Explore 97+ Beautiful Types Of House Design Top Choices Of Architects

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House design is an integral part of creating a home that works for you and your family now and into the future. It’s important to look at all the different types of house design available and pick a style that suits your lifestyle and budget. In this article, we have explored the best types of house design currently on the market. From budget-friendly options to luxurious homes, we have included a range of inspiring designs that will help you find the right one for you. So get ready for some interior design inspiration and take a look at the top types of house design available today.

Contemporary House Designs

Contemporary-style houses have gained a lot of attention in the Art Deco world, with modern materials and an emphasis on minimalism. Designed with sharp lines and an unpretentious elegance, the contemporary house design is perfect for people who seek an open concept home with modern architectural elements. Most contemporary designs feature bold geometric angles, an open floor plan, and bright, energetic colors. The contemporary House Design can also incorporate more traditional materials such as exposed brick, stone, and wood.

When it comes to minimalist design, the contemporary house design embraces this aesthetic most prominently. Sleek lines, flat surfaces, and an overall streamlined appearance are all common components of contemporary house designs. To keep the look from becoming too cold, many contemporary house designs include accent walls, decorative patterns, and colorful furnishings.

Modern House Designs

Modern house designs are all about embracing the future and breaking away from the past. These designs use the latest materials and finishes and emphasize sustainability while still maintaining an eye-catching and stylish aesthetic. The modern approach is a hybrid of contemporary and vintage design, with a focus on simplicity and flexibility. Outside of the home, modern houses often feature plenty of windows and outdoor living spaces to bring the outside in.

Modern house designs often focus on straight lines, simplified shapes, and larger opened floor plans. Indoor/outdoor living is also a common design element. Strong angles, tones of grey, an industrial feel, and even caged metal finishes are often featured in modern designs.

Luxury House Designs

Luxury houses embody sophistication, beauty, and high-end finishing touches. Luxury house designs usually feature large living spaces, high ceilings, hardwood floors, and beautiful fireplaces. These designs often reflect the English countryside, Italian villas, or French palaces. A practice in opulence and indulgence, luxury house designs usually feature Parisien-style mouldings, ornate chandeliers, and attention-grabbing centerpieces.

The luxury house designs often reflect the people that we are, and the lifestyles we lead. Luxury house designs use the finest materials, exquisite architectural details, and the latest high-end appliances to create a statement home. Carved wood, marble, and expensive fabrics are all part of the package in luxury house designs.

Traditional House Designs

Traditional house designs are rooted in older styles, usually from the 1700s to mid-1900s. Drawing inspiration from the Gothic, Colonial Revival, and Tudor Revival styles, these designs are traditional yet timeless. Traditional house designs often use wide front porches, symmetrical facades, and decorative details such as bay windows, pediments, and cornices.

The interior of traditional house designs offer spacious interiors, high ceilings, large fireplaces, and detailed mouldings. These features combine to create an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for entertaining family and friends. Traditional house designs offer a wealth of character, charm, and warmth.

Farmhouse House Designs

Farmhouse house designs have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their timeless appeal. Farmhouse house designs evoke a rural feeling, offering warm and inviting results. Large gardens, deliberately worn materials, and a sense of familiarity and rustic charm are all hallmarks of the farmhouse house design.

Country-style elements such as hardwood floors, wall paneling, and exposed beams can be found in the farmhouse house design. Vintage accents, traditional furnishings, and clapboard siding emphasize the rustic aesthetic while more contemporary materials offer a modern touch. Harmonious and inviting, the farmhouse house design provides a cozy atmosphere.

Victorian House Designs

Victorian house designs offer a beautiful blend of old-world charm and contemporary elegance. Drawing inspiration from the late 19th century, these designs highlight an ornate aesthetic that sets them apart from the rest. Highlighted by large bay windows, pointed rooflines, and intricate details, Victorian house designs bring a feeling of timeless charm and delight.

The interior of Victorian house designs are often open, airy, and light-filled. Classic touches like built-in cabinetry, detailed trim, pocket doors, and stained glass windows all contribute to the unique aesthetic of a Victorian house design. Sweeping staircases, bold jewelry, and antique furnishings help to further enhance the beauty of a Victorian house design.

Craftsman House Designs

A mix of classic and modern, Craftsman house designs exhibit natural materials and a warm, inviting feel. Taking inspiration from the Arts & Crafts movement, Craftsman house designs feature simple designs, thick wood beams, and prominent front porches.

Craftsman house designs often have a symmetrical front door, shutters, and decorative wood trim. Natural materials such as light, airy wood, wooden shingles, and stone are often found in Craftsman house designs. These materials help to create a timeless and inviting atmosphere.

Cottage House Designs

Cottage house designs offer a charming and romantic aesthetic.Small and quaint, they often feature distinctive stone work, intricate woodwork, and plenty of windows. Cottage house designs often mix modern elements with traditional touches, such as multiple stories, low chimneys, and cozy porches.

Cottage house designs often feature plenty of light and airy material such as white-washed wood and stone. The interior of these designs typically include a large fireplace as the center focal point. Rustic furnishings and vintage motifs further enhance the homely atmosphere of cottage house designs.

Country House Designs

Country house designs have a unique personality. Taking inspiration from the English countryside and colonial designs, country house designs offer a cozy, yet sophisticated style. These designs are warm and inviting, featuring quaint details such as dormers, shutters, large windows, and vibrant colors.

The interior of country house designs often features wood floors, distressed furnishings, and plenty of floral patterns. Open floor plans allow plenty of natural light to enter the rooms, creating a cozy and bright atmosphere. Country house designs are perfect for those who seek a traditional yet modern aesthetic.

Mediterranean House Designs

Mediterranean house designs offer a sense of relaxed luxury.These designs are inspired by the region’s hot sun and bright blue skies, with a focus on outdoor living. Inspired by the grandeur of Spanish and Italian beach homes, Mediterranean house designs feature graceful arches, whitewashed walls, and vibrant colors.

The interior of Mediterranean house designs often feature high ceilings, decorative tiling, wooden beams, and expansive windows. This combination of materials creates an airy and bright atmosphere, while still maintaining a sense of luxury. Frescoes, expansive villas, and colorful accents further help to enhance the finish of a Mediterranean house design.

Contemporary House Designs

Ranch-Style Home Design

Types Of House Design Ranch-style homes are among the most popular house designs due to their openness, affordability and inviting look. These homes typically feature a single story with a low-pitched roof and wide overhangs. Usually adorned with large windows, ranch-style homes offer ample natural lighting for increased energy efficiency. Inside, the common layout consists of an open floor plan, connecting the kitchen, dining room and living space. Most ranch-style homes also feature an attached garage, perfectly blending together the exterior and interior of the house.

Modern Minimalistic Home Design

Types Of House Design As its name suggests, modern minimalistic home design is all about embracing a clean and contemporary look. These homes consist of an open-floor plan with plenty of natural light and often, expansive views of the exterior landscape. Simplicity is key, but that doesn’t mean these homes lack sophistication. Modern minimalistic home designs often feature modern accents like stainless-steel appliances and bold colors to give the house a distinctively contemporary look.

The Craftsman Home Design

Types Of House Design The Craftsman home design is based on a style popularized in the early twentieth century. The exterior of these homes feature prominent eaves with decorative brackets, creating an inviting entrance. The exterior is also characterized by a large front porch and large windows. Inside, these homes feature open floor plans, wood detailing and large stone fireplaces. In general, Craftsman homes combine modern amenities with classic designs, providing residents with style and functionality.