Best Collection Of 92+ Enchanting Good Looking House Design Trend Of The Year

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Are you looking for the best house designs that are both good-lookingand efficient? Whether you're an architect, interior designer or home renovator, this list of top house design will help you pick the perfect exterior and interior design for your next construction project.

We have put together an exclusive list of the best and most attractive home designs that deliver a comfortable residence in harmony with your lifestyle. Whether you are planning to build a low-cost low-rise small bungalow or an elegant, luxury villa, we have something in store for you.

Modern House Designs

Art Deco is a design style that was popularized in the 1920s and 1930s. Art Deco houses have become increasingly sought-after investments in recent years, as they are considered to be the height of style and sophistication. Here we look at modern art deco house designs that elevate the authentic look and feel of a decidedly modern home.

Modern art deco houses tend to mix modern elements with the classic art deco aesthetic. Bright colors are often used, as well as bold geometric shapes. Glass is often used to bring in natural light, as well as to add to the stylistic flair of the home. Art deco elements are often used in combination with modern furniture and fixtures, creating a timeless look and feel.

In modern art deco houses, the windows are typically large and often feature stained glass or other decorative elements. Doors may use elaborate carvings or distinctive chevron patterns, often of contrasting colors or bordering. Flooring can be tiled in intricate designs, and geometric shapes such as hexagons and squares help give rooms a truly modern twist.

Modern House Designs

Contemporary House Designs

Contemporary houses offer a fresh, vivid appearance that is both modern and stylish. This type of modern art deco house design usually combines different elements, creating a one of a kind feel. Textures, colors, and shapes all blend together to make these artistic homes really stand out.

Contemporary houses often use subtle art deco elements and are punctuated with bright colors. Bright blues, greens, oranges, and pinks can be seen in the home, often without being too overwhelming or overbearing. Modern furniture pieces are often used, and can contrast beautifully with more classic elements such as wainscoting or stained glass.

The doors in contemporary art deco houses often have distinctive details, such as chevron patterns or glass panes. Windows can be large and airy, often floor-to-ceiling to create an indoor-outdoor feel, allowing in plenty of natural light. Tile floors often have geometric patterns; you may see interesting mosaic details or intricate embroidery. These floors can help one room flow into the next, creating a unified look.

Contemporary House Designs

Tuscan House Designs

Tuscan art deco houses offer a unique take on modern art deco design. The style is based on the traditional and rustic look of Italian architecture, with a modern twist.

These modern art deco houses often use earthy materials such as stone and wood, as well as warm colors. Red, yellow, beige, and browns are often used for furniture and wall colors, creating a homey, inviting atmosphere. Windows can be large or small, depending on the size of the home; they often feature shutters that open and close, allowing for more natural light and ventilation.

Doors and flooring often use classic and distinct designs, such as classic Italian marble tiles. Art deco elements can also be seen in the home, such as elaborate chandeliers, vases, and mirrors. Modern furniture pieces are often used alongside traditional elements, creating a timeless look.

Tuscan House Designs

Modern Designs are All About Curves

Good Looking House Design Good looking house design is all about creating a harmony between form and function. A well-crafted design can highlight the beauty of a modern home, while addressing practical considerations such as energy efficiency and storage. Curved lines have become a signature element of modern design, with many homeowners looking to use them to create a sense of balance and harmony with their environment. Curved lines can also help create a sense of movement and flow, giving a house design an eye-catching and inviting appearance. The typical materials used to create a modern house design include things like stone, wood, glass, metal, and concrete. Depending on the style of your home, you may opt for a simple but elegant design featuring only a few materials, or incorporate multiple layers of materials such as contrasting wood and sleek metal accents to create a layered look. The choice of materials can create either a bold and contemporary look, or a more refined and traditional aesthetic. Providing texture is an important element of creating visual interest when it comes to modern house design. Texture can be achieved by incorporating a variety of finishes and colors into the house design, as well as utilizing natural elements such as plants and landscaping. If you choose the right materials, texture can also be an important element of natural light reflection, helping to keep the room bright throughout the day. When selecting furniture, clean and simple lines are always a great choice for modern house design. Fixtures and accessories should also be kept to a minimum, allowing the natural beauty of the materials to be the star. If you're looking to make a statement, consider using bold colors and statement pieces. If you have vintage furniture pieces, strategically peppering them in modern settings can create the perfect juxtaposition. Choosing the right house design for your home is a matter of balancing practical considerations while still managing to create a beautiful and inviting living space. Careful consideration of the shape of the room, finishes, and materials can result in a look that is both contemporary and timeless.