Best Collection Of 69+ Striking Modern Hawaiian House Design Trend Of The Year

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Hawaiian home designs have come a long way since the traditional houses of the past. With modern design elements, thoughtful layouts, and efficient building techniques, modern Hawaiian homes boast a range of features that make them perfect for the islands. From luxury beachside villas to cozy residences with amazing views, this list of the Best Modern Hawaiian House Designs showcase the perfect mix of sophistication and relaxation.

Modern Hawaiian Beach Houses: Design Ideas & Photos | Home Stratosphere

If you're looking to make a statement with your home design, a Modern Hawaiian beach house may be the perfect way to go. Often characterized by its eye-catching colors, and drawn from the exotic palette of the sun and sea, a modern Hawaiian style home can add an unparalleled level of class and sophistication to any home. Home Stratosphere has gathered together some of the top modern Hawaiian beach house designs from around the world, for your ultimate decorating pleasure.

Modern Hawaiian design often features an abundance of wood, which unites the inhabitants to nature's beauty. At the same time, the bright colors of the sea and sky are prominently presented, emphasizing the idea of living in harmony with nature. Splashy geometric designs and items often found in nature, like bamboo and tulip trees, are modern touches that often go into modern Hawaiian design. Overall, the blend of different themes makes for a unique yet tasteful take on beach house design.

Modern Hawaiian Beach Houses: Design Ideas & Photos

Hawaiian Home Design: Innovative Tropical Interiors & Exteriors

Creating a beautiful tropical Hawaiian home design isn't just about decorating with typical beach items. Although natural items are an essential part of Hawaiian culture, it takes a certain level of creativity to add a contemporary, modern feel to an old-fashioned design. Utilizing the vibrant colors of the sea, combined with cutting-edge design concepts can bring both old and new together beautifully, creating an exotic, modern take on traditional Hawaiian design.

Items like modern  furniture, often made from wood, are the perfect way to both pay homage to the volcanic rock that Hawaii's islands are built from, as well as bring a modern touch to the space. Bold colors can be used to create a luxurious look, or to brighten up the home with a splash of island sunshine. With the right combination of items, any home can benefit from a tropical Hawaiian design.

Home Stratosphere

Modern Hawaiian Style Home Ideas & Design Photos | Houzz

Houzz is one of the go-to sources for finding the best in Home Design innovations, and they also have a wealth of modern Hawaiian style home ideas available for everyone to see and admire. From beautiful beach-inspired living spaces to luxurious backyards complete with swimming pools, Houzz offers a diverse range of modern Hawaiian style home ideas that anyone can use to bring a little touch of the islands into their home.

Whether you're looking for a statement piece, or a way to add some extra vibrancy to your living space, Houzz can provide all the modern Hawaiian style ideas you need. Plus, with an abundance of colorful photos and expert tips, you can find plenty of inspiration to help you create the perfect modern Hawaiian style home that suits your style and needs.

Hawaiian Home Design: Innovative Tropical Interiors & Exteriors

Modern Tropical Houses in Hawaii | Home Design Lover

For those who want an exotic, yet modern take on Home Design, a modern tropical house in Hawaii is the perfect choice. Home Design Lover highlights some spectacular tropical interiors and exteriors that would bring any home to the next level. From the airy open ceilings to the creative use of natural materials like wood, and beautiful lush gardens, you'll find a wealth of modern Hawaiian house designs that are sure to take your breath away.

Whether you're looking for inspiration or something more concrete, Home Design Lover has it all. From innovative tropical interiors that are overflowing with vibrant colors and wood furniture, to the outdoor space of your dreams, you'll find plenty of ideas to make your own modern tropical house in Hawaii.

Modern Hawaiian Style Home Ideas & Design Photos

Modern Hawaiian House Design | Architectural Designs

One way to distinguish yourself from the competition is with a modern Hawaiian house design. Architectural Designs offers a wide variety of modern take on the traditional Hawaiian style, with tropical-styled designs that stand out from the rest. From luxurious home interiors to large, open spaces that are perfect for entertaining, you'll find plenty of modern Hawaiian house design plans to suit any individual need.

The key to a successful modern Hawaiian design is to take traditional elements from the islands and use them effectively in a contemporary context. Whether it's a private lanai, unique wood accents, or outdoor living areas, you can find all the inspiration at Architectural Designs, to build your own beautiful modern Hawaiian house.


Hawaiian Decor: A Guide to Creating an Authentic Hawaiian Home

Achieving the perfect blend of the modern and the classic is essential for achieving an authentic Hawaiian home. Though colors and vibrant designs often come to mind, there's more to achieving the perfect Hawaiian look than that. Hawaiian decor relies heavily on natural materials like wood and straw, and unique pieces like tiki sculptures, or prime pieces of artwork that are unmistakably Hawaiian.

In addition to using the right mix of natural and modern elements, small, thoughtful touches can make a huge difference. Incorporating cultural symbolism like the ulu, taro, or the niho palaoa can make for an authentic Hawaiian home that you and your guests are sure to love. From unique sculptures to vibrant wall art, combining the right elements can help bring in the majestic beauty of the island to your home.

Modern Tropical Houses in Hawaii

Modern Hawaii House Design: The Rainforest Cottage | DESIGNED

DESIGNED offers an up close and personal look at the Modern Hawaii House Design of the Rainforest Cottage. From its lush tropical gardens to its contemporary blend of traditional Hawaiian and modern design, the Rainforest Cottage is a stunning example of what you can achieve with modern Hawaiian design. Sleek, contemporary elements unite with natural textures and traditional Hawaiian artifacts, to create a living space that is both unique and captivating.

The team at DESIGNED have conceptualized the perfect modern Hawaii house design, bringing together elements like local artwork, modern furniture, and bright colors to create a living space that merges culture and style perfectly. For those in search for the perfect modern Hawaii house design, the Rainforest Cottage is sure to inspire.

Home Design Lover

7 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like Hawaii Without Breaking the Bank

You don't need a ton of money to feel the warmth of Hawaii in your own home. If you want to give your living space a modern Hawaiian feel without spending a fortune, here's 7 ways to make it happen. From reclaiming wood and giving it a modern spin, to simply adding a few pieces of flora and fauna, you can easily make your living space come alive with a bit of modern Hawaiian flair.

Choosing the right furniture can have a big impact as well, and investing in modern wood pieces can give your home an instant upgrade. Bold colors can transform a space, and adding a splash of color in the form of bright throw pillows or artwork can add a lot of warmth and charm. Above all else, adding personal touches, like a bit of Hawaiiana souvenir, can make your home feel both modern and inviting.

Modern Hawaiian House Design

"Kama'aina Style" | Hawaii Home + Remodeling

Hawaii Home + Remodeling brings together the old and the new with their "Kama'aina Style" article. Focusing on creating an authentic Hawaiian home, the article combines traditional Hawaiian elements with modern ideas to create a unique blend of styles. From traditional Hawaiian woodworking to locally sourced artwork, the article offers a comprehensive look at traditional Hawaiian design, and how to create a modern look that is at once nostalgic and new.

In addition to specific ideas, the "Kama'aina Style" article also offers insight into the history and culture of Hawaii, adding an extra layer of depth to the traditional Hawaiian decor. Combining the old with the new can be a challenge, but with the "Kama'aina Style" article, you can make it happen in the most creative of ways.

Architectural Designs

Modern Hawaiian Home Decor Ideas | The Spruce

At The Spruce, you can find plenty of modern Hawaiian home decor ideas to jump start a Hawaiian-inspired look. From mixing minimalist pieces with accent pieces like modern tiki sculptures, to brightening up your living space with tropical greens and foliage, there's plenty of unique ideas to make your home come alive with a modern Hawaiian feel. Tropical-inspired wall art, repurposed furniture, and vibrant colors are all easy ways to give your home a modern Hawaiian look.

The Spruce also provides many eco-friendly ideas for modern Hawaiian decor, such as ceramic fish and plants made from natural resources. Not only will these pieces spruce up your living space, but they will also help promote sustainability, and reduce waste. With the right pieces, you can create a modern Hawaiian look in your home that is as sustainable as it is stylish.

Hawaiian Decor: A Guide to Creating an Authentic Hawaiian Home

Modern Hawaiian House Design Combines Nature and Sophistication

modern hawaiian house design The style of a Hawaiian house design is unmistakable. Typically featuring large windows, open porches, and an overall emphasis on natural materials, it's a look and a feel that allows you to truly connect to the surrounding environment. With its mix of tropical and modern elements, modern Hawaiian house design can be the perfect blend of sophistication and relaxation.

Traditional Elements Influencing Modern Hawaiian House Design

modern hawaiian house design Traditional Hawaiian house design often featured sloping roofs and pillars reminiscent of ancient temples, as well as additional décor such as rocks and trees. These elements are reimagined in modern Hawaiian house design, with shingled roofs, sweeping porches, and the use of glass, wood, and stone. Stone, for instance, can be used to create more natural accents or provide a strong foundation for outdoor living areas . Similarly, natural materials such as wood can be used to create music-inspired trim work, such as tones inspired by ʻukulele strings.

Influx of Modern Technology

modern hawaiian house design At the same time, modern Hawaiian house designs are also incorporating more practical technological elements, such as automated systems, sustainable building materials, and more. Sustainable materials like bamboo for flooring, metal roofs, and insulated walls help create a luxurious and energy-saving atmosphere . Automated systems like lighting, air-conditioning, and heating can also be installed to boost efficiency and savings.

Finishing Touches for a Modern Hawaiian House Design

modern hawaiian house design The finishing touches of a modern Hawaiian house design often come from its practical and aesthetic accents. This can be anything from a large backyard with natural elements like rocks and trees, to the more modern inclusion of a jacuzzi or an outdoor kitchen. Likewise, Gardens filled with native plants and flowers can be another beautiful touch. When done right, these features will create a truly special look that combines warmth, relaxation, and luxury.