Best 87+ Breathtaking 24 30 House Design Top Choices Of Architects

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Choosing the right house design for your needs can be a difficult and time consuming task. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best 24 30 house designs to meet your family’s needs and suit your budget and design preferences. From modern and contemporary design to traditional architecture, there are a variety of style options to choose from. We have included a thorough description of each style, so you can easily identify the home and details that are best for you.

24x30 Single Story House Plan |

24x30 single-story house plans are popular for a wide range of individuals and families, but are especially suited for first-time homebuyers who don't want to deal with a two-story design. Art Deco inspired single story houses offer sleek modern lines and classic mid-century features, all in one package. With these ample bedroom sizes and open concept living areas, these homes are perfect for those looking for efficiency, style, and livability. From cute one-bedroom houses to sprawling four-bedroom houses, get inspired by these art deco houses for a style you won't soon forget.

These single-story houses come with a variety of floor plans and designs, letting you pick and choose according to your needs. Choose from traditional, Craftsman, Ranch, or Contemporary designs for a modern look. Art Deco inspired details such as ornate door trim, faceted picture windows, and bold geometric lines take these plans to the next level. With bedrooms ranging from smaller guest rooms to larger open master suites, you can find the perfect plan for any lifestyle. Whether you're searching for the perfect home to fit your active family or a smaller oasis for the frequent traveler, our 24x30 single story floor plans will not disappoint.

24x30 Single Story House Plan

30x24 2-Bedroom Single Story House Plan |

If you're looking for an elegant Art Deco style house with a two-bedroom single story layout, look no further than 30x24 plans. This size is perfect for newlyweds, young couples, empty-nesters, and small families alike. With bedrooms typically larger than what you'd find in studio apartments or in other two-story floor plans, you can enjoy a generous amount of living space. In order to maximize the square footage for larger living areas, some plans include an open-concept kitchen, family, and dining area.

For art deco inspired detailing, features such as faceted rooflines, ornate window trims, and curved archways help add a unique and upscale element to the overall design. Embrace the craftsman inspired porch or the modern interiors and finishes for an unforgettable style. Keep in mind, depending on the style, these homes can also accommodate a variety of foundation types such as a crawl space, basement, or a slab foundation.

30x24 2-Bedroom Single Story House Plan

24x30 3-Bedroom Single Story House Plan |

As it starts to get more difficult to find land for larger single-story homes, 24x30 plans with three bedrooms offer a great option. With rooms ranging from smaller single bedrooms to large family-size rooms, you can easily accommodate a variety of needs. Whether it's the growing family, guests, and pets or the young couple needing space, these art deco influenced designs have something for everyone.

In order to keep modern influences with a classic impression, many of these three-bedroom plans come with features such as angled gables, corner windows, and sleek metal railings. Choose from traditional, Ranch, or Modern styles or even select from Craftsman, Farmhouse, Scandinavian, and Contemporary influences. Multiple foundation types are also available, depending on the layout and the location of the house. The possibilities seem to be endless.

24x30 3-Bedroom Single Story House Plan

24x30 4-Bedroom Single Story House Plan |

For those who are looking for a larger home with all the amenities, 24x30 plans featuring four bedrooms have all the functional space you need. With plenty of bedrooms for guests, family members, or even pets, these homes offer ample living space with modern Art Deco features to make the home feel more luxurious. Turn your dream home into a reality by embracing details such as detailed plate heights, sculpted columns, faceted gables, and much more.

Choose from progressive Contemporary architectural styles or timeless Craftsman homes. There's something for everyone with these four-bedroom plans. Depending on the layout, multiple foundation types such as pier, crawl space, slab, and basement may be available. Some parts of the country may also provide the option of building a two-story home with this size plan.

24x30 4-Bedroom Single Story House Plan

24x30 2-Story House Plan |

If you are looking for maximum space in a two-story house, a 24x30 plan is the perfect option. These designs allow you to utilize the extra air space for more living areas and bedrooms, without forfeiting outdoor spaces. Whether it's for a large family or frequent guests, these Art Deco inspired designs will provide ample storage, functionality, and style.

Typically, these two-story plans feature a generously sized living area on the bottom floor and bedrooms on the top floor. With numerous design styles available, select from Craftsman, Modern, Ranch, or even Traditional designs. From detailed gables to angled rooflines and sculpted posts, these homes are reminiscent of lavish mid-century layouts. Depending on the style and location, multiple foundation types will be available for building.

24x30 2-Story House Plan

24x30 Modern House Plan |

For those who want to make a lasting impression, 24x30 modern house plans offered with art deco details provide a unique and bold look. With these designs, extra details such as glass enclosures, textured walls, offset windows, and more help the home stand apart from other residences. And with these trendy designs, you get plenty of living space without compromising a modern look.

The possibilities are nearly endless with these distinct modern two-stories and single-story plans encompassing a variety of bedroom sizes with sleek metal railing and creative gable shapes. Depending on the home design and square footage, various foundation types are also available to choose from. So, embrace a modern look with an art deco twist and feel the energy that comes with a 24x30 home.

24x30 Modern House Plan

24x30 One Story Ranch House Plan |

What's better than a one-story house with an Art Deco twist? 24x30 plans providing all the modern amenities of a two-story plan in an open and more efficient design. With a one-story ranch house plan, you can achieve the same amount of space without having to worry about staircases or other limitations. Plus, many of these plans come with larger living areas than you would typically find in a two-story house plan.

Ranch house designs are classic, but with art deco influences, they become renovated works of art. Choose from a wide variety of designs that include Craftsman, Scandinavian, and Contemporary-inspired interiors and details such as faceted rooflines, large windows, and even exposed trusses. And, depending on the size and square footage, multiple foundation types are also available.

24x30 One Story Ranch House Plan

24x30 Beach House Plan |

If you want to savor the tranquil atmosphere of living near the beach, look no further than 24x30 beach house plans with art deco elements. These homes are larger than standard two-story floor plans but with only one story, making them the perfect option for oceanfront living. With the increased square footage, open plan living areas, and added bedrooms, these homes offer a unique style with a classic and beachy feel.

Feel the ocean breeze from the exterior's wrap-around porches and balconies or peek into the open floor plans from the angled rooflines. And for an extra dose of style, take advantage of various details such as side-hinged garage doors, captive columns, faceted gables, and exposed trusses. Depending on the size and the house's location, multiple foundation types are also available.

24x30 Beach House Plan

24x30 Traditional House Plan |

For those hoping to capture a traditional home plan feel, look no further than 24x30 plans with an art deco flavor. These houses come with all the modern necessities, but are framed with classic charm. Feel the past in the detailed craftsman details, rounded rooflines, open-concept living areas, and pocket doors. But don't be fooled by the age-old styling; these plans incorporate all the features for a contemporary, efficient lifestyle.

Choose among a variety of traditional designs ranging from Craftsman-style homes to Colonial-style homes. With multiple foundation types available, such as pier, crawl space, and basement, you can easily customize the house to your needs. From bedrooms to living rooms, these plans come equipped with windows that add enough natural light into the house for a luxurious living experience.

24x30 Traditional House Plan

24x30 Craftsman House Plan |

Seemingly timeless in appeal, Craftsman style house plans with art deco touches make stunning statements. With larger 24x30 designs, you can capture all the features of a traditional Craftsman-style home in a single-story or two-story plan. Craftsman plans come with popular details such as tapered columns, dimensional details, and bold window frames, with tinted glass panels for a more modern twist. Plus, you'll find bigger rooms and open plan living areas that are perfect for larger families.

Choose from multiple foundation types including a pier and beam foundation, crawl space, or basement. With various accessories readily available, you can easily customize the home to your style. From craftsman-style porches to detailed gables, these Art Deco-influenced homes are perfect for those wanting to enjoy the old and the new in one residence.

24x30 Craftsman House Plan

24x30 Country House Plan |

For those wanting a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, art deco-influenced 24x30 plans for a country house have just the right feel. With open plan living areas, larger bedrooms, and sprawling outdoor living spaces, you can find enough room for the whole family. Choose from a wide variety of classic country styles including Farmhouse, Traditional, and Modern, with details ranging from detailed gables to bay windows.

Depending on the home's design, you'll find multiple foundation types you choose from, such as slab, crawl space, pier and beam, and even basement. And for a surprise touch, accent the exterior with accessories such as board and batten siding, tinted glass, classic wood trim, and much more. These large 24x30 plans will become the perfect escape from the everyday for a relaxing and stylish getaway.

24x30 Country House Plan

24 30 House Design: Classic Aesthetic Combined With Modern Solutions

24 30 House Design The 24 30 house design is a perfect example of how to combine classic architectural elements with modern energy-saving solutions. The exterior of the house resembles a traditional chalet, with its wood paneling, high pitched roof line architectural elements, and picturesque surroundings. But behind this classic aesthetic lies an array of contemporary, eco-friendly features, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the 21st-century homeowner.

Modern Energy Efficiency

24 30 House Design The designers at 24 30 House Design know how important it is to make sure houses are well-insulated. The house was constructed with thermal efficiency in mind, and its insulation meets a higher standard of energy efficiency than many other similarly-sized houses. Once the house is finished , residents can rest assured that their heating and cooling needs will be met without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

A Variety Of Customizable Features

24 30 House Design Not only are the 24 30 house design's exteriors classic and beautiful, but the home also features a variety of interior options. The layout of the home can be customized to include single or double fireplaces, built-in entertainment systems, and other luxury features that will make the house perfectly suited to your needs. Additionally, the house design comes with a full suite of energy-saving appliances, so you can make sure your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

A Unique Home Design That Offers Luxury And Comfort

24 30 House Design The 24 30 house design is an incredible example of how to combine classic architectural beauty with modern energy-efficient technology. Homeowners can enjoy the beautiful architectural elements both inside and out, as well as the assurance that their energy needs will be met. With a vast array of customizable features , a 24 30 house can make every room of a home truly unique . Whether you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your home or just want to ensure that your house is as energy-efficient as possible, the 24 30 house design is sure to turn any house into a luxurious place to call home.