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Are you getting sick of the cramped feeling of city living? If so, have you ever considered down-sizing to a tiny house? The tiny house movement has taken off in recent years, driven by people who are looking to live more economical and environmentally-friendly lifestyles. Here at BuzzFeed, we have compiled a list of the best tiny house designs to give you some great ideas. Whether you are looking to build your own tiny house, or just dreaming about the possibilities, this list of the best tiny houses will have you planning your move in no time!

Design a Tiny House with Free Plans: 8 Incredible & Inspiring Ideas

Designing a tiny home can be a daunting task. But, if you have the right plan and enough enthusiasm, you can make your miniature abode the envy of all who see it. Here are some inspiring tiny house ideas that will make anyone envision a brilliant mini-home of their own. From innovative storage solutions to structural components that can create a dynamic sparkle in your living space, these designs include the essential items you need to bring your tiny home build to life.

Divide a large room into two cheerful compartments: Consider installing two walls or dividers that will separate your living space into two sparkling segments. This way, you get to define separate lounging, eating, and sleeping areas that won’t be limited by a shared, single space. If you feel like adding more structure and life to your tiny home, you can incorporate an array of glass walls and pillars for a touch of heat and light.

Be wise about your storage: Tiny homes’ small spaces require a great deal of smart storage solutions. You need to fit the essential storage items in the tiny-house, from the kitchen cabinets and cupboards to concealing spaces where you can stash important items. Considering ensuing functions and shapes of each part of your home will also help you plan out the perfect storage solutions.

Go vertical: One of the best ways to make use of limited space in a tiny home is to use vertical building ideas. By expanding your living space to the ceiling, you can create an illusion of openness, and the whole house will look more spacious. Additionally, you can use open shelving to store books, and also create a library of your own in a mini-house.

Install a loft: This is the best way to maximize space in your tiny home. A loft can provide you with additional living space, and with these modern designs, you can also turn it into a compact bedroom.

Choose efficient windows: Windows will not only let the natural light in, but they can also add an interesting aesthetic to your miniature house. Consider installing a window seat, or ways to bring in light from different angles.

Choose bright and vibrant colors: To give a bright and vibrant feel to your tiny home, you should use colors that will create an energetic and vivid feel. Add a signature pop of color in your furniture and decorative items with bright yellow pillows, light blue walls, and even orange-tiled kitchen floors.

Use portable furniture: Portable furniture such as foldable tables, ottomans, and couches are a must-have in tiny homes as they offer an easy and efficient way to rearrange your furniture in quick time.

Accentuate with a living wall: A great way to add life and interest to your tiny home is with a living wall, made of either green plants or decorative items. With the right design elements, you can turn this wall into an accent wall that will have you wondering why you ever considered a bigger space.

Make the small spaces count: The trick to designing a successful tiny home is to make every nook and cranny count. Think outside the box and select furniture pieces that can be used for more than one purpose, such as a table with drawers or a bar stool that can be converted into a makeshift desk.

Allow for multi-capacity activities: Try to make the tiny home a place where multiple activities can take place. For example, create a high-table that can be used for cooking or dining, or arrange for extra storage spots that can double up as work desks. You should also consider installing modular furniture items that you can adjust as per the changing needs and uses.

With these incredible and inspiring free tiny house designs, living in a smaller home doesn’t have to be a constraint. You can transform the limited space into a cozy and compact abode, with just the right designs and planning. Get creative and start building your tiny home today!

Design a Tiny House with Free Plans: 8 Incredible & Inspiring Ideas

The Benefits of Building a Tiny House with BuzzFeed Design

buzzfeed design a tiny house When you’re looking for house design inspiration, you want a source you can trust. BuzzFeed has been a leading source in design for some time, so it only makes sense that they have adopted tiny house design as one of their core focuses.

Flexible Design Layouts

buzzfeed design a tiny house BuzzFeed Tiny House Design offerings are some of the most unique and flexible in the industry, allowing users to work with a range of different styles and sizes. Whether you’re looking for something classic and contemporary or more on the modern and unique side, BuzzFeed Design has something for you.

Small Space Styling

buzzfeed design a tiny house With tiny house design , space is often the premier concern. Having a chic and stylish space is important, but you also want to maximize every square inch of the space. That’s why BuzzFeed Design focuses on helping create a space that can fit the things you need for comfortable, modern living. Not only will the space be stylish, it will also be functional.

Furnishings for Small Spaces

buzzfeed design a tiny house Selecting the right furniture is key when it comes to tiny house design . BuzzFeed Design understands that navigating this sector can be tricky and works with clients to create furniture pieces that fit not just size and style needs but also provide essential comfort in small spaces. This is done through custom pieces and the use of unique materials.

Sustainable Living

buzzfeed design a tiny house For many people, the appeal of tiny house design also lies in its promise of sustainable living. BuzzFeed Design understands this and uses the most up-to-date technologies and materials to create homes that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. This can range from something as simple as using LED lighting to more involved infrastructure improvements.

Turning Your Tiny House Design Dreams Into a Reality with BuzzFeed Design

buzzfeed design a tiny house When you’re ready to make your tiny house design dreams into a reality, turn to BuzzFeed Design. They’ll use their expertise to not only create a space that looks amazing but is also livable and comfortable. Turn to the design professionals at BuzzFeed to make your next home a success.