Best 73+ Gorgeous Windriver House Plan Voted By The Construction Association

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Are you looking for the ideal windriver house plan that meets your needs and lifestyle? Look no further! This article provides an overview of the top windriver house plans, the pros and cons of each, what to look for in a windriver house plan, and how to get started on finding the perfect plan for you. We cover everything from small cottages to sprawling mansions — no matter your budget and taste, you’ll find something that fits. So let’s get you started, here are the best windriver house plans.

The Whitley | WindRiver | House Design

Introducing The Whitley, a gorgeous Art Deco inspired house designed by WindRiver Homes. Featuring a grand entrance with a wrought iron door and mahogany tones, this masterpiece speaks to the quality and craftsmanship WindRiver stands by in their homes. The Whitley provides amazing space with the main floor featuring a living room with a fireplace, open kitchen and dining room, main floor office, and three large bedrooms. In addition, this house also has a stunning outdoor lounge area great for entertaining.

The Whitley

The Mayfield | WindRiver | House Design

The Mayfield is another beautiful Art Deco inspired home by WindRiver Homes. With an exterior finished in brick and timber, this house exudes that classic Art Deco charm. On the interior, the intricate details this home offers stuns the eye. From its refined woodwork to the detailed cladding, no expense was spared in adding an amazing element of beauty to the Mayfield. Boasting three bedrooms, two baths, open living and dining areas, and stunning natural light, the Mayfield is truly a unique display of Art Deco grandeur.


The Evergreen | WindRiver | House Design

The Evergreen, a stunning addition to the WindRiver Homes selection features a bold yet classic Art Deco style that’s sure to impress. The exterior is finished in a guillotine stone and cedar, complementing the landscape and giving the home a very elegant presence. Inside, stunning glass work, tiling, and marble accents are features that will catch your eye when entering the home. Providing plenty of living space, the Evergreen offers four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a large living room, separate dining area and den, and even a separate cabana for additional entertaining.

House Design

The Camden | WindRiver | House Design

This classic Art Deco styled home by WindRiver Homes features brick and timber on the exterior, providing an old school charm. Inside, timber floors pave the way into an open living and dining area, which is equipped with a gas fireplace. Still on the main floor, you will find the kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a walk-in pantry, and plenty of cabinet and counter space. Upstairs, there are four ample sized bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Outside, a covered porch is also featured, great for outdoor entertaining.

The Mayfield

The Chestnut | WindRiver | House Design

The Chestnut, another stunning WindRiver Art Deco creation features an exterior finish of brick and stone, with distinctive timber design accents. Inside is where this house’s beauty truly shines. From the detailed mouldings to the grand staircase, no expense was spared when crafting this exquisite home. Overall, the Chestnut offers plenty of living space, with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a living room, home office, dining area, and two-car garage. In addition, there’s also a sunroom that’s great for reading or relaxing.


TheDavenport | WindRiver | House Design

The Davenport by WindRiver Homes offers unmatched beauty and style. Finishing the exterior with a combination of brick, timber and stone, The Davenport offers a classic Art Deco look. On the inside, this house features no less than 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, with the main floor clearly displaying the firepower behind this homes charm. Timber doors open up to a grand living room with a gas fireplace, with an open kitchen and dining area. In addition, a massive screened porch is also featured, great for outdoor entertaining. 7.

The Hartford | WindRiver | House Design

The Hartford, a very classy Art Deco design by WindRiver Homes features a classic exterior finished in brick and stone. Inside, intricate woodwork and masonry provide incredible beauty, and the main floor features a large living area with gas fireplace and plenty of natural light streaming in. This home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms on the second floor, with a glass atrium above giving a very nice and refreshing touch. In addition, there’s also a basement with a media room and bar for additional entertaining.

House Design

The Juniper | WindRiver | House Design

The Juniper is an unparalleled selection available from WindRiver Homes. Finished excellently in brick and timber, the Juniper is sure to catch the eye. Inside, the home boasts high ceilings and classic floor-to-ceiling windows, granting natural light to enter in from many angles. Overall, the Juniper offers 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a family room with a gas fireplace, an open kitchen, and two balconies. In addition, a large screened porch is available, and can be used for endless outdoor entertaining options.

The Evergreen

The Magnolia | WindRiver | House Design

The Magnolia by WindRiver Homes is Art Deco done right. With a classic brick and stone finish on the exterior, The Magnolia truly stands out. On the inside, this classic charm continuously thrives, with its grand interior stained glass windows, mouldings, and beautiful floors. In terms of living space, The Magnolia sports 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a large living room, kitchen, breakfast nook, and two-story office. Furthermore, a screened porch and patio are also available, making this house surely the perfect place to host outdoor events.


The Summit | WindRiver | House Design

Last but certainly not least, we have The Summit, one of the premier Art Deco style homes from WindRiver Homes. This exquisite home was designed for entertaining and hosting guests, and it certainly shows in the grand detail and beauty of this house. From the magnificent front door to the refined woodwork, the Summit will make your guests marvel at its grandeur. Inside, the Summit provides plenty of space for entertaining, boasting five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a large family room, and a formal dining room. As well, an outdoor pool area is featured, with an abundance of seating, a tankless hot tub, and access to the guest house.

House Design

Understanding Windriver House Plan for Beautiful Living

windriver house plan Home design is an art and every homeowner has a preference for their perfect abode. The Windriver House Plan is an attractive and efficient design guaranteed to give families the perfect place to make memories and relax. It offers a mixture of four and five bedroom options to choose from, making it an ideal choice for any family. Plus, it offers large common areas that provide plenty of space for activities without sacrificing overall balance.

Specially Designed for Maximum Comfort

windriver house plan This attractive house plan incorporates high ceilings and modern features that make each room look spacious and inviting. The large windows are designed to provide natural lighting that maximizes the effect, while its various options let homeowners customize their layout in any way they desire. Plus, the use of recessed lighting allows homeowners to pick the brightness level preferred within each room. The result is an impressive format that offers something unique and attractive while providing maximum comfort.

Ample Storage and Closets

windriver house plan The Windriver House Plan also offers ample storage and closets that can be easily accessed to provide plenty of room for clothes, shoes, and other miscellaneous items. With closets of various sizes, it is easy to keep everything organized and stored away in an orderly fashion, giving the entire home a neat and tidy appearance. The ample storage options and large closets make it easier to keep the home clutter-free on a daily basis.

An Enhanced Exterior Design

windriver house plan The exterior design of the Windriver House Plan is just as attractive as the interior. Its enhanced porch option offers a unique and lovely way to spend time outdoors while still being close to home. For larger gatherings, the exterior also offers a generous fenced in yard perfect for entertaining, making it the perfect way to extend living areas.

An Open Floor Plan Perfect for Gatherings

windriver house plan Featuring an open floor plan , the Windriver House Plan is perfect for all kinds of gatherings. Its large family room and media room offer plenty of space for entertainment, while its optional upstairs bonus room is great for activities that keep a family busy. Additionally, it also offers accessory dwelling units, such as a private apartment for extended family members.

Customize for Unrivaled Pinehurst Living

windriver house plan The Windriver House Plan is a great way to enjoy unrivaled Pinehurst living . With plenty of room and modern features, homeowners can enjoy a beautiful and spacious home while still having the flexibility to make it their own. From adding customized furniture to creating a layout that is specific to one's lifestyle, the Windriver House Plan offers something special for everyone.