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Are you looking to bring stately elegance to your home? Look no further than the Colonial house designs style! Combining their classic structure with modern amenities, these homes boast beautiful aesthetic charm and provide a unique space to relax and entertain. Here are our top picks for the most elegant Colonial House Designs.

Elegant Colonial Style House Design

Colonial house designs provide homeowners with a unique architectural style that features the historical elements of the America during the colonial time frame. This beautiful style is popular among many homeowners today as it exudes classic elegance and charm. One of the most stunning designs for a colonial style home is the elegant colonial style house. This house is designed with a simple symmetrical layout that is characterized by a pitched roof, single or double-story walls and large windows.

The exterior of an elegant colonial style house will typically be painted in a classic, neutral color palette such as white, beige or light gray. This is usually matched with black or dark brown trim featured around the windows, doors and other exterior details. The entrance to the house is often a grand double doorway with ornate carvings and painted panels. These doorways can be highlighted further with beautiful lanterns or copper-framed decorations to help give the home a truly grand entrance.

The interior of an elegant colonial style house showcases traditional furniture pieces as well as classic details such as wall molding, wainscoting and wide-plank hardwood flooring. To tie the style together, the homeowner might even choose to paint the walls in a neutral color to mimic the exterior of the house. The focus of the interior of this style of house should be the furniture pieces and other decor inserted to create a luxurious environment.

Elegant Colonial Style House Design

Modern Colonial House Design Ideas

Modern colonial house design ideas are the perfect way to bring this classic style into the 21st century. This style marries two worlds together – classic Colonial architecture and modern fashion for the home. Modern Colonial homes feature a variety of updated exterior and interior designs that create a timeless blend of old and new. There are a variety of ways to modernize the classic Colonial style to make it your own.

One of the most popular modern Colonial style elements to incorporate in your home’s design is the use of natural color palettes. Bold tones can be used as accents in paint colors and fabrics, while neutral tones create a soft and inviting atmosphere throughout the design. Timber accents, outdoor living spaces and large windows also add to the modern Colonial look. Featuring energy-efficient windows and lighting fixtures is a great way to bring the style of modern Colonial design into the modern age.

Modern Colonial-inspired furniture is a great way to incorporate the style as well. For the living room, choose a sofa and chairs with sleek lines and mid-century modern accents. For the dining room, opt for a dining table with wooden legs and a light-colored top. Accessories should also carry a contemporary look to them, featuring metal, wood or glass pieces in clean lines and neutral tones.

Modern Colonial House Design Ideas

Charming Colonial House Design with Gabled Roofs

Gabled roofs are becoming increasingly more popular among Colonial house designs. This long, triangular style of roofing is characterized by two sloping sides that meet in the center. Gabled roofs serve a variety of architectural purposes, from letting the run-off from a roof into a gutter system to allowing for bathrooms and attics to be built within the roof. Best of all, it creates a charming and unique look that stands out among other house designs.

The applications for gabled roofs are virtually endless. A range of materials can be used for the roof, including asphalt shingles, tile, wood shakes, and metal – all of which can be customized to your home. Whether you’re aiming for a more classic or contemporary style, a gabled roof is a great option for adding character and interest to a Colonial-style home. Gabled roofs also provide additional space up above while also helping to insulate the home.

The main advantage of a gabled roof is that it can be altered in design. On ambient light fixtures, you can choose to incorporate small or large dormers as accent windows or opt to add interesting gable-end designs that vary in size, shape and color. Their adaptability is what makes them so popular and ideal for Colonial house designs.

Charming Colonial House Design with Gabled Roofs

Creating an Elegant Colonial House Design

Elegant Colonial House Designs The Colonial House Design is one of the most popular styles of home decor. This traditional style of home décor has been around for hundreds of years and still carries a timeless appeal. When designing a Colonial style home, the first step is to understand the characteristics that define this style of design. It is essential to create an elegant and sophisticated home that captures the beauty of the Colonial era.

Choosing the Right Colonial Design Elements

Elegant Colonial House Designs When creating a Colonial House Design , it's important to choose the right design elements. There are a variety of materials, colors, and finishes that can help create a traditional and timeless look. The use of wood materials, such as cherry, oak, and walnut, can give the space a warm and classic feel. The use of muted and subdued colors, such as beiges and browns, can help create a timeless and classic aesthetic. Additionally, incorporating classic lighting fixtures and period-style furnishings can help bring the design to life.

Incorporating Balance and Symmetry

Elegant Colonial House Designs A successful Colonial House Design exudes balance and harmony. Incorporating symmetry into the design will help create a cohesive and unified space. For example, placing two chairs of the same design on either side of a fireplace or using symmetry in window placement will help create a balanced and elegant look. Additionally, an essential part of the Colonial House Design is the use of wainscoting and paneling. This decorative paneling details can be used on walls, stairways, and other areas of the house for a traditional look.

Creating an Outdoor Space

Elegant Colonial House Designs The outdoor areas of a Colonial style house can be just as important as the interior. Incorporating a brick or stone patio and a lush garden can bring a classic and timeless look to an outdoor area. Additionally, incorporating lighting into the outdoor space can help accentuate its beauty. Finally, adding decorative accents such as a pergola and planters can transform the outdoor space into a cozy and inviting area.