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Are you looking for the best 1 BHK house plan 3D to transform your dreams into a reality? If yes, then this is the right place for you! Discover some of the most elegant and well-designed one bedroom house plans that are sure to bring full utility and beauty to your home. From traditional styles to contemporary styles, here we have rounded up the top house plans to choose from, and give your home the ultimate modern look.

Simple 1 Bedroom Modern Home Design - House Designs

Modern home designs reflect your personality and style, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Art deco house designs can often be seen with simple 1 bedroom models. The simple 1 bedroom designs can be a comfortable yet fashionable option for those seeking options that don’t consume a large amount of space. 

Simple 1 bedroom designs can famed to be an efficient choice for any individuals needing a simple and chic solution. Walls are not emphasized that often, with the perimeter of the space focused on comfort and relaxation. Such designs usually embrace natural light, providing a room with well lit vibrancy. The interior of this particular design usually embrace low-profile furniture pieces, giving a feeling of appropriateness and labelling the shape of the design. These art deco house designs often have clear subdivision of spaces, with both an inner and private area.

Simple 1 Bedroom Modern Home Design - House Designs

One Bedroom Apartment/House Plans

A one bedroom apartment/house plan is a great way to make the most of a small living space and can help make the most of Art Deco style. This single room design is relatively easy to build, neat and stylish. Simplicity is the main ideal in this type of house plan and furniture pieces or decorations should be carefully thought out and incorporated. Simplicity of lines and good furniture grouping are key elements of an Art Deco design.

A one bedroom in an Art Deco style will feature a spacious living room with a semi-circular bay window. The walls may be decorated with geometric artworks. To break up the space, a small kitchen space may be included with high, straight cupboards. The bedroom should also have sliding doors to separate the living and sleeping areas. Storage room and a study may be included in the design. Refrain from cluttering the space, as Art Deco house designs are usually neat and uncluttered.

One Bedroom Apartment/House Plans

30X50 1BHK Home Plan || 3D Model | 3D Vastu Model

A 30X50 1BHK Home Plan is a great option for those who are looking for a house design that combines the best of Art Deco aesthetic with practicality. The dimensions of this home are perfect for those wanting to construct a house that won’t take too much space, yet still offers plenty of features and flexibility. The best aspect of this particular home plan is that it can be designed and adapted to suit the individual needs and preferences of the homeowner. If there is a flair for creative design, this house plan is certainly one to consider.

The design includes a living room, a bedroom, and a small kitchen. The living room is conveniently divided into three differently shaped parts by lattice dividers. In addition to the standard double bed, there is a generous seating area that provides a comfortable place to relax. The small kitchen is equipped with modern appliances and has enough space to prepare meals. For further convenience, this home plan is also available in a 3D model and a 3D Vastu Model.

30X50 1BHK Home Plan

22X50 Home Plan || 3 Bedrooms | 2 Bath

A 22X50 home plan is an excellent example of popular Art Deco house designs. The floor plan includes three bedrooms and two baths. It is ideal for a small family or couples who are looking for an efficient design that does not take up too much space. It can even be easily extended in the future if more space is needed. The key elements of the floor plan are carefully thought out, with each bedroom being given its own unique shape. This gives the spaces their own identity while still providing a feeling of continuity. One of the bedrooms even has its own bathroom to provide a sense of privacy. The living room is divided by two light walls which are decorated in a traditional Art Deco style. The kitchen is light and airy and features an island with an integrated dining area.

New 35*45 East Face 1BHK Home Plan WITH POOJA ROOM

Nothing brings an Art Deco house design to life like a well thought out pooja room. Still, some cultures and modern households prefer to incorporate pooja rooms into their new 35*45 east face 1BHK home plans for the spiritual ambiance they provide. This particular type of pooja room is no different; designed with the signature Art Deco style it is sure to inspire and captivate the senses. The room comprises of colourful stained glass windows, framed with bold and statement-making arches, evenly spaced out to provide the adequate amount of natural light. The walls are lined with intricate and detailed designs, paying close attention to each aspect and adding a hint of playfulness. The flooring is flat and plain with minimalistic décor; a single piece of furniture serves as the focal point of the room.

3D Model

One Bedroom House Plans 3D

One bedroom house plans 3D are perfect for art lovers who like to use the modern drafting techniques to bring their dream designs to life. Art Deco house designs provide a great way to explore one’s creative side. This type of plan makes it easier for the designer to get a visual representation of their ideas in an interactive way. Using 3D rendering tools, it is possible to get a 360-degree image of the house structures as well as visualize the details of intricate design elements that can be enhanced with various lighting and materials. Such 3D designs help the designer to get a better understanding of the complete project’s proportions, the color palette and the overall atmosphere of the home. As a result, the home plan can turn out to more beautiful and pleasurable to live in than what was originally envisioned.

3D Vastu Model

25' X 40' North Face 1BHK Home Plan with Closet Space

25' X 40' North face 1BHK home plans are a great way to bring a classic Art Deco theme to one’s living space. The divided living and sleeping spaces provide a sense of comfort and convenience, as well as efficiency. This type of plan is popular among those whose living space is limited; it also allows the room to be transformed into any desired atmosphere.

A great feature of this plan is the ample closet space. Each individual room is given enough space to house clothes, accessories and miscellaneous items. In addition to providing storage, the closets also contribute to the luxurious feel of the design. All the other aspects of the home - the doors, windows, flooring, and fixtures - should be kept in line with the classic Art Deco look.

22X50 Home Plan

Ultra Modern 1BHK Home Plan || 25X50ft || 3D View

An ultra modern 1BHK home plan is perfect for those who are looking for a modern and stylish house design. This particular 25X50ft home plan is an amazing example of combining Art Deco with ultra-modern style. The 3D view of the design reveals a home which is both modern and spacious. Featuring a single bedroom, the floor plan also includes two separate living areas with two other bright rooms. All of the areas have plenty of space between walls to let in natural light.

The modern look is reflected by clean lines and lavish furniture. The walls have unique geometric artworks with some being topped with crafted frames. To break up the large spaces, Art Deco inspired light fixtures can also be included in the design. This type of home plan also offers much flexibility when it comes to decorating the home, allowing it to be customized according to the homeowner’s needs and preferences to create the perfect atmosphere for expressing one’s unique style.

30' X 40' East Face 1BHK Home Plan with Wardrobe Space

A 30' X 40' East face 1BHK home plan is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a stylish and modern house design. Offering plenty of space and features, this house plan includes a spacious living and dining area, a bedroom, and a separate kitchen and bathroom. The features included in this plan also provide a lot of flexibility for customization.

The walls feature a number of Art Deco features including three dark arches that divide up the living room, giving the home a unique look. Further adding to the classic look, flush glass doors can be placed between each arch. To provide extra storage, the bedroom is equipped with an elegant wardrobe and the living area features several built-in cupboards. The kitchen has a bar counter, while the dining area is illuminated by beautiful chandeliers. This particular home plan is perfect for those who want to enjoy a stylish Art Deco house design.

3 Bedrooms

Affordable 1BHK Home Plan || 1000 Sq.ft || 3D View

An affordable 1BHK home plan in an Art Deco style is perfect for those who are looking for a house with a luxurious feel without breaking the budget. This particular 1000 sq. ft. plan offers plenty of features and a 3D view. The design includes a wide living area with two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The bedroom frames are decorated with geometric artworks.

The 3D view reveals a bright paint scheme. Floorboards, carpets, and curtains are all in line with the classic Art Deco style. Furniture pieces should be chosen to match the theme, and wall lights can provide an extra touch of luxury. The dividers can also be replaced or modified in any way to provide a unique look. The kitchen is furnished with modern appliances, while the living room provides some extra space for guests or a hobby room. With this home plan, one can easily enjoy a luxurious Art Deco house design without breaking the bank.

2 Bath

Explore the Incredible Range of 1 BHK House Plans in 3D

1 bhk house plan 3d Are you looking to build an incredibly stylish and comfortable home with a 1 BHK design? Look no further than 3D house plans. 3D house plans are the perfect way to view your future home from every angle, allowing you to make changes and adjustments before committing to the big build.

Create a Design Masterpiece with a 1 BHK House Plan

1 bhk house plan 3d The 1 BHK house plan has become a popular design choice among homeowners. With fewer bedrooms, this home plan allows you to save money on construction and design costs, while still affording all the necessary amenities for a enjoyable living experience. And with 3D house plans, you can explore the possibilities in depth and get a better idea of what the home will look like when finished.

Optimise Materials for Maximum Comfort and Efficiency

1 bhk house plan 3d Using a 3D house plan allows you to optimize the layout of your 1 BHK home, making sure each area is perfectly positioned for the ideal balance of design and comfort. You'll be able to instantly visualize where to place the furniture, pick the materials for the flooring, and determine the necessary resources needed to build a comfortable home.

Expert Advice on Your 1 BHK House Plan 3D Design

1 bhk house plan 3d Finding the right home design can be a challenge, but with 3D house plans, you can easily find the perfect design for your 1 BHK house. From interior design to outdoor landscaping, 3D house plans provide detailed insights to help you map out the perfect home design. Taking advantage of professional design advice can save you time, money, and energy during the construction process.

Give Your 1 BHK Home the Flair it Deserves with 3D House Plans

1 bhk house plan 3d With 3D house plans, you can design a beautiful home with the perfect layout and features for your 1 BHK design. Be sure to take advantage of all the features 3D plans have to offer, from visualizations to design advice, to create the perfect home for you and your family. For the best home design experience, start exploring 3D house plans today.