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Be inspired by the ultimate Best Telluride House Plan collection. From elegant, modern designs to sophisticated classic style, this list of hand-picked telluride house plans will get your creative juices flowing! What's great about these designs is that they can easily adapt to any budget and are sure to make a statement in any type of neighborhood.

Telluride Log House Plan – Hearthstone Homes Inc. |

The Telluride Log House Plan from Hearthstone Homes Inc. is a timeless beauty that evokes the golden years of Art Deco. A form that was initially adopted by the Art Deco movement in the 1920s and 1930s, the Telluride embodies influences of architecture from Ancient Greece, the Near East and Ancient Egypt combined with simplify geometric patterning. Combining timeless character with modern luxury, Telluride’s large scale, luscious curves and great sweeping forms create an inspiring retreat of luxury and comfort. With its Art Deco exterior and interior strength, the Telluride Home Plan establishes a feeling of class, ideal for both luxurious decoration and simplicity for a stress-free ambiance.

Telluride Log House Plan – Hearthstone Homes Inc.

The Telluride by Brothers Building Company |

The Telluride Home Plan by Brothers Building Company showcases how Art Deco has been utilized to create a one-of-a-kind home. This striking and sophisticated home offers a low-pitched hipped roof, flat planes, and balanced windows and cutouts. Its symmetrical design is instantly recognizable and can be seen from every angle. Inside its airy living space, luxury materials such as hand-sewn velvet, milk-glazed porcelain tile, and exotic woods combine to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Every detail counts, and the thoughtful touches and attention to detail make the Telluride a truly unique and exclusive home.

The Telluride by Brothers Building Company

Telluride Log Home Plan by Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes |

The Telluride Log Home Plan by Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes has the charm of bygone eras mixed with modern luxury. Utilizing Aspen-style log construction, the Telluride home creates a unique atmosphere perfect for contemporary mountain life. Character is seen everywhere in features like simply corbels, carved ornaments and suspended decks. Exterior details like extended eaves and a recessed entryway add extra style and dimension. Smooth lines and bold angles create a stunning effect that is sure to be admired by friends and family.

Telluride Log Home Plan by Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes

Homes Of The Colorado - Telluride Creek |

This exclusive modern masterpiece, known as Telluride Creek, captures the essence of Art Deco architecture. The intricate details, rich materials, and seamless integration of natural elements create a classic yet cozy atmosphere. Every inch of the Telluride Creek's facade screams quality and luxury living. Inside, the striking and sophisticated design gives each room its own unique, luxurious feel. Custom-made furniture, mahogany paneling, and hand-crafted millwork all combine to give this home an exclusive yet timeless look.

Homes Of The Colorado - Telluride Creek

Telluride Colorado Mountain Home Plan 088D-0144 |

Designed with the concept of modern living in mind, the Colorado Mountain Home Plan 088D-0144 showcases Art Deco at its best. This stunning plan offers a hipped roof, wide windows, and stylish accents, all in a modern interpretation of Art Deco. Perfect for mountain living, this home features an open-concept design that blends seamlessly with luxury design features. High ceilings, corner fireplaces, and coffered ceilings all contribute to the sophisticated, yet cozy atmosphere of the interior.

Telluride Colorado Mountain Home Plan 088D-0144

Telluride Homes, Houses & Condos |

Telluride offers a range of unique homeownership options to make sure that every wish is fulfilled. From cozy condos and spacious single-family homes to sprawling estates—all in a modern Art Deco style—Telluride has something for everyone. Utilizing modern materials and building techniques, Telluride Homes & Houses feature some of the most exquisite Art Deco-inspired details, from classic touches to contemporary enhancements. From luxury finishes to eco-friendly construction, Telluride provides a superior level of living that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning homeowner.

Telluride Homes, Houses & Condos

Telluride | House Designs |

Telluride House Designs offer breathtaking choices for the ultimate in Art Deco-inspired architecture. From grandiose estates featuring dazzling marble countertops and elegant dining rooms to sleek one-bedroom condominiums, the Telluride collection of house plans offers a variety of options to suit every lifestyle. As with any Art Deco building, the emphasis is on harmonious integration of geometry and proportions, with interesting variations in materials and texture to create the perfect balance of form and function.


Telluride Mountain Home Plan 088D-0055 |

This Telluride Mountain Home Plan 088D-0055 pays homage to the Art Deco movement with features such as a shingled hipped roof, bold geometric accents, and recessed window boxes. Taking advantage of the stunning mountain views, the home boasts an open floor plan, luxury finishes, and abundant natural light. Inside, clients will find beautiful details such as marble countertops, custom cabinetry, and textured walls that provide an elegant yet cozy ambiance. Every detail is carefully crafted for maximum beauty and functionality, making this home truly unique.

House Designs

Telluride | Single Family Home Plans |

Whether built from scratch or prefabricated, Telluride’s single-family home plans offer buyers the finest in Art Deco living. Combining sophisticated style with modern convenience, each floor plan features an open concept, integrating the kitchen, living area, and bedrooms for optimal functionality. Luxurious materials such as quartz countertops, brass fixtures, and handcrafted cabinetry create a timeless atmosphere.traditional gathering spot to a modern refuge.

Telluride Mountain Home Plan 088D-0055

Telluride | Multi-Family House Plans |

Telluride’s multi-family house plans give homeowners the chance to combine classic Art Deco design with modern functionality and comfort. Stunning details such as wraparound windows, wild-shingled roofs, and intricate geometric accents create a luxurious atmosphere while offering floor plans that can accommodate varying sizes and types of family living. Whether for an entire family or a weekend retreat for two, the Telluride Multi-Family House Plans provide ample choices for the ultimate in Art Deco living.


Telluride Homes for Sale |

When it comes to browsing for the perfect home, no place rivals Telluride. Providing a wide selection of homes for sale with Art Deco designs, Telluride offers everything from one-bedroom condos and single-family homes to grandiose estates designed with luxurious materials such as marble countertops, brass fixtures, and diamond-quilted fabrics. No matter the size or scope of the client’s needs, the Telluride collection of homes for sale is guaranteed to make any dream of Art Deco living come to life.

Single Family Home Plans

Telluride House Plan

telluride house plan The Telluride House Plan was designed with the robustness and eco-friendliness of a mountain getaway in mind. With evenly-distributed area sizes for each room, rooflines that feature differing heights, and characteristically wood-framed facades, this house plan offers rustic charm with modern convenience. The Telluride’s blueprint is reminiscent of traditional highlands homes while featuring an intricately designed two-level wrap-around deck with wrap-around porches. With standing seam metal roofing, the great room’s coffered ceiling, and an insulated sunroom, this house plan is sure to please even the most particular hosts.

Exterior Features

telluride house plan The Telluride House Plan offers a rustic appeal with shutter-covered windows and a robust log-and-stone yet protected entry. Special features, such as the exposed beam trellis, the wrap-around porches, and the converging gables, create a unique condensation from the other homes in the neighborhood. This home design also includes a two-car garage and customizable exterior materials for an unforgettable design.

Interior Features

telluride house plan Within the either-level space, this home plan includes four bedrooms and three bathrooms arranged for privacy with well-crafted designs for entertainment and leisure. Furthermore, the great room provides a refuge for hosting guests, movie nights, or other activities with the second floor opening onto an overlook of the ground-level space. Additionally, the Master Suite features a corner tub with separate shower, double vanity, and walk-in closet.


telluride house plan The Telluride House Plan is designed with modern energy-efficiency and sustainability in mind. Its advanced heating/cooling system features a C-piece construction and insulated conditioned crawl space below the first floor to effectively regulate temperature without impacting air quality. The full electric HVAC system keeps energy costs low with air-sealed wiring and ducts. Furthermore, the open floor plans allows for increased natural lighting within the home for a more comfortable atmosphere.

Quality and Customizations

telluride house plan The Telluride House Plan offers quality and customizability with a 2-5 year warranty and the ability to change window placement, roof pitches, door triggers, and other exquisite details. With an array of options, this house plan allows you to create an unforgettable mountain home.


telluride house plan The Telluride House Plan offers a robust, eco-friendly mountain getaway in a classic rustic setting with modern convenience. With quality material, customizability, and energy efficient systems in place, this home plan allows you to refine your mountain home dreams.