide a great amount of space for both activities and relaxation, all within the same structure. It can also be easily adapted for different needs.

Flexible Space

4 rooms house plan With four rooms, you can design the floor plan for each room to suit different needs. Whether you need a formal dining area, or an open plan kitchen/living space, a four-room plan gives you the flexibility to do anything you like. You can even have one room dedicated for work, with office furniture and everything else needed for productivity.

Privacy and Comfort

4 rooms house plan The large area created by four rooms can also give you and your family plenty of privacy and comfort. You'll be able to separate the living area from the bedroom, and the bedroom from the office area. This gives each family member, as well as guests, a space to relax quietly.

Durability and Longevity

4 rooms house plan With its well-planned structure, a 4 rooms house plan can be a long-lasting solution for your family's needs. The materials used are often of high-quality, and the design is elegant and modern. This means that you can enjoy your new home for many years without needing to worry about constantly replacing furniture or rebuilding areas.

Suited for Different Purposes

4 rooms house plan A 4 rooms house plan can be easily tailored according to your own needs and tastes. Whether you need extra bedrooms for guests, or a spacious living area for entertaining, or even an office area, the options are abundant. You can create a unique house design with all the features you need to make your dream come true.