Uncover 97+ Stunning Triangular House Plan For Every Budget

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Are you planning to build a unique and eye-catching home? A triangular home is a popular choice for its one-of-a-kind design that stands apart from the average square or rectangular-shaped home. We have put together a top list of the best triangular house plan, ranging from cozy modular homes to luxurious beachside villas. With our expert advice, you can rest assure you are selecting a plan that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

L-Shaped Triangular House Plan Top 10 Art Deco House Designs

This art deco house design offers plenty of modern appeal due to its low, energy-efficient shape and design inspired by the iconic architecture of the early 20th century. With its rectangular base and two projecting wings, the house offers an eclectic yet pragmatically viable design solution that can compare with many other styles. From the well-defined corners to the highly efficient interior spaces, this house plan offers plenty of ways to integrate art deco aesthetics into a modern setting.

The open floor plan of the L-shaped triangular house allows for a creative yet efficient layout, allowing for various living and work spaces to co-mingle and share in unobtrusive, energy-efficient fashion. The wings project from the main central base, giving the house a dynamic and unique shape. The height and wideness of the house vary greatly, making for an interesting and lively roof line that further emphasizes the house’s art deco roots.

L-Shaped Triangular House Plan

Modern Triangular House Plan Top 10 Art Deco House Designs

The modern triangular house plan is the perfect fit for making the most of a small outdoor area. This sleek and understated design offers plenty of modern appeal while holding onto a timeless, art deco inspired shape. The simple and efficient lines of the house are perfect for the small front or backyard of contemporary homes, offering a chic yet viable layout that won’t take up too much of your outdoor space.

The modern triangular house design prioritises efficiency over aesthetics, resulting in a more minimal look with a large interior. This is achieved by locating all the bedrooms on one floor, with the living, dining and kitchen areas located on the other. This compact plan also ensures low construction and running costs and it has the added advantage of allowing the occupant to enjoy beautiful views of their outdoor surroundings regardless of the interior of the house itself.

Modern Triangular House Plan

Narrow Lot Triangle Bungalow House Design Top 10 Art Deco House Designs

The narrow lot triangle bungalow exemplifies the modern yet timeless art deco house look. This home design combines classic geometrical shapes with a contemporary edge, modernizing the look while still retaining the rustic charm of early bungalow-style homes. Constructed on a narrow lot and composed of two generous rectangles, the house stands in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

The bungalow has a two-storey design, with a wide verandah at the front that takes advantage of its views of nearby landscapes and provides a spot for outdoor relaxation. The interior of the house is well-lit and airy due to the large panes of floor-to-ceiling windows that open up each room to its views. The pitched roof also ensures that the house sits low in contrast to its surroundings, ensuring it does not overpower its context.

Narrow Lot Triangle Bungalow House Design

Tall and Narrow Triangular House Plan Top 10 Art Deco House Designs

Ideal for those with a small outdoor space, this triangular house plan is a modern yet classic way to create an art deco inspired home. Ideal for subdivisions and suburban living, the narrow triangular shape provides plenty of interior design possibilities while still staying true to the art deco aesthetic.

The tall and narrow design gives the house a unique identity, allowing it to easily fit into many different contexts. It reinforces the key principles of the art deco look, offering clean lines, an ornate “frame” and a reimagined version of an arcade-style ceiling. The interior space of the house is divided into two floors, with the living and dining room located on the main floor and the bedrooms in the attic floor, ensuring the home maximizes its capacity regardless of its size.

Tall and Narrow Triangular House Plan

Triangle-Shaped Multi-Level Home Top 10 Art Deco House Designs

The triangle-shaped multi-level home offers a modern take on the art deco style, capturing all of its defining elements while introducing a more progressive and contemporary twist. A blend of open-plan and multi-level living spaces, this home takes the triangle shape to its maximum potential, creating an efficient and dynamic interior.

The interior is not only spacious and comfortable but it is also highly modern. The upper level incorporates plenty of floor-to-ceiling glazing, allowing light to bounce around the interior and providing plenty of views of the outdoors. The lower levels contain a rich array of comfortable and social spaces, with the cleverly shaped floor also contributing to the dynamic feel of the home.

Triangle-Shaped Multi-Level Home

Conical Triangular Mountain A-Frame Home Top 10 Art Deco House Designs

The conical triangular mountain A-frame home is an ambitious endeavor that seeks to embody all the grandeur of the early 20th-century classics. Built on an isolated mountain plot off the beaten track, the home looks to take full advantage of its surroundings, marrying modern aesthetics to the wild beauty of the natural environment.

The A-frame design pays homage to the former, while giving the house an angular twist. The house uses the circle shaped cone as its base, and the roof has a series of triangular peaks extending from the center, giving the house a truly distinctive shape. The interior is arranged in a highly efficient manner, opening up the home to natural light and emphasizing its contemporary feel.

Conical Triangular Mountain A-Frame Home

Small Triangular Shaped House Design Top 10 Art Deco House Designs

The small triangular house design is a great fit for small personal spaces. This traditional yet modern design has a small footprint and offers plenty of natural light, making it perfect for a small suburban or urban area. The façade of the house shows careful attention to detail, encapsulating the art deco movement via its intricate bordering around the windows.

The small triangular shape of the house allows it to be easily integrated into many different backyards, no matter the size or shape. With its efficient layout, indestructible construction and unique character, this house provides an all-inclusive solution for small living, from bachelor and one bedroom apartments to single-family homes. Its efficient design also guarantees affordable running and maintenance costs, making it the perfect fit for all budgets.

Small Triangular Shaped House Design

Efficient Triangular Floor Plan Top 10 Art Deco House Designs

The efficient triangular floor plan is based on the classic art deco style but with an adapted modern twist. This design takes advantage of the most efficient aspects of this style, creating a streamlined layout that allows the building to take full advantage of the available space. By building upwards, the house is able to fit more space into a smaller area, creating a more productive layout.

This floor plan gives occupants a diverse range of options when it comes to how to use the space. From a home office to a kitchen, the occupant of the house can truly make this space their own. The roof line also adds an extra dimension to the floor plan, allowing for more space and a more interesting, dynamic look for the building.

Efficient Triangular Floor Plan

Set-Back Triangular Home Plan Top 10 Art Deco House Designs

The set-back triangular home plan is a great fit for any corner lot, offering efficiency and modern appeal in an efficient shape. This design effectively capitalizes on the space available, turning an awkward shape into a sophisticated yet practical floor plan. By eliminating the need for external walls and making use of the natural corners, the house offers plenty of space for a centralized living area and bedrooms.

The roof line of the house is also quite interesting, with two large pitches creating an impressive entrance to the living area and offering more wall space for natural glazing, which can be used to enjoy views of the garden. The interior, however, is what really makes this home come alive, with the bright, open plan creating plenty of unique and creative opportunities for a comfortable lifestyle.

Set-Back Triangular Home Plan

Carved Stone Triangle Home Plan Top 10 Art Deco House Designs

Combining a triangle home plan with traditional materials such as stone gives it a historic yet contemporary feel. This design marries the classic art deco landscape with a modern interior layout, creating a unique and enigmatic home that oozes both history and character. This house plan prioritizes efficiency above all else, and this shows through its strategic interior layout that is based on the triangular shape of the exterior.

The carved stone façade not only looks great but also adds texture and a rustic aesthetic to the home. The interior of the house is light and airy, with large open plan spaces making up for the slight lack of walls to separate living areas. The rooftop is also a great addition to the house plan, offering plenty of outdoor living space while staying in tune with the overall look of the building.

Carved Stone Triangle Home Plan

The Advantages of a Triangular House Plan

triangular house plan The triangular house plan has been a popular choice for home builders over the years, especially in locations with small or unusual lot shapes. With this design, a wedged-shaped structure is created that looks like a triangle when viewed from the side. The unique design allows builders to make the most of smaller lots, or sites that are narrow and long. Many builders also enjoy the challenge of designing a home that can be built around the property's lot configuration. The angled sides of a triangular house plan easily lend themselves to interesting roof designs, such as a mansard roof or a gambrel roof, providing a home with plenty of curb appeal. While a triangular house may only offer limited useable space, its efficient use of materials helps to keep construction costs low when compared to other designs. Additionally, the tapered shape allows builders to position the house for maximum natural sunlight and ventilation.

Modern Ideas for Triangular Homes

triangular house plan Modern builders have been able to come up with innovative ideas and design details to make the most of the triangular house plan . For instance, the pointed front of the house can have a large picture window, and porch or balcony so that the beauty of the house can be showcased. Inside, homeowners can choose a floor plan with angled walls, a spiral staircase, and plenty of corner windows to take advantage of the view. In order to make the most of a triangular house's angles, custom details, special windows, and lots of natural light are encouraged.

Tips for Buying a Triangular Home

triangular house plan When shopping for a triangular house plan , homeowners should consider which direction the pointed front of the house will face. This will help determine the amount of natural light and ventilation that the house will receive. Additionally, homeowners should inspect the interior of the house to make sure that space is being used as efficiently as possible. Finally, they should evaluate the exterior of the house to ensure that the unique roof and design details are actually beneficial rather than just decorative.