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Are you looking for the best vintage house plan ranch? Are you looking for classic and stylish designs that focus on the architecture associated with vintage styles? Here we round up the top vintage house plans to help you find the perfect one for your dream home. Whether it’s an architectural masterpiece or a like-new charm, these plans come with plenty of heritage appeal. So let’s check out the best plans available!

Traditional Ranch Style House Plans from offers an array of traditional ranch style house plans including the classic ranch home for those looking to spice up their home with a little retro nostalgia. Whether you’re looking for a basic ranch design or a plan that featues an art deco-inspired exterior, has plenty of options. As the main house style of the 1950’s and 1960’s, the traditional ranch house plan offers one-level living that is sometimes referred to as a “rambler” or “ranch-style house.”

The ranch house style is typically one story, but can also be a raised ranch or split level, and is often characterized by being long and low-slung, and most often has large windows and/or sliding glass doors throughout the home. The traditional ranch house plan provides plenty of room to stretch out horizontally, making it popular for families who need all of their living areas on a single floor. The ranch house is typically wider than it is deep, and usually utilizes an “L” or “U” shaped floor plan with the living, dining, and family room across the front of the home and a hallway to access the bedroom and bathrooms.

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Ranch Home Plans - House Plans and More

House Plans and More offers an extensive collection of ranch house plans that feature luxurious exterior features in a variety of Art Deco designs. Our diverse selection of ranch home plans offers a variety of sizes and architectural styles, and provides everything from the traditional American ranch house to more modern designs with an Art Deco twist. The extensive collection of ranch home plans includes features such as large bedrooms and any combinations of open floor plans, wrap-around porches, spacious entryways, and more.

Modern ranch style homes often feature low-pitched, gable-end roofs, and boxed shapes. Some ranch house plans may even include an attached garage. Many of our ranch house plans also feature raised foundations, adding to the range of available designs. This makes it easier to adjust the plan to the lay of the lot, take advantage of views, and incorporate easy access to a patio for outdoor living.

Ranch Home Plans - House Plans and More

Ranch House Plans Lamplighter 11-779 Associated Designs

The Lamplighter 11-779 is a classic ranch house plan featuring a modern Art Deco design. This one-level home plan has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The home is designed with a generous family foyer off the front. The dining room on one side of the home is tucked away past the living room, making it an ideal spot for more formal entertaining. On the other side of the home, there are three bedrooms, including the generous master suite.

The kitchen and breakfast nook open to the family room, creating a large space for family living. This room has sliding door access to a large rear patio, making outdoor living and entertaining a breeze. A two-car garage with direct access to the foyer finishes off this classic ranch plan.

Ranch House Plans Lamplighter 11-779 Associated Designs

Vintage Home Plans from the Mid-Century - has an extensive collection of vintage home plans from the mid-century era, many of which feature Art Deco exteriors and plenty of room for modern amenities. This means that you can take a classic style and make it your own with modern finishes and amenities to create your dream home. Most of the plans include spacious floor plans with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, flexible living spaces, and open floor plans.

These vintage house plans are usually one or two stories and feature ranch-style sprawl, raised foundations, and steep roofs. Some of the exteriors feature perfect pitched roofs, while others are designed with gable-ended roofs for more modern style. When coupled with quaint and classic exteriors, these vintage plans create a timeless feel.

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Ranch House Plans - Ranch-Style Homes - carries a wide selection of ranch house plans that offer everything from the classic one-story layout to plan designs with an Art Deco twist. When selecting a ranch house plan, shoppers should consider important characteristics like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms desired, the architecture style, and the overall size of the plan. The ranch house plans offered on are customizable, allowing shoppers to adjust the plan design to their specific needs.

Ranch house plans are one-story homes and tend to have a simpler floor plan than other house styles. This makes them eternally popular as they are easier to maintain with fewer square feet to clean, and also cost less to heat and cool. Some of the more classic ranch house plans may even feature an attached two-car garage for added convenience.

Ranch House Plans - Ranch-Style Homes -

Ranch House Design Ideas & Floor Plans from offers a wide variety of ranch house design ideas and floor plans for any situation, including those with an art deco inspired exterior. Initial design ideas include one-story homes with attached garages, covered entryways, spacious master suites, and open floor plans. And for those needing multilevel living, has plenty of two-story ranch house plans designed with classic style.

The interior of the ranch-style home has been designed to promote flexibility in order to suit any lifestyle. Many ranch house plans feature an open floor plan that offers an inviting flow from one room to the next. Outdoor living is also important in ranch style design, and offers plans with patios, decks, and porches to provide ample room for outdoor entertaining.

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Vintage House Plans 1950s: Ranch Style Homes

House Plans from the '50s have been a classic American favorite for many years. With timeless designs that incorporate Art Deco elements, the Vintage House Plans from the 1950s offer an incredibly unique combination of fashion and function. These plans often feature separate living and family rooms, frivolous bedrooms, and more convenient storage for everyday items.

Ranch-style homes with a 1950s look typically show flat or shallow rooflines punctuated by one or more oversized skylights and large windows. Low-pitched gabled roofs, exaggerated roof overhang, exposed rafters, elaborate chimneys, and more are often found in these home plans. These vintage house plans from the 1950s also often come with attached garages, accordion-style doors, large patios, and lushly planted gardens.

Vintage House Plans 1950s: Ranch Style Homes

Vintage ranch style house plan - 2Bed | 1 Bath | Ranch

Vintage house plans from the '50s feature an Art Deco twist that creates a feeling of modern vintage style. One such plan is the 2Bed | 1 Bath | Ranch house plan, which utilizes an open-concept floor plan with living, kitchen, and dining spaces all on one level. The master bedroom features private access from the living area, and both bedrooms open up to a large patio area, perfect for outdoor entertaining.

The Vintage Ranch house plan features traditional elements like exposed rafters, brick exterior walls, and an oversized skylight in the center of the roof. The home also includes an attached two car garage, a large mudroom, and a complete master suite. With its classic look and modern features, this ranch house plan is a perfect mixture of elegance and timeless charm.

Vintage ranch style house plan - 2Bed

Open Concept Ranch Home Plan - 89908AH | Architectural has an extensive selection of ranch house plans, including the Open Concept Ranch Home Plan – 89908AH, which offers a sleek art deco design. At 2,187 square feet, this airy design is the perfect option for those who want to bring an element of vintage style to their home. The exterior of the home features a stone and brick façade, capturing the designs of the mid-century era and modernizing them for today's lifestyle.

The interior of the home is just as appealing. The main living area and kitchen are an open concept connected by an expansive breakfast bar, creating an inviting space for entertaining. Residents can relax on the rear patio or in the cozy master suite, complete with ample closet space and a private bath. A two-car garage and a spacious laundry room round out the design, creating an ideal family home.

1 Bath

Mid Century Ranch House Plans - Retro Home Plans from

Retro Home Plans from brings charm and character to your home with mid-century ranch house plans, including selections with a touch of Art Deco flair. With an emphasis on functionality, these architectural designs offer spacious living areas, private master suites, and often oversized garages for convenience. From a variety of sizes and shapes, you can find a plan that suits your needs, whether you are seeking a one-story, two-story, or split-level option.

The mid-century ranch house plan often uses a classic combination of brick and stone as the exterior façade and often includes expansive windows and roof overhangs, classic pitched roofs, and more. The interior of the house adds to the vintage appeal, featuring large living spaces, shaker style cabinets, and a variety of natural materials. With its timeless design, the mid-century ranch house plan can bring the charm of a bygone era into your home.


Vintage Ranch House Plans

vintage house plan ranch Ranch house plans are highly sought after for their versatility, classic charm and sensible design. This style of home is typically an open concept with a single story , long, low-pitched roof and combination of a porch and one or more balconies. A vintage ranch house plan with its exterior nostalgic feel and enduring popularity offers plenty of appeal and modern convenience. A ranch home often has multiple bedrooms while maintaining an intimate and efficient layout. A common variation is the split-level ranch which leaves room for the necessary separate living, dining, and sleeping areas without sacrificing some of the open floor plan that is usually the hallmark of a ranch house. It allows for extra bedrooms or living space on a more compact property. Vintage ranch house plans include modern touches such as expansive windows, flexible floor plans, and plenty of storage space. This style of home may incorporate a multitude of goals and intentions, providing efficient living space. Whether for a single person or a family, these designs are the perfect combination of style and efficiency.

Pros and Cons of Vintage Ranch Houses

vintage house plan ranch The advantages of a ranch house include economical square footage, the flexibility to modify the design and an ease of construction. Many floor plans and builds can save money and time by taking advantage of the single story base and efficient use of the space. On the other hand, some of the disadvantages of a ranch house plan may include short walls and cramped interior spaces. This style is not particularly suitable for large or extended families as four to five bedrooms may not work in this style. Additionally, the simple shape of the ranch floorplan may not be aesthetically pleasing to everyone's taste.

Designing a Vintage Ranch Home

vintage house plan ranch Modern vintage ranch house plans combine the convenience, natural light, and open-concept of a traditional ranch house with modern touches such as large windows and updated features and appliances. Some of the design features commonly associated with vintage ranch homes are a rustic vibe, durable materials, and contemporary features. When making any home updates or renovations, consider any restrictions, limitations, and building codes in the area. Be sure to hire a qualified, well-reviewed contractor. A professional contractor will help ensure the home is built according to the home plan. Vintage ranch homes are perfect for those looking for an efficient, but stylish home. The countless floor plan designs, materials, and fixtures make a vintage ranch house a unique, personalized expression of homeowners and an ideal place for modern living.