Top 90+ Charming 1640 Sq Ft House Design Trend Of The Year

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Are you thinking of redesigning your home and don't know where to start? Look no further. This guide will show you the best 1640 sq ft house design to accommodate your needs. Whether you're looking to maximize space and upgrade your home or simply want to give it a fresh new look, here is a compilation of the top house designs available. Find the perfect style to suit your lifestyle and budget with this easy-to-use guide!

1640 Sq Ft House Design - 29 Ideas | Home Plans | Blueprints | Floor Plans

The 1640 square feet home designs category has 29 different floor plans to provide a modern and sophisticated look to your dwelling. These home designs offer ample space for one’s needs, allowing the perfect set up for Art Deco. These plans are designed with optimum efficiency keeping in mind the basic requirements of a home. With little variation in size of each room, the home designs can be customized to fit your personal needs. The designs focus on the intricacy of the house as well as promote a great view.

The Art Deco style of the 1640 sq ft house designs provides a modern and sophisticated look to the exteriors of the home. With grand facades, elevated balconies, and eye-catching window frames, the house connected with the theme will surely be a visual treat to your guests. With the colour palette of the times, such as colors like marigold, moss green, peach, and deep red, your home can have a warm and inviting feel to it. Going for a classic design featuring geometrical structural boundaries and smooth lines further contributes to the overall glamorous look of the Art Deco house.

1640 Sq Ft House Design - 29 Ideas

Grand 1640 Square Feet Homes Design | Home Plans & Blueprints | House Plans

When it comes to a grand home, every aspect of the building should fall in line with the others. This is where the 1640 sq ft plans come into the picture. Home plans with slightly different design but similar layout allow people to customize their home for optimal use. The plans come with ample space to indulge in Art Deco designs while still maintaining the spacious feel of the house. Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and washrooms are some of the areas where the design should be unified with the overall theme.

It is also important to focus on the materials and colour palette used in the Art Deco theme. For the floor, the use of lighter colour and material adds to the overall look. Oil-based paint is an ideal choice for wooden furniture and trimmings while earth tones are an excellent option for the walls. Metal fixtures like door hinges and handles should also be in line with the theme. Keeping these points in mind, we can create the perfect look for our houses that will surely draw everyone’s attention.

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1640 sq ft House Designs – Finishing Design and Plans | Home Design Ideas

Finishing design of a 1640 sq ft house plays an integral role in creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. With simple changes in the finishing design, you can bring a whole new look to your house. In the finishing design of a 1640 sq ft house, there is a great opportunity to mould the look of your house with Art Deco style. Classic tiles with geometrical patterns with golden and copper outlines can inject a grand look to your house. Brass accents to the lighting or window frames further contribute to the look.

Using Art Deco door designs are also another great way to upgrade the finishing of the house. A smooth finish on the doors and door handles are a great way to give the house a sophisticated look. It is important to note that when customizing the home design as to upscale the look of the house, the use of lighter and brighter colours are preferable.


Attractive 1640 Square Feet Home Design & Ideas with Three Bedrooms | Home Plans

The 1640 square feet home design ideas pack in a lot of elements to accommodate various home needs. The average 3 bedroom designs which range from 1640 to 1644 square feet offer enough space to accommodate a larger family. The average size of these three bedrooms consists of two main bedrooms with one main bathroom and one guest bedroom. The family room or living area can be enlarged and modified to suit the needs of the family. Enough space is provided for the kitchen and dining area, with the kitchen provisioning for elevated cabinets.

Art Deco style designs, which are elegant, luxurious, and sophisticated, come into their own with such room layouts. Neutral colors such as beige, brown, and gray add a classic look and feel. Art Deco colours such as marigold and moss green create an inviting atmosphere. Accent furniture, big floor rugs in jewel tones and light fixtures that reflect on the theme can be efficiently put to use. Using an ornate mirror as a statement piece is a great way to bring life to the design of the home. Overall, this will bring a luxurious and modern look to your 1640 sq ft house.

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Luxury 1640 sq ft Low-Cost Home Design | Home Plans

A luxurious and low-cost home design for a 1640 sqft comes with different design ideas and features that make it a great choice for an Art Deco. The focus is on the practicability of the house, affordability of the project, and stylish look of the design. Art Deco style with low cost lets you unleash your imagination and bring a grand and classic look to your home. Building materials such ax brick, wood, steel, etc. can be effectively used to create the luxury home design at a minimal cost.

When it comes to the colour palette, bold hues such as maroon, navy, navy, and gold should be used to create a vibrant and energizing atmosphere. Art Deco lighting fixtures that come with geometrical shapes and styles can be used to aesthetically complement the look of the house. Using vintage furniture and prints bring an extra depth and beauty to the home. Choosing the Ellis Beach Collection of Art Deco furniture is a great choice to get a designer look to your luxurious 1640 sq ft home.

Grand 1640 Square Feet Homes Design

1640 Sqft Double Floor Contemporary Home Plan | Plans | House Designs

Having the option to select from a variety of plans is important when it comes to building a 1640 sqft house. Double floor contemporary home plans provide enough room for a stunning facade design and greater space for furniture and decorations. This plan consists of two floors, with a lot of flexibilities in the floorplan to incorporate the style of the house.

The structure of the house gives one freedom to easily manage and design the entrance, outdoor as well as indoor spaces. This double-storey1640 sqft plan offers enough space and practical customizations that enable people to build a modest but elegant house with a contemporary look. The roof can have a plain or low angled pitch as both look great with the Art Deco theme. Existing furniture such as Art Deco and space furniture can be used elegantly to spice up the interiors.

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1640 Sq Ft Modern House Design | Plans | House Designs

Modern house designs are built with Art Deco bearing in mind creating a unique atmosphere in the home. With the plans from 1640 sq ft house design, modern homes can be drawn up with ease. The plans cover the basics such as the number of rooms, layout, bathroom arrangements, etc. A modern house must have particular areas of plan modification. For one, the patio of the house can be created with gas fireplaces, barbecue pits, and seating areas that give the home a romantic look.

Geometrical patterns are an integral part of the Art Deco style, which can be highlighted through the use of fireplace mantels, door knobs, and frames that offer unique shapes and features. With proper maintenance and cleaning, these accents become beautiful pieces of artwork that stand out. When it comes to the windows and walls, bright shades of hues such as cherry red, honey yellow, and blueberry make for beautiful accents in the interior and exterior.

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Contemporary 1640 Sq Ft House Design | Home Plans & Blueprints | Home Design Ideas

A contemporary 1640 sq ft house design involves the perfect blending of classic and modern elements. This type of design provides an opportunity to capture the luxurious feel of classic style and incorporate it into modern day living. The plan should begin with a structural plan that incorporates both the interior and the exteriors. Open planned living, kitchen, and dining with sleek finishes create a sense of spaciousness.

For the exteriors, the fonts and bannisters should be crafted in such a way that they reflect the theme. Textured or hammered door knobs and handles and the use of bold accents are classic features of Art Deco style that should not be left out. Bold colour accents such as turquoise, peach, and emerald green enhance the contemporary look of the house. A unique modern detail will be glass block walls to achieve both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

1640 sq ft House Designs – Finishing Design and Plans

1640 sq ft Home Design Idea for a Couple | Home Plans & Blueprints | House Plans

When it comes to finding the perfect design ideas for a couple that just moved into a 1640 qft house, it is important to keep a few things in mind. The goal should be to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that expresses their personalities and lifestyles. Using the right warm and inviting colors, artworks, and furniture helps to enhance the look of the house.

The walls and ceiling should be painted with colors to add to the atmosphere of the house. Colors such as tangerine, terracotta, and bronze are great options. When it comes to furniture, Art Deco style is a must. Warm carpets, artistic chairs, and bold colors can create a homey feel to the place. For the lighting fixtures, the usual Art Deco style chandeliers make for a sophisticated look. To bring out the theme even more, wallpapers with geometrical patterns can be used.

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1640 sq ft Amazing House Design | Home Plans & Blueprints | Floor Plans

When it comes to achieving an amazing house design within a 1640 sqft house, making the most use of the available space is key. This is where proper floor planning comes into play as it presents a great opportunity to incorporate enough Art Deco styling in the house while preserving the need for spaciousness.

The furniture should be chosen such that it fits perfectly in the desired space. Big floor rugs and carpets with jewel tones, patterns, and printing further enhance the look of the Art Deco theme. Artwork pieces located strategically around the room can make a big difference. Art Deco style coffee and side tables should be chosen to keep up with the theme. Different wallpapers are available with Art Deco illustrations, borders, and other designs that can be used to elevate the look of the 1640 sq ft house.

Attractive 1640 Square Feet Home Design & Ideas with Three Bedrooms

Smartly Designed 1640 Sq Ft House - A Perfect Choice for Homebuyers

1640 Sq Ft House Design For people looking for a versatile and efficiently designed 1640 Sq Ft House , then your search is over. This lavish house offers the perfect mix of livability and affordability making it an ideal choice for homebuyers. House Design The design of this house stands out because of the many features it offers including 9-ft ceiling, a generously sized kitchen and an open floor plan. There's plenty of space for enjoyable family activities inside this two-story house that includes a stunning master suite for the parents, a large living room for activities, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dedicated dining room, and a two-car garage.


1640 Sq Ft House Design This house also has an incredibly well-executed layout providing maximum use of space. The large kitchen features plenty of storage and pantry options while the living room and bedrooms have enough comfortable space for a family. The master suite is elegantly designed and includes a large bedroom, bathroom, and a large walk-in closet.


1640 Sq Ft House Design The 1640 Sq Ft House is also built with top notch materials ensuring durability and longevity. Homes built with topoftheline materials are more energy efficient as well as resistant to the harsh elements of nature. This ensures the family will enjoy living in this house for many years to come.


1640 Sq Ft House Design The affordability of this house also makes it an attractive option for first-time homebuyers. With the right mortgages, this house can be owned in no time. This house offers all the features of a luxurious home without the hefty price tag many people look to avoid when searching for ideal homes.

For Those Looking for Quality

1640 Sq Ft House Design This 1640 Sq Ft House is the perfect house for those looking for an affordable yet well-designed house. It no longer needs to be a dream and can be a reality for those looking for a quality house without breaking the bank. The layout, design, and features of this house, combined with the price tag, make it a prime choice for those searching for the perfect home.