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Dreaming of building the home of your dreams? Look no further than this dynamic collection of best two storey house plans 3D that provide top-level amenities for maximum comfort and convenience. Carefully selected from leading designers and architects, these plans represent the ultimate in modern two-storey living. Choose from a variety of functional layouts that maximize space, with options for customizing to suit your lifestyle and tastes. Take your time to explore the best two storey house plans 3D and you'll soon be ready to make your dream a reality!

Two-Story House Plans & Home Designs

Traditional two-story house plans have been around since the early days of American history. They are ideal for narrow lots or deep urban lots, and they're a great choice for families who want the look and feel of a larger home without breaking the bank. Two-story house plans offer separate living areas on each level, allowing guests or family members to have their own space. And when you choose one of the top 10 Art Deco house designs, you can be sure your home will make a bold statement.

Today's modern two-story house plans feature plenty of style. Each of these designs comes in a range of styles, including Traditional, Colonial, Craftsman, and more. Many also offer 3D house plans, making it easy to visualize what your house will look like prior to building. Whatever your taste, from the eclectic to the classic, these homes will give you the perfect backdrop for making memories and living life to the fullest.

Two-Story House Plans & Home Designs

Two-Story House Plans & Home Designs: House Designs

Art Deco House Design is becoming more popular as a style choice for homeowners. Art Deco house designs are steeped in influences from French, Spanish, and Italian architecture. Art Deco house plans feature bold symmetrical features and rich embellishments, emphasizing a graceful style. Featuring straight geometric forms and mesmerizing visuals, the Art Deco style is considered to be the most distinctive style in modern architecture.

The two-story home plans featured here feature many unique and interesting elements. For example, French doors with oval frosted glass are a common feature. Front porches with fan-shaped toppers and a curved railing finish off the look, as does the wrap-around windows with ornamental moulding. Intricate metal accents, distinct vertical lines, and curved curves further enhance the look and feel.

Two-Story House Plans & Home Designs: House Designs

The Gorgeous Two-Story Home Plans

When you're looking for the ideal two-story home plans, look no further than Art Deco designs. These plans are true to the Art Deco style, full of curves, ornamentation, and geometric shapes. The two-story home plans featured here feature many of the features that make Art Deco homes so visually appealing. Large front porches compliment the exterior, while lower and upper balconies often feature wrap-around windows.

The 3D house plans featured here closely resemble the actual home structure after it has been built. Through the innovative use of 3D technology, potential customers can visualize their virtual home before it is built. This helps them fine-tune the design and make any desired alterations, resulting in a truly unique home.

The Gorgeous Two-Story Home Plans

3D House Plans | Modern Two-Story House Plans

Modern two-story house plans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many feature halls of doors along the front and sides of the home. These doors help to provide airflow and natural lighting. Inside these designs, family members can get together and enjoy each other’s company in comfortable living spaces. Upstairs sleeping options can accommodate family members or guests.

Many of these plans include a bonus family room or home theatre room, allowing for family entertainment or extra storage. The two-story home design featured here allows for spacious, open floor plans while maximizing space on the second floor. Detailed wood trim and intricate metal accents make these plans stand out, while energy-saving LED lighting and low-flow fixtures keep energy bills low.

3D House Plans

Two-Story Home Design & Layout Ideas

One of the beauties of two-story house designs is that they allow for spacious bedrooms and bathrooms on both the first and second floor. This flexibility in design offers endless opportunities for customizing the interior space to fit your family’s needs. For example, you could choose a two-story home plan that includes separate living areas for family members to enjoy.

For a grand entrance, make sure to select one of the two storey design ideas that includes a large foyer. This adds to the visual appeal of the home and helps to keep out the cold during winter months. Or, if you’d like more direct access from the outside, you could create a stairwell with glass windows that allow natural light to enter the home.

Modern Two-Story House Plans

Two Storey Design Ideas | Home Designs | Metricon

If you’re looking for a two-story home with custom features, take a look at the wonderful two storey designs from Metricon. Metricon offers a selection of two storey home designs that can be custom designed to fit your tastes, whether it's a classic style or a modern look. From traditional to contemporary, there are plenty of choices to make your dream home a reality.

Metricon also offers 3D front for those who want to get a better look at their two-story home before building. With 3D front, customers can see what the finished product will look like from the front. This helps save time and money in the long run, since you’ll know exactly what to expect prior to constructing.

Two-Story Home Design & Layout Ideas

Two Storey House Designs | Custom Home Builders | Carlisle Homes

Carlisle Homes offer customers a wide selection of two storey house designs. Whether you’re looking for a dream home or a practical home for your family, Carlisle Homes has just what you need. From classic two storey designs to modern homes, the range of options is sure to fulfill any homeowner’s dreams. In addition, they offer custom home builder services for those who want something truly unique.

With Carlisle Homes, you’ll get not only a home that meets your needs but also one that fits your style. All of their homes are made with the highest-quality materials and the most advanced building technologies, making them a great option for those looking for a well-built two storey house that stands the test of time.

Two Storey Design Ideas

Two Storey Home Designs | New Home Plans - Advantage Homes

Advantage Homes offer many two storey home designs that are perfect for those looking for beautiful yet functional living spaces. These homes are built to last and come with modern amenities such as energy-efficient features and spacious bedrooms and bathrooms. Plus, the open floor plans offer plenty of flexibility and allow for a variety of furniture sizes and shapes.

Advantage Homes offers plans that are suitable for narrow lots or deep urban lots and feature modern features like an outdoor kitchen, two-storey balconies, and a terrace with a hot tub. When you choose one of their two storey house design with 3D floor plan options, you’ll be able to visualize what your house would look like after it has been built.

Home Designs

Two Storey House Design With 3D Floor Plan - 24hPlans

When you’re shopping for two storey house plans, you can’t go wrong with 24hPlans. Their selection of two storey house plans is vast, featuring a wide range of styles and sizes. Each of their homes is carefully designed for maximum energy efficiency and modern living. Their plans also include fantastic features such as walk-in closets and bonus rooms.

Plus, 24hPlan’s two storey house design with 3D floor plan makes it easy to visualize the home prior to build. Their 3D floor plans give you the freedom to customize layouts and walks of life, giving you the chance to make your dream home a reality. With 24hPlans, creating your dream home is easier than ever.


Explore the Advantages of a Two Storey House Plan 3D Design

two storey house plan 3d Today, homeowners have the option of crafting their own two storey house plan 3D designs through a variety of online software, giving them the freedom to design their dream home without breaking the bank. With a 3D house plan , homeowners are able to get an accurate representation of their floor plan and see exactly how their finished home will look before any construction takes place.

Attain Any Design You Can Imagine

two storey house plan 3d Creating your own two storey house plan 3D allows you to craft each and every detail to fit your exact needs. Whether it's a bedroom with specifically placed windows, an outdoor kitchen, or a spiral staircase that leads to a private garden; a 3D house plan will let you know exactly what to expect.

Make Use of Pre-made Designs

two storey house plan 3d Designing a two storey house plan 3D doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. Many websites provide homeowners with a wide variety of pre-made designs to choose from. With a few minor adjustments to these plans, homeowners can take a pre-built design and make it exactly what they desire for their home.

Set Up a Schedule and Timeline

two storey house plan 3d On some websites, homeowners have the option to set up a timeline for their construction process. This helps them plan out their build and helps them keep detailed records of the entire project. This timeline can also be shared with builders, architects, and other contractors, to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Stay Within Budget

two storey house plan 3d In addition to being able to create their own designs, homeowners also have the ability to work within a budget. Using 3D software, you can accurately measure space and estimate costs in order to stay within budget. This enables homeowners to create beautiful and unique designs, without drastically overspending.

Easily Visualize Your Home

two storey house plan 3d Creating a two storey house plan 3D allows homeowners to visualize their home before making any major decisions. With a detailed 3D design, homeowners are able to get a better understanding of how their space will look and work. This helps them hone in on any changes or modifications that need to be made. By utilizing a two storey house plan 3D design, homeowners can easily craft their dream home and stay within their budget. With this type of 3D design, homeowners can be sure that their finished product will look exactly as they envisioned.