Best 56+ Gorgeous 100 Sq M House Plan Most Outstanding In 2023

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Are you planning to build a 100 sq m house? Looking for the best house plan for the space? Well, don't worry! You have come to the right place. Here is an exclusive collection of top 100 sq m house plans that will definitely give you the best of ideas and solutions for your home. Now, pick the perfect one for your home with ease. Get ready to embark on a journey with us to explore the modern house plan designs.

Small House Design Under 100 Square Meters: 10 Floor Plans | HomeDSGN

The idea of designing homes within such an area is becoming increasingly popular. Small house designs under 100 square meters offer great solutions for anyone looking to save money on construction. HomeDSGN provides 10 such models, with the latest floor plans offering you the perfect pick for your dream house that would suit your style.

The designs are created to blend aesthetic characteristics with practical features, so you can enjoy your new home both inside and out. On this platform, you can find designs that use space and tie in with the latest trends, all in one package. Whether you are looking for a two bedroom home for a young family, a multi-storey house offering additional space, or a luxurious penthouse to enjoy the city life, you are sure to find your perfect match here.

Small House Design Under 100 Square Meters: 10 Floor Plans

100 Square Meter House Designs | House Design

House Design offers an extraordinary selection of home designs created with attention to detail by renowned designers. It features house plans that are ideal for building spaces within 100 square meters. The contemporary styles create modern, practical living spaces, with tasteful décor that is pleasant to look at.

The selection of architecturally-sound plans vary from one and two story designs, to terrace houses and narrow lot models. Many of the designs also include great features such as natural light, open-plan living and outdoor living spaces. If you’re looking for a quality home design that won’t break the bank, then this is the place to look.


Modern House Plan to Narrow Lot with Three Bedrooms | Cool House Concepts

Cool House Concepts offers modern house plans that provide complete solutions for comfortable living. This platform presents one particularly reliable design with the goal of making the best use out of every space. This modern house plan, with an area of 90 square meters, features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and even outdoor living space.

The design allows natural light into each room, with tall windows giving the home an airy feel. An additional veranda expands the living area, ideally suited for enjoying the outdoors and connecting with nature. Wherever you choose to situate this plan, you can’t go wrong with the great features brought together in this design.

100 Square Meter House Designs

Floor Plans For Houses Under 100 Sq Meters: 30 More Helpful Examples Of Small Scale Living | HomeMyDesign

Small scale living is becoming more and more in demand, and HomeMyDesign provides homeowners with 30 inspiring floor plans for houses under 100 sq meters. These plans include designs from renowned architects, featuring thoughtful spaces that are conducive to a range of lifestyle needs.

Whether you are looking for a refined home or something a bit more relaxed, you can find designs to suit your preference. Furthermore, many of the plans come with additional features such as balconies, mezzanines, roof decks, and so forth. All plans can be fully customized, so you can be assured of getting your dream house no matter the size.

House Design

100 Square Meter House Design | Low Cost Housing

Low Cost Housing offers a wide range of designs for 100 square meter houses. Their plans range from two bedroom houses to four bedroom luxurious villas. The options vary in style and function, with most designs including an outdoor space.

The designs are designed with practicality in mind, with open and airy floor plans that provide plenty of room for natural light and air. Many of the plans also include additional features such as swimming pools, large porches, and lovely landscape ideas that make the most of the outdoor space. These impressive designs by Low Cost Housing make great reference points for creating the perfect home.

Modern House Plan to Narrow Lot with Three Bedrooms

100 Square Meter House Plan | Pinoy ePlans

Pinoy ePlans presents several house plans within 100 square meters, including a modern house plan that includes three bedrooms. This plan includes a living area, a dining room, a kitchen, a service area, and two bathrooms.

The plan also comes with features that are suitable for contemporary living, such as a garage, an outdoor balcony, and an area dedicated for laundry. Additionally, each room in the house has its own attractive aesthetic appeal, making it a great pick if you prefer spacious and stylish living.

Cool House Concepts

Modern House Plan Under 100 Square Meters: 2 Bedroom | Cool House Concepts

Cool House Concepts offers house plans that tick all the boxes, all in a two bedroom setting. This modern house plan features a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a bedroom, all of which are situated within just 100 square meters.

Aside from the main living areas, the plan also includes an outdoor living area that can be used for entertaining guests. The great thing about this plan is that the design offers the most out of small spaces. Its stunning features also make it a great pick for homeowners looking for something that is affordable yet sophisticated.

Floor Plans For Houses Under 100 Sq Meters: 30 More Helpful Examples Of Small Scale Living

Free Modern House Plan with Two Bedrooms | Wisma Home

Wisma Home offers an innovative take on modern house plans with this two bedroom design within 100 square meters. Its design is punctuated with minimalistic accents, with its modern structure bringing a touch of sophistication to any corner.

The house comes with an open plan living area, and two bedrooms complete with wardrobes. This practical design takes full advantage of the outdoor space, which can be used for their further expansion. All in all, this house plan captures the essence of modernity within a compact area.


Modern Two Bedroom House Plan | ArchDaily

ArchDaily provides homeowners with a modern two bedroom house plan within 100 square meters. This classic design features two large bedrooms with ample closets and storage areas. The interior area includes a living room, a dining area, and a kitchen that works hand in hand with the balcony outdoor space.

Aside from the minimalist aesthetic, this plan also has excellent function. It is complete with eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient appliances, water-efficient fixtures, and solar captive systems. This luxurious yet affordable model is a great pick for those who wish to live in style without breaking the bank.

100 Square Meter House Design

Modern House Plans Under 100 Square Meters: Three Examples Of Easy Living | HomeDesigning

HomeDesigning offers three examples of modern house plans under 100 square meters. These designs bring a modern flair to limited area situations, making them ideal for couples and young families. The featured examples present a two bedroom house with an additional living space, a luxurious three bedroom condominium, and a large two-storey home.

Each plan includes features such as balconies, outdoor spaces, an array of natural light, and spacious living areas. Despite the limited space, these designs excel in comfort and practicality. Such packet deals make these house plans by HomeDesigning an ideal choice for those looking to save money on building the perfect home.

Low Cost Housing

Designing Your 100 Sqm House Plan

100 sq m house plan When looking for the ideal house design for a 100 sqm lot size, it is important to consider how much space will be available for each desired living area feature. There are many different house plan layouts that can be used to create an efficient and attractive home design. Whether you are looking for a succint one-story residence or a two-story floorplan, the following ideas will help you form your perfect house design for a 100 sqm lot.

Maximizing Space with Zones

100 sq m house plan One of the key factors when it comes to house design is to maximize space usage. This may mean utilizing a multiple-level floor plan or by creating different zones within the house plan. Both types of home plans help to maximize the available square footage and can create a sense of openness within a smaller residence. Zoning is also an effective way to categorize different areas within the home, allowing residents to differentiate between private and public spaces.

Creating Open Areas

100 sq m house plan Whether you plan to build a small single-storey home or a two-level residence, there are many ways to create open-concept rooms. These areas merge spaces while still appearing inviting, making the home design feel spacious and airy. Open floor plans are great for entertaining guests or for allowing light to flow freely throughout the home, and can instantly give the house design a natural, open feel.

Utilizing Light

100 sq m house plan A clever way to create an open atmosphere is to focus on the use of natural light. Floor plans with strategically placed windows can open the space to outside light, making it feel larger and more inviting. Sliding glass doors can also be used to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living areas.

Investing in Quality Design

100 sq m house plan When it comes to your 100 sqm house plan, it is important to invest in quality design. Working with a professional home design team can ensure that you achieve the perfect layout for your lot, and your fixtures and fittings are optimized for maximum use. House designs constructed with quality materials and a premium finish can also ensure a longer-lasting residence.

Focusing on Details

100 sq m house plan For an outstanding design, focus on the details. Matching material finishes can seamlessly link rooms and furniture pieces can be carefully curated to maximize space while still creating a stylish and effortlessly chic atmosphere. With some minor touches, it is possible to create a unique and remarkable house design for a 100 sqm lot size.