Top 71+ Impressive 3 Bedroom Semi Detached House Design With Many New Styles

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Are you looking to up-size your home and find the best possible design for a 3 bedroom semi detached house? Look no further, as we present to you the top 3 designs for a semi detached house for a family of 3-5. The designs we are featuring are all highly efficient in terms of providing space, comfort, and convenience. We have carefully considered the smart use of space, ease of maintenance, and styling to give you the very best options for your upgraded living space. So, let us explore the top 3 designs available for your 3 bedroom semi detached house!

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When it comes to Art Deco house designs, there’s no better place to look than the three bedroom semi detached sector. This type of two-storey house style offers more than just chic aesthetics. Typically larger than other Art Deco buildings, a three bedroom semi detached is incredibly livable and offers many benefits. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top Art Deco three bedroom semi detached house designs.

At the top of the list, the Aegean Sea House is an Art Deco masterpiece that pays homage to the ancient Greek cultural period. This three bedroom semi detached home features a modern open plan living area with an inviting glass façade that allows plenty of natural sunlight to pour in. An eye-catching centrepiece staircase marries the upper and lower levels, with an adjacent office, a family-friendly dining area that leads out to a lush garden, and other luxury features setting this Art Deco house design apart.

Next up is the Morococha three bedroom semi detached design. Located in the evergreen Morococha forest, this impressive building blends geometric shapes and natural elements to create a truly awe-inspiring Art Deco home. Its floor plan maximizes on available space, with a two-story frontage and wraparound balcony making its interior design highly sociable. Inside, the open-plan living room provides plenty of grandeur, while the successor kitchen and dining area are perfect for entertaining.

The Third Street three bedroom semi detached house design is a prime example of contemporary Art Deco style. Prominently sported in a central Art Deco neighbourhood, this three bedroom home design features a grand facade that’s complete with chamfered edges and a staircase for a visually pleasing exteriors. Within, large street-facing windows create a light, airy atmosphere in the spacious living space and the adjoining kitchen and dining area. The master bedroom features its own private balcony, making it a dreamy sanctuary for the homeowner.

The Mandy Mansion is a three bedroom semi detached home design that makes the most of a modest floor plan. Circular windows are a defining feature in the exterior design, while inside, a well-styled open plan living area flows into a communal dining room and hallway for a modern Art Deco vibe. The bedrooms are well-fitted and spacious, while the kitchen is kitted out with cutting-edge appliances. Once outside, the terrace is donned with comfy sun loungers, making it a great spot for entertaining.

The Capri three bedroom semi detached house design is a quaint, elegant design modeled after the classic British arts and crafts home. Characterized by its cascading roofline, bay windows, and quirky front porch, this narrative and traditional Art Deco style is brimming with character. Its large open-plan living area is connected to the kitchen and dining area for an intimate living space, while huge full-height windows throughout the house fill the interior with copious amounts of natural light.

The Moore three bedroom semi detached house style is a more eclectic design that’s based on Gothic architecture. Its most notable feature is the impressive three-story spire, while its facade features arched windows, rustic wood finishes, and a wraparound porch. Inside, floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light into the three-story living space, while the large kitchen and dining area make the interior exude a warm and inviting atmosphere.

We also have the contemporary Art Deco Downs Netherton three bedroom semi detached home design. Subtle stonework and render finishes fill the exterior walls, while the boxy windows give the structure a modern, yet timeless appeal. The large open-plan living area is dominated by two-tone hues and a statement period fireplace, while a spacious kitchen and dining area are located further back. On the second floor, the master bedroom is certainly the standout feature, featuring glass walls and wood panelling for an enviable bedroom style.

For a more traditional approach surrounded with modern conveniences, look no further than the Dunning. This three bedroom semi detached house design is adorned with stone sculptures, rendered exteriors and an elaborate two-tiered front porch. Upon entering the building, the sweeping staircase takes you to the first floor, which is filled with inviting neff and texture. Its design is emphasized by endless amounts of natural light, making this space instantly attractive and inviting.

Next on our list is the Verdant Vale three bedroom semi detached. This oh-so-classy home design features an aqua-green hued façade and eye-catching porticoes that make it an alluring sight for potential occupants. Its floorplan includes a large living space that leads into a peculiarly quaint kitchen area and dining area, while its bedrooms are tailored for contemporary family living. Finally, its sun-soaked terrace makes it the perfect combination of upscale and luxurious.

Finally, we have the Carsoncroft three bedroom semi detached house design. This Art Deco-inspired design brings plentiful charm and substance to its living area through its two-story build. The low-level exterior includes intricate trims and striking two-tone porticoes, while the interior draws on sleek stainless steel accents and an amazingly modern fireplace to complete its aesthetic. This home is ideal for large families, offering plenty of living space and separate bedrooms.

3 Bedroom Semi Detached House Designs

Exploring the Benefits of a 3 Bedroom Semi Detached House Design

3 Bedroom Semi Detached House Design Living in a three-bedroom semi detached house offers many advantages. From plenty of storage and privacy to lovely outdoor living spaces, there are many benefits to living in a semi-detached house design. Semi detached house designs often come with a larger footprint than other housing designs and provide more space and privacy for homeowners. Having a three bedroom house design can accommodate larger families, couples, and single occupants alike. The extra bedroom in a three bedroom house offers a much larger combined floor plan than what is available in two bedroom house designs. In addition, with more bedrooms available, you can easily convert one to a personal workspace, home office, or a home gym. When in search of a three bedroom house, much of the appeal of the house is related to its storage capability. Smaller houses, such as two bedroom designs, may only have enough room in closets and cupboards for the basics. Semi detached houses offer ample storage space which is great for those who possess multiple items, or for those who enjoy crafting or other hobbies where tools and supplies are essential. Creating outdoor living spaces is another big benefit to owning a semi-detached house design. Three bedroom houses have larger outdoor living spaces than two bedroom designs and offer great opportunities for entertaining guests, outdoor play, and gardening. Due to the overall larger size of the house, as well as extra access for the outdoor living space, there is often much more flexibility for creating a wonderfully unique outdoor area.

Variety of Design Options

3 Bedroom Semi Detached House Design In addition to the storage and outdoor living space benefits of owning a three bedroom semi-detached house design, they are also more customizable than other housing designs. There is a much greater variety of design options available, from the traditional mix of paint colours to the type of flooring. With a three bedroom house, you can customize your dream house, even with a small budget. From the extra bedroom offering further customizing potential to the extra outdoor living space, they offer plenty of opportunities to customize to your heart's content.


3 Bedroom Semi Detached House Design Privacy is an important factor to consider when looking to purchase a new home. Three-bedroom semi-detached houses provide the added benefit of increased privacy, especially when compared to other house designs. The extra bedroom gives greater flexibility when deciding where to position furniture in relation to other rooms, windows, and the outdoors. You can utilize the walls to create even greater privacy, allowing you to feel secure in your own home and private space. Overall, living in a 3 bedroom semi detached house design offers many advantages. From plenty of storage and privacy to lovely outdoor living spaces, you can relax knowing that there are many benefits to living in such a house design.