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Small space living has never been so easy! Make the most of your tiny living with one of these best treehouse tiny house plans. Imagine spending your days and nights surrounded by nature while still having all the creature comforts and convenience you could imagine! From rustic cabins to modern living spaces, we've found the top treehouse tiny homes that will have you feeling right at home while still being able to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Treehouse Tiny House Plans - Escape One XL | House Designs

Treehouse tiny house plans have become a popular trend in the recent years. As people all over the world are looking for more efficient living solutions, tiny house plans are becoming more and more popular. Treehouse tiny house plans provide a unique solution to really reduce the size of your home, while still giving you a beautiful, comfortable, and cozy feeling.

Escape One XL, by Treehouse Tiny House Plans, is a great example of a treehouse tiny house. This tiny house is designed to fit on a standard trailer and can accommodate up to 6 people in its 275 square feet of living space. The Escape One XL takes advantage of maximized space, utilizing the height of the structure to create two lofts and a large kitchen with a full-sized stove and fridge.

It’s perfect for those who want to save space on the inside, without sacrificing any of the classic amenities of a home. The exterior is modeled after an art deco style which includes a stable awning and a front porch, both of which are made of wood. Additionally, it has modern amenities such as solar power storage and a composting toilet for a completely sustainable living experience.

Treehouse Tiny House Plans - Escape One XL

Treehouse Tiny House Plans - Pin-Up Houses - Nomad

Pin-up Houses, established by pin up couple Paloma and James, offers an amazing tiny house rental experience with its Nomad tiny house. This is a great example of an art deco tiny house design, as it incorporates various art deco elements with modern features.

Nomad is a one-room tiny house with a fully equipped kitchenette, full-sized bed, plenty of living space, and two outdoor spaces that are perfect for entertaining friends. The exterior of this tiny house is designed to invoke a classic art deco feel, with an overhang above the main entry and repeating geometrical shapes around every corner.

The interior is an aesthetically pleasing blend of wood paneling and art deco-inspired furniture. While the overall layout may seem simple, the use of downlights and full wall-length windows gives the tiny house a feeling of spaciousness. Other added amenities include a built-in shower and a composting toilet, making this tiny house perfect for both the eco-conscious and art aficionados alike.

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Treehouse Tiny House Plans - Mountainside Home by Heirloom Design & Build | House Designs

Heirloom Design & Build is a Tennessee-based design and build firm specializing in convenient, sustainable, and innovative homes. Their Mountainside Home is an excellent example of an art deco tiny house plan, as it uses classic art deco elements on the exterior and maximizes space within the home.

The Mountainside Home is a one-story structure with an exterior clad in natural cedarwood. Its art deco design combines a cantilevered roof and signature elements like repeating window patterns, half walls, and geometric shapes. The interior of this tiny house is compact and efficient, with all the amenities you need for comfortable living. The interior is equipped with a full-sized kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room, all maximized to the fullest.

The Mountainside Home is a great option for those who want to explore the art deco style of tiny houses without compromising on modern luxury. It pushes the boundary between art deco and modern architecture, making it a perfect addition to any home.

Treehouse Tiny House Plans - Pin-Up Houses - Nomad

Introduction to a Tiny House Plan

treehouse tiny house plan The Treehouse Tiny House Plan is the perfect way to achieve your dream of living small and fulfilling your minimalist lifestyle goals. This highly efficient, pre-crafted house design comes with an incredible range of benefits that make it the perfect option for anyone desiring a home of their own that is both stylish and efficient. This detailed plan packs plenty of luxury into a tiny package, making it perfect for those who want a comfortable yet affordable home.

Flexibility and Space

treehouse tiny house plan The Treehouse Tiny House Plan is designed to be flexible and provide plenty of space for its occupants. The interior features open floor plans that can be modified to your exact needs, whether in size, style, or practicality. Enjoy an extra room or two if desired, or opt for an open kitchen/living area if you prefer. No matter what your budget or specific requirements, this plan is custom tailored to fit your needs.

Simple Aesthetic Design

treehouse tiny house plan The aesthetic design of the Treehouse Tiny House Plan is super simple, yet incredibly stylish. Its modern lines and minimalistic approach to interior flooring and walls allow for a timeless and chic look. Intuitive color palettes and finishes make this the ideal choice for anyone who enjoys both practicality and beauty in equal measure.

High Quality Materials

treehouse tiny house plan The Treehouse Tiny House Plan uses only the highest quality materials to ensure that your finished home will last for years to come. From durable wall and roof panels to furniture and appliances, this plan ensures that no details are overlooked. Its use of certified materials ensures that each individual part of the home is up to global safety standards.

Affordable and Accessible

treehouse tiny house plan The Treehouse Tiny House Plan is designed to be both affordable and accessible. Its pre-crafted and modular panels make building the home easy and efficient. This plan ensures that anyone can build the tiny house of their dreams in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional construction.


treehouse tiny house plan The Treehouse Tiny House Plan is the perfect way to create a stylish and affordable tiny house for those looking to live in a minimalist home. Its efficient use of pre-crafted and modular panels, along with its use of certified materials, make it not only safe but cost effective. Its simple aesthetic and flexible interior are also ideal for anyone looking for a beautiful home that is uniquely their own.