Find 63+ Alluring 5 Lakh House Plan In Kerala For Every Budget

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Looking for the best 5 lakh house plan in Kerala? You have come to the right place. We have compiled top 5 house plans for a budget of 5 lakhs, designed by expert architects and builders from Kerala. All these plans are creatively designed to ensure the maximum use of available space. McBuilders has collected plans based on features, like landscaping, essential materials, and roofing systems. Let’s explore all these plans and make a right decision for your dream house.

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A homeowner in Kerala looking for affordable house plans available for a budget of 5 lakhs in India can find various options online that match their needs. Buyers can also rent premises in their locality in the same budget. However, if a homeowner prefers to purchase a property in their own name, they can do so even with a budget of 5 lakhs in Kerala, as long as they opt for a good design.

For them, we have gathered some of the top 10 art deco house designs available in Kerala at a budgeted cost. From small house plans for the budget-savvy homeowner to custom-built homes, these top ten art deco house plans in Kerala will provide a true luxury and style. Check out below to find the best design for you and your family.

1. Simple but Elegant House Plan

This simple, yet elegant house plan is perfect for small and medium-sized families. This two-story house plan offers an open-concept living area with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious kitchen. The bedrooms are conveniently placed, making it easy to move between them and giving each bedroom its own privacy. This house plan also features plenty of storage options, which allows for a lot of organization for items.

2. Traditional House Design

This traditional house design is just the right mix of modern and traditional. This single story house plan covers two and a half floors and offers a comfortable living space with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a massive kitchen. The first floor also hosts a balcony making it a beauty to look at. The best part is that it offers plenty of built-in storage, making your life a lot easier.

3. Designer House Plan

This designer house plan with its incredible design features has been tailored to fit any family’s needs. The ground floor of this three-storey design offers four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a family room, a living room, and a spacious kitchen. The best part is that every room can enjoy natural day light since the whole house has been designed with large windows to allow natural light in.

4. Two-Story Mediterranean House Plan

This twin-storey Mediterranean house plan has tonnes of features to make your living more comfortable and luxurious. The first floor offers four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious living area with a terraced private balcony. The second floor provides two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an additional family area. From its delightful character to its spacious interior, this house plan has something for everyone.

5. Luxury Indian House Design

This luxury Indian house design comes with plenty of luxurious amenities and features. The ground floor offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large living area with balcony access. The top floor offers a great bedroom, bathroom, and even an awe-inspiring terrace garden area for ultimate relaxation. With its abundance of space and style, this house plan is perfect for a luxury, art deco lifestyle.

6. Small Budget Modern House Plan

This small budget modern house plan offers an ideal layout for a budget-savvy homeowner. This two-story, four-bedroom house plan features a living area with two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a balcony for added living space. The kitchen and bathrooms are equipped with modern appliances, and the whole house is designed to flow naturally, creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

7. Classic Kerala House Design

This classic Kerala house design with its quaint beauty is the perfect choice for a family looking for the perfect home. This two-story house feature offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living area with a great view. The terrace on the top provides stunning views and evening beauty. This small budget house plan is perfect for anyone looking for a classic art deco house design.

8. Infinity-Style House Plan

This infinity-style house plan offers a unique feature rarely seen in most homes. This two-story house plan features four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a sprawling open-concept living area. The infinity pool in the courtyards makes it a standout and provides something special to the design. With its modern appliances and unique features, this house plan is perfect for any art deco enthusiast.

9. Single Floor House Plan

This single story house plan is great for small families that are looking for a house plan that fits their lifestyle as well as their budget. This single story house plan offers two bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an open-concept living area. With its simple design and modern furniture, this house plan can make any small family feel at home and in style.

10. Modern Villa House Design

This modern villa house design is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a luxurious and modern home. This single story house plan features three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a large kitchen. It also offers an amazing outdoor area that provides plenty of room for entertaining guests. From its large windows to its open-concept living area, this modern villa house design provides plenty of modern amenities for its inhabitants.

We hope that this selection of top 10 art deco house designs in Kerala has given you an idea of how a budget of 5lakhs can be utilized to purchase your dream home. If you are looking for more inspirational house plans, browse our huge library for more possibilities.

5 Lakh Budget House Plans in Kerala

Kerala Public Works Department 5 Lakhs House Design

5 lakh house plan in kerala The Kerala Public Works Department (KPWD) has recently announced their newest housing offer: the 5 Lakhs House Design. This ambitious plan seeks to provide affordable housing for the low-income and rural communities of Kerala, making it the ideal way to own your own home in the state. The program targets a specific segment of society; those whose income is insufficient to procure housing easily. The 5 Lakhs House Design was designed with these people in mind, offering individuals a comprehensive and cost-effective way to acquire a basic house. The program focuses on providing a safe, sturdy, and long-lasting housing structure for all participating families. Houses will be made of concrete, brick, and masonry, offering a secure and liveable abode for all. The project also includes necessary fittings such as plumbing and electrical wiring, to provide a modern living environment.

Advantages of the 5 Lakhs House Design

5 lakh house plan in kerala The KPWD's 5 Lakhs House Design has a lot to offer. Not only can individuals get a secure and permanent abode at an affordable price, but they can also get a safe living environment that meets the modern standards set by the Kerala government. The Kerala Public Works Department also includes incentives to this plan, such as easy long-term loans, subsidies, and warranties. This makes it even easier for individuals to purchase a house, leaving them without long-term financial burdens.

What Is the Application Process?

5 lakh house plan in kerala The application process to purchase a 5 Lakhs House Design is straightforward and hassle-free. Interested individuals must first obtain the application form available through the KPWD’s website. Once the application form has been filled and submitted correctly, the applicant will be required to provide the necessary documents that will be used as proof for the purchase of the house. After that, an inspection of the property by the state is done to check the eligibility for the program. The final step is the approval of the house and the terminology of the loan. Once the process has been completed, the applicant will be equipped with a secure home that meets all modern standards.


5 lakh house plan in kerala The KPWD’s 5 Lakhs House Design is a great way to acquire a secure and long-lasting home without breaking the bank. Individuals who fulfill the eligibility criteria stand to benefit from generous incentives and an uncomplicated application process. With this plan, anyone can achieve their dreams of owning a house without having to worry about the financial burden commonly associated with home loans.