Best 57+ Striking Simple Block House Design Trend Of The Year

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Are you looking for a simple block house design to build your dream home but unsure of where to start? No need to worry, as this article provides you with a list of the best simple block house designs that you can consider. This list is made up of various designs known to cater to different needs and budgets, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Get inspired by these simple block house designs and build the perfect home for your family.

Modern House Designs |

One of the most iconic and well-known art deco house designs is the modern house. This style of home was popularized around the 1920s and can still be seen today in some of the most modern pieces of architecture. This style of architecture emphasizes open floor plans, warm and inviting interior designs, and the use of unique materials for a bold look. Many modern art deco houses utilize large windows and open door systems for additional natural light and a view of the outdoors. The use of stark colors and clean lines definitely brings a sense of glamour to modern art deco house designs. Modern House, Modern Home Design, Modern Interior Design.

Modern House Designs

Tiny House Designs |

Tiny house designs are on the rise in many parts of the world. Homeowners are looking for ways to save on costs and minimize their footprint. Tiny art deco houses are no exception to the trend. This style of architecture is great for making the most of limited space while sacrificing little in terms of modern style. Geometric shapes and unique curves are popular features in small art deco homes. These small details reflect the glamour and sophistication of this style but still allow the homeowner to maintain a small, practical living space. Tiny House Design, Small Art Deco Homes, Geometric Shapes.

Tiny House Designs

Concrete Block House Designs |

Concrete block house designs are growing in popularity due to their strength and durability. This particular material suits the art deco style very well as it allows for bold features and shapes to be built, often featuring intricate details that emphasize the traditional look of the design. Sometimes modern art deco homes with a concrete block construction tend towards a more contemporary look. But no matter the style, the strength and robustness of concrete block homes make them very appealing to potential homeowners looking for a durable and modern design. Concrete Block House Design, Modern Art Deco Homes, Strength and Durability.

Concrete Block House Designs

Small Block House Designs |

Small block house designs are gaining in popularity due to their affordability and efficiency of space. This style of home design is particularly great for those looking for a way to get the most out of their living space without sacrificing style. Traditional features such as large window openings for allowing natural light, intricate decor, and modern furniture all come together for a look that is truly art deco. This style of house is also well-known for utilizing neutral earthy tones and clean lines to maximize the feeling of spaciousness in the home. Small Block House Design, Affordable Home Design, Efficiency of Space.

Small Block House Designs

Craftsman Block House Designs |

Craftsman block house designs are increasing in popularity due to their ability to combine the classic styling of art deco with the utilitarian benefits of craftsman construction. This style of home allows for many of the traditional features of art deco such as unique curves and geometrics to be incorporated into a sturdy foundation. This allows homeowners to enjoy the classic styling of art deco while benefitting from the practicality and durability of craftsman construction. Craftsman Block House Design, Classic Styling, Utilitarian Benefits​.

Craftsman Block House Designs

Classic Block House Designs |

Classic block house designs are a time-honored tradition of this style of architecture. Stretching back to the 1920s, these designs are all about embracing classic elements and paying homage to the iconic art deco era. This style of home makes use of symmetry, detailed trim work, and intricate motifs to create a timeless and elegant look. Classic art deco houses are a staple in many communities and still inspire many homeowners to this day. Classic Block House Design, Symmetry, Detailed Trim Work.

Classic Block House Designs

Farmhouse Block House Designs |

Farmhouse block house designs have quickly become one of the most popular styles of art deco architecture. This style of home combines the suburban charm of a farmhouse with the stunning style of art deco. Homes of this style often feature plenty of windows to bring in natural light and large, open floorplans for a feeling of spaciousness. Many farmhouse block houses also make use of traditional elements such as wood beams and rustic furniture for an added layer of texture and warmth. Farmhouse Block House Design, Charm of a Farmhouse, Stunning Style of Art Deco.

Farmhouse Block House Designs

Minimalist Block House Designs |

Minimalist block house designs are a great way to practice the sensible yet stylish nature of art deco. This style of home is all about making the most out of limited space. Bold accent walls and strong geometric designs are typical features of this style of home. Uncluttered and spacious rooms are also a big plus. Even the most minimalist art deco homes make use of wonderful materials to continue to bring in the classic style of art deco architecture. Minimalist Block House Design, Strong Geometric Designs, Wonderful Materials.

Minimalist Block House Designs

Country Block House Designs |

Country block house designs incorporate natural materials and textures to give the home a rustic and classic feel. This type of home often features warm hues to give the illusion of a cozy atmosphere, and often makes use of natural stone accents to give the home an additional layer of charm. The modern feel of art deco continues to be the driving force of a country block house, however, and most of these homes embrace the use of clean lines and incorporated tech features. Country Block House Design, Natural Materials, Clean Lines.

Country Block House Designs

Contemporary Block House Designs |

Contemporary block house designs are a great way to update the classic look of art deco homes. This style of architecture is all about being forward-thinking and bringing in modern features to create an entirely new look. Contemporary art deco houses often make use of bold color contrasts and unique patterns to create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. Technology is also an important aspect of modern art deco, and homeowners often make use of all the latest features to create practical yet attractive spaces. Contemporary Block House Design, Bold Color Contrasts, Latest Features.

Contemporary Block House Designs

Modern Mediterranean Block House Designs

Modern Mediterranean block house designs combine the best of both classic and modern art deco styles. This type of home utilizes crisp and inviting hues to bring a sense of spaciousness to the home. Traditional elements such as delicate line work and detailed trim work are also incorporated in order to give the home a unique and inviting look. Subtle and sophisticated accents bring a sense of grandeur to the modern Mediterranean art deco home, making it a great choice for those looking for a timeless and timeless style. Modern Mediterranean Block House Design, Detailed Trim Work,Grandeur.

Modern Mediterranean Block House Designs

Encouraging Block House Design

Simple Block House Design

If you are looking to invest in a house design that is simple yet still expressive, consider block house design. Block design offers a practical approach to a modern look for a home, with walls made of concrete blocks, available in various shapes and sizes. This style of house design is also easy to build and cost-effective, making it a desirable choice for many people. Here we will discuss the advantages of using block house design for your home.

Optimizing Practicality

Simple Block House Design

The advantage of using block house design is that it can provide structure and stability with minimal construction and labour. Concrete block walls are strong and durable, able to resist all types of weather and temperature changes. Furthermore, the blocks are lightweight and can be handled easily during installation, which also helps to reduce labour costs. This make this a good option for DIY homeowners.

Creating a Stylish Look

Simple Block House Design

Another great benefit of block house design is that you have a great range color choices. The blocks come in a variety of shades, from light to dark, meaning you can easily find a color that fits your style. Additionally, you can paint the walls which can make a good impression and add to the overall style of your home. And the blocks can even be used to create interesting patterns, allowing you to give a unique look to your house.

Saving Money

Simple Block House Design

Block house design can also save you money in the long run. Blocks are relatively inexpensive compared to other materials used in modern house designs, which will make your home much more affordable. Additionally, they are a low-maintenance material, so once the house is built, you won't have to worry about regular repairs or replacements, saving you money in the long run.


Simple Block House Design

Block house design is an extremely practical option with plenty of advantages. It is easy to build, cost-effective, and looks great when done correctly. Whether you're looking to DIY a house or hire a professional, block house design may be the right choice for your project.